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  1. Funny Evora spotting

    Some folk can be very excitable.
  2. What made you UNHAPPY today!

    He did after the marshals gave him a right rollicking and told him to apologise to me. Damage isn’t too bad thanks and mainly tyre scuffs down the right hand side from the rear, along the rear wheel arch towards the driver’s door so should hopefully be just a paint job. He ended up running alongside me over the grass. We had only done the two sighting laps behind the course car so most of us weren’t even going that quickly. He obviously just suffered brain fade. At least I didn’t turn in as originally intended or he would have T boned me.
  3. What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Enjoying my first trackday of the year in the Exige today. Yippee!!! Just reaching the turn in point of the chicane when I suddenly hear tyre squeal from behind. Hasty look in the door mirror reveals the car behind barrelling forwards towards me with all 4 wheels locked and smoke pouring off his tyres! I immediately straightened up to go straight on over the grass, praying the twonk behind would miss me. He didn’t!!!!!
  4. Strange story from Las Vegas

    It is a small world sometimes. We spent Christmas 2016 in New York and on Christmas Eve had dinner in a pub/restaurant just off Times Square. Just after we'd sat down and ordered drinks, the owner was going round the tables chatting to the customers. Eventually he came to us and started with the usual "Hi folks, where are you guys from?" I replied with my standard response when in foreign parts of "about 50 miles west of London, England." Ok, he said, what town? "Oh you won't have heard of it, it's a place called Farnham." "Yes, I know it," he said and at this point, his previous US accent changed to a southern Brit accent. "Ah right, you're one of us" I said. "How do you know it"? "I was born in Aldershot where my dad was in the army and lived in the area until I was 16. Do you know Ramillies Road"? "Yes" I said "I bought a car from an army guy who lived there back in '76, a Cortina 1600E." "Yeah? Can you remember his name"? "Actually I can as it was an unusual name". I told him the name and imagine my surprise when he said "That's my dad"! I told him I remember two small kids, a boy and a girl, when I went to look at the car and it turns out that was him and his twin sister, aged 4 at the time. A truly incredible coincidence.
  5. Evora GT430

    Couldn’t resist posting it. I too love the Essex Blue and could easily spec that as the preferred colour, but the Burnt Orange is just soooo beautiful! I really do love it, ever since I specced my old Elise SC in the colour.
  6. Evora GT430

    May not ‘need’ it but doesn’t half suit it well.
  7. Evora GT430

    I've just been looking online at that Burnt Orange 430 in Murrays. My oh my, that is a very handsome car they have there.
  8. Service & Maintenance Evora 400

    Yes I understand that, but you would presumably get warning lights coming on and provided you stop ASAP, it shouldn't be an issue. Cam belts on the other hand will cause instant catastrophic damage.
  9. Service & Maintenance Evora 400

    Re the supercharger belt change, I was told similar on my Exige V6, that it would only be changed if it looked like it needed it. The rationale behind it is that should the belt actually break and come off, it won't wreck the engine, unlike cam belts and so it isn't as sensitive. A pal of mine with a Ferrari 355 has his cam belts changed every 3 years, despite only doing around 2000 miles a year in it. He admits the belts are probably still in good condition but, for obvious reasons I guess, he is quite paranoid about the potential consequences should one break. To make matters worse, they have to remove the engine to change the belts. You can only imagine the cost of that! Makes me feel kinda smug about my humble Toyota lump. Similar performance but much less cost!
  10. Hants meet up

    I will, indeed, turn up at a meeting. Just not this one, unfortunately, as I’m away on holiday again. It’s a tough life but somebody’s got to do it! As Kevin says, I am a trackaholic and looking forward to my first of the season with the Exige at Castle Combe on March 14th, being run by the Brooklands Trust. I hope to make the next meeting though for a beer and to catch up with you Kevin. I can’t believe it’s been well over 6 years since that meeting in your office!
  11. At last a targa Evora is here

    I wasn't meaning to be harsh with my comments and whilst I applaud somebody's efforts at 'personalising' their car, it was always going to be a bit 'Marmite'. Seeing the end result of this just makes me think I now know why Lotus are taking their time with the official version despite JMG saying, some 3 years ago, he had already driven the prototype Roadster. I read somewhere last year (possibly Autocar) he said that turning the car into a Roadster has involved a bit more of a redesign than simply removing the roof. I can imagine them looking at the early prototype and thinking hmmm, I think we'd better go back to the drawing board on this one.
  12. At last a targa Evora is here

    Oh dear, that's not a good look is it.
  13. Not sure I’m too keen on the outlet shape shown in those pics. Would they do just twin round pipes do you know?
  14. TLF GT430 Club

    Bloody hell, that is one gorgeous looking car!