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  1. Grey Evora gt410 in Windlesham, Surrey yesterday 👋
  2. Private or dealer sale? Most decent dealers will offer some kind of warranty (unless a deal was made) private sale i would imagine resistance from the seller (i wouldn't let someone start doing all that to my car, just sell to the next person)
  3. How many of you guys have taken out the aftermarket warranty that b&c do? It’s from a company called customer protect and the full wear and tear ‘superior’ one is £800 a year or £1400 for two years. Ive never taken out a warranty on a car before in fact I don’t do extended warranties on anything I buy but any problems with the evora are likely to be expensive ones, so I’m considering the idea even though it seems like a lot of money it could easily pay for itself? Ive also heard that Lotus are coming out with their own official aftermarket warranty soon but there’s no details on price or what’s going to be covered?
  4. Been lurking but you can add me also - Solar yellow 2014 Evora S SR manual with black roof delete.
  5. Anyone here going? I’m going on Sunday looking forward to the Evija presentation as I’ve not seen it yet. Doesn’t look like they have any kind of parking onsite? But does say some car clubs allowed in. Does anyone know anyone at the event or from Lotus that’s doing the presentation that can get me parked inside as I don’t fancy leaving the evora in a public car park! Thougt it would be like Goodwood but I guess they don’t have the space.
  6. Ive just listed some stuff on ebay that might be of use to people on here? Got some wing mirrors, remote thermostat, gearbox mounts, expansion tank and rev limiter -
  7. Think prefer without the black bits but thats personal preference
  8. Anyone know anything about this car for sale at Paul Matty
  9. I am aware of the long delays between manufacture date and registered date on some of these evoras. I know how to recognise the differences now and it’s just personal preference but I like the interior more on the MY12 cars. Budget is max £35k but ideally I’d like to spend less than that, really depends on age/mileage/spec. Colour is important. Won’t consider silver/black/white/green Or ips just personal preference. ive had a good look at the adds on autotrader/pistonheads/eBay but mostly seem to be in dull colours or ips or high mileage (which I might consider if the price reflected it). Not in a rush, if it take months to find one that’s ok. If anyone has something as above I’d be interested to hear from you Chris
  10. On the look out for an Evora, Manual box, strong pref to MY12 onwards car pref bright colour but not deal breaker. Probably looking for an S or SR, sensible miles/owners. Message with what you might have.
  11. is there a list of the revisions anywhere? Mainly it was for the cr box and better selector cables which i think are important.
  12. My main issue was that i was looking for a MY12 car specifically not a 2010 as i want the revisions. Will continue the search which ive only just started anyway
  13. Apparently it was from the Isle of Man. For the price I’ve left it. I’m going to take my time and find the right car with the spec I want. Could also cause resale issues.
  14. Is there anyway someone at the factory could confirm the MY from the chassis number? I was about to leave and go see it
  15. Well I was going to go see a car today but thanks to bibs that chassis decoder says it’s a 2010 car when it’s advertised as 2012 and has 12 plate and every check I’ve done says it 2012 don’t think I’ll bother now
  16. Thanks Bibs that will be very helpful!
  17. Thats tempting if i buy the car but not much use if i dont! No way to find that data from the vin? Also does anyone know why a cars registration date and first registration with the dvla would differ? Car was originally from the Isle of Man i believe but now registered here could that be why?
  18. Is there anyway of getting a build sheet for a specific car? I’m going to look at One tomorrow and wanted to check it is as it left the factory?
  19. Oh it might be that it was an option on earlier cars and standardised on the MY12 cars. Aware of clutch issues and associated large cost so will budget for that and air con compressors seizing and aux belts shredding themselves.
  20. An Evora quite possibly (non S), been looking into them and all the revisions and packs, potential issues ect. Think it will be MY12 revised car as i think the CR box will be an essential for me Anything special i should look out for or things to check when viewing?
  21. Sold the esprit today, her new owner came and collected and like myself a true enthusiastic who will look after her as I have done, which is always reassuring. Will miss that car but onto the next Lotus now!
  22. Welcome Mark, another G Esprit owner here in Surrey (although its for sale so not sure for how long!) which part of Surrey are you?
  23. I’ve seen a few mounted that way which seems to suit the 90o bends on the hose unions, but parts manual shows them upright 🤔
  24. Can anyone confirm that the a/c compressor should be fitted with the ports upwards as per their service manual or should they be sideways? Mines been fitted upside down (ports down)
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