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  1. That was one of the things I didn't like about the car when I first test drove one but, oddly enough, my own GT410 Sport is fine in this respect. I had thought maybe I would get some sunnies that weren't polarised but haven't needed to, luckily. I don't know if it's a random thing depending on the orientation in which they cut the cover screen maybe???
  2. After nearly 2 years of dodgy Wi-Fi that kept causing my Sonos system to disconnect itself from the phone control, today I finally got it sorted! I’d bought Wi-Fi extenders to give me a decent signal all over the house but turns out it was these that were confusing the Sonos system. After some fresh advice I finally invested in a BT Whole Home mesh system and joy of joys, I can now control the music from anywhere in the house and garage. Very pleased with myself!
  3. Is he actually old enough to legally drive on the roads?
  4. A problem with rented properties is that very often the landlord themselves have very little regard for the neighbours. I have a few rental residential properties and, where appropriate, always include in the renters contract for them to carry out garden maintenance. It does mean you have to provide some basic tools and a mower but at least it keeps the neighbours onside. Most of the tenants are ok with that but I have needed to give one or two the occasional warning over the years. Doesn’t take much thinking about to keep everybody happy.
  5. Bodywork looks to be in good nick. I'd love a project like this but age and arthritic joints unfortunately preclude that any longer, so my days of bringing old cars back to life are behind me now. Good luck with this one and I'll be interested to see the ongoing progress.
  6. We were there just after that inexplicably busy period in June. A friend was staying for a couple of nights before meeting up with us and had got to know the British owner who allowed us to trawl through the garages out the back where many famous teams would work on their cars back in the day.
  7. Oddly enough I had them removed from my car before picking it up. I always thought they look a bit strange and out of place on a lighter colour car.
  8. Yes I’m sure he thought it was an Elise but I think he got the message when my son err explained patiently where he was going wrong.
  9. Talking about the 4C reminds me of 3 years ago when my son and I attended the annual ‘Autumn Motorsports’ day at Brooklands. We had just pulled up in the paddock in my glorious Carbon Grey V6 Exige, (god how I miss that car) behind a metallic red Alfa 4C when an overly excited fella with a big grin on his face rushed over and tapped on the window. Thinking he liked my car and wanted to talk about it, I wound down the window to be greeted by this bloke pointing to the Alfa in front, telling me it was his and if I wanted a proper fast car, I should have bought one of those rather than a second rate Lotus! Unusually for me I was speechless and couldn’t immediately come up with a withering put down, probably because I just hadn’t expected it and he had appeared so friendly through the window. My son, however, wasn’t so dumbfounded and had the presence of mind , after exiting the car, to tell the bloke where to go and what to do when he got there. Alfa man was short and of very slight build but seeing the colour drain from his face as my hulking great 6’-4” son walked round the front of the car towards him whilst telling him what he thought about his views was utterly priceless!
  10. Yes I’m surprised by how much steering input is needed too. I would have thought the aerodynamics are designed to keep him straight at high speeds or maybe he needs to be going even faster for that to happen. Either way, he’s a braver man than me!
  11. Almost worth the cost of losing a wheel just to see the reaction of the clampers.
  12. Thanks for posting this, I've not seen them before but they look really good. I've got conventional extinguishers in the garage and kitchen but think I'll change them for these plus one for each car. I like the way they don't leave a powdery mess to clean up too.
  13. Saturdays game was just awe inspiring wasn’t it. The way England systematically dismantled the All Blacks provided probably the best game of rugby I’ve ever seen. I think the final is going to be brutal but if England play as well as last Saturday then they’ll be hard to beat. I can’t wait to see it
  14. High end grub my fave is Raymond Blancs Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons in Oxfordshire. Eaten there a few times and never disappointed. For pub food, we love The Onslow Arms in Clandon, Surrey. Always good, reasonably priced food and being near to Bell & Colvill, it gives me yet another excuse for calling in there. What’s not to like about that?
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