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    72 Formula

  2. Ok, just let me know when you're ready Thank you Tommy
  3. I wanted to get both, but Dave sold his awhile back, so It's all up to you now. I hope it cools down. Thank you
  4. Code 41 is the only major issue. Code 26 only pops up every now and then. Sometimes its gone for a week. The vacuum is ok. Art B suggested to check the pads for debris, since the car sat around so much. I then noticed the rotors were a little rusty, pulled the pads and cleaned the rust of them they are ok now. I wanted to replace the front pads, but in Arts paperwork it stated only (wildwood brake kit 1528.00 dollars) they still have some life left. I still have close to a full petal. I went online found wildwood, they make more different pads than carter makes pills. The new owner nee
  5. A Big Thank You to everyone!! The car is running great now. If I didn't have the 1990 Esprit I would keep the 1989, but I want a V8 Esprit, so it's time for this little piggy to go to the market. I've tried to find a used ign module, so it will stop throwing the 41 code. If anyone has the correct ign module, Please let me know
  6. I found a step in one of the 3 Lotus service notes. It said you should never have to adjust the idle stop unless someone has tampered with it, but if you do then use 1/8 increments. It also said try not to go over 1 full turn. I stopped the engine then made the 1/4 increments, started the engine, observed the rpm change in Freescan. The IAC starts at 170 and then it starts counting down to 5 then back to 170 and starts counting down again. On one cold start it started at 240 then jumped to 145 then started counting down. A/F started at 12.1 and slowly raised to 14.6 when the car was at runnin
  7. Looks like a Airtex # 6H1131 and the other module is a 1085J07
  8. Thank you. Michael gave me a spare ign module when I bought the 89 Esprit from him. I think he said one was from a Baretta and the other was from a Isuzu. I think he said the module that is in the car runs the best, but the other one will work. Espritmon and Freescan cannot detect the engine speed with either module. I would like to find a Esprit ing module. If anyone has one for sale Please let me know. I also have a 1990 Esprit, that I will keep. I would like to buy a 1995 Esprit. Thank you
  9. UPDATE; I replaced the IAC valve with one from Lotus. It was larger than the one Michael's mechanic replaced and it fell apart when I removed it ( the pintle fell off) both have 2 angles. Once the ECU learned the new IAC the rpm dropped to 1200 and then bounce back to 1500. It's like the ECU was dropping the rpm for a few seconds, so I figured someone might have raised the idle adjustment up. I took a mirror and looked into the idle stop cavity and it was scratched up, looks like scratches from a screw driver. I used a 1/4 drive rachet, 1/4 socket, and a standard bit and turned the screw i
  10. Yes it's Art's old car. With everybody's help on the forum, we are almost there.
  11. Michael replaced the ign module ,, I will check the number. He gave me a spare. Thank you
  12. Yes, from what I understand Michael or his mechanic replaced it along with ign coils, injectors twice, speed sensors, had the ecu reprogrammed, temp sensor, fuel pump, fuel filter, ign module, map and baro, vacuum tubing, looks like a coolant sensor, new injector cables ,looks like a couple speed sensors, and etc. A box full of parts. The TPS looks great visually, but I could not get it from .86 to .53, so I modified the adjustment slot with a small round file which enabled me to get .53, but I lost full the throttle range. I ordered a new IAC and TPS from JAE, it will be here Friday. Wel
  13. Thank you, Yes everything was going good until I drove the car down the road, the rpm went to 3000 when shifting. A Lotus IAC and TPS is on the way. Mine is the 0419 small pintle. with 2 angle changes, not 3. Looks like I need section EMH and MK. EMG shows the correct rear relay config, but with a 3 plug ECU, and without secondary injectors. I remember Art said he had to change the ECU when he added the charge cool. Thanks everyone
  14. I have ordered a new IAC and TPS from Joe at JAE, well as soon as he reads his email. Throttle is free. Thanks for the directions. Someone removed the throttle jacking, so I will use the procedure you sent me to ensure that it was removed per instructions. I think Michael told me that the check engine came on when he replaced the original ign module with another module. The original one was lost. Yes, Freescan is where I got the .87, but I am still learning about the software. Thank you
  15. Update: When I removed the IAC to inspect it, it fell apart. I used the cross-reference ( 04 Buick) and replaced the IAC. Throttle response is better, no hesitation. The TPS had a reading of .83, had no more adjustment, so I used a round file to slot the holes, which brought the reading down to 0.53 -- now when I press the gas petal it says 87 I had 94% . Rpm still climbs to 1500. Still throws codes 41, 35, 26, 26, 26b, 26a. Mat v= 2,78 Any ideas Thank you
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