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  1. You need to get the trunnion undone and out of the way so you can get on the nut with an open ended spanner if i recall correctly, do you not have the service notes?
  2. Sounds like an air lock or blockage but I’d expect some flow across the rad as the engine stat must have opened to heat to the front
  3. Sounds like a thermostat issue, does the fan stat pipe at the front get warm?
  4. Ok thanks guys ill try that, have a suspicion of the fan relay...
  5. Jack the back end up and fill/bleed the system and run with the cap off to clear all the air only way ive found that works well. Have you bridged the two spade connectors that go to the fan thermostat to test the electrical circuit is ok? and check/reset the otter thermal cut out on the left front wheel arch? Since sorrting the cooling system on mine it runs at about 88o (checked with 3 different electronic thermal probes). Fan stat should cycle fans on at 92o and off at 82o (green dot for temperate climates) Also check if yours has the revised curved pipe inverted so the fan stat should hang below to prevent air locks
  6. When I refer to the otter I mean the thermal breaker in the service compartment on left wheel arch not the fan thermostat by the rad Already replaced the fan thinking that was the problem and same issue
  7. Thats what im thinking, that maybe its tripping to early, might have to borrow one to try for 10 mins from a local member at next meet
  8. I thought the otter thermal breaker had a circuit for each fan hence the six terminals on it and would trip any circuit independently which is what I’m having - fans run for 5-10 mins, otter trips power but only to right fan and fan fail light comes on. Reset works again
  9. That’s great news Fabian! It’s always something small that creates a big problem!
  10. I’ve started a new thread as didn’t want to hijack esprit22’s one below as problem is slightly different and thought I’d fixed it. My fan fail light used to come on quite often and the otter thermal trip would cut power only to the offside fan, thinking that maybe the fan was faulty and drawing too much current I replaced it and all has been fine for a while till the light came back on yesterday and again the otter had cut power to the same fan. Apart from a faulty otter what else could be the cause of this? (Trips after running for a while resets all works again till the next time)
  11. Just an update to this thread for anyone having similar problems with the electrical side of the a/c system these seem to break a lot in the same way. Ive repaired my acu control unit completely for less than £5! Bought a new correct resistance range and type potentiometer and led and repaired the pcb and housed it in a junction box. Now operates the compressor clutch and fans and have a working led. Now just to see if it will hold gas (I’m not confident in this!)
  12. Spotted coming out of the Wentworth estate in Windlesham onto the A30, identical to mine!
  13. Mines always connected and nearly always on a ctek, but then my car rarely goes undriven for more than a week or two all year round
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