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  1. Would it be possible hypothetically to fit an additional electric water pump to the heater circuit with some kind of time/temp cut off so as to A) aid the heater circuit which has very poor circulation even after flushing the matrix and B) to act as a pump overrun to cool the engine after shut off? What would be the potential pitfalls?
  2. Do they have any other names? 50p each but postage kills it
  3. Ok I think I see what I’ve done wrong. The little white plastic clips should be quarter turned to release the lamp with the frame. What should the mask be secured with as the leftovers of what’s pictured is what it had.
  4. I’ve got the parts and service manuals both physical copy and pdf already but it looks different ill take a pic when I can and post it up
  5. There were 6 black plastic button clips holding the black trim on all broke removing them they don’t have any slot for a tool or turn it anything like that. The bezel under the trim holding the lamp in place had 8 little rivets. I’ve replaced them with self tappers but now need new button clips for the facia
  6. What have I done wrong then? I could see no other way of removing the lamp unit other than drilling out the rivits to remove the plastic surround that holds the lamp? Or should this have had 8 little self tappers originally? The plastic mask fixings seem like a once use item?
  7. ok so ive just done this job and it was a complete pain in the arse like everything is on this car. i removed the shround by snapping all 6 black nylon push clip things as no other way to remove them. then had to drill out 8 fugging rivits just to get the lamp out to change a bulb, i mean what the actual F!? Now need yet more parts just to change a bulb. Can see the car going in the summer.
  8. Ok I’ll stick with the 15 psi cap and send this one back for a new 15 psi one. Thanks. if anyone knows about the coolant boiling that would be great
  9. Would a 10psi cap mean it runs hotter then but under less pressure? Have checked and mine has a 15psi cap at present. Also can anyone tell me the coolant capacity of a G esprit turbo??
  10. Haven’t checked what mine has yet but ordered a new expansion tank and cap and there were two options - 15psi and 10psi. Apart from whatever is on there now how do I know what it should have? Cars an 84 te
  11. Cheers guys, im thinking its the dipped filament as well. Is it a mare to change the bulb on these? (all my previous Lotus have been!)
  12. Need some help diagnosing a fault with the lights - pods come up/down fine but headlights only ns lamp is on os lamp is off. thought maybe bulb as both tail lights are on but if i put main beams on all four lamps light up so not a bulb?
  13. I think your compressor is upside down? Or the back plate is
  14. Not needed. I just changed the bulbs to green led ones, see bottom here -
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