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  1. Smaller front plates

    Yes, mine is legal - just.😉 But just legal is sufficient, fortunately. It has the standard size and style of font but the plate itself is quite a bit smaller than the usual one fitted by dealers and, I think, suits the car better.
  2. Smaller front plates

    I had smaller plates on my old Elise for 5 years and had no problems apart from having to temporarily swap them back for the MOT every year, but it is a risk you take that you may be stopped and fined. With my current Exige I have a simple 5 character plate and had it made by 'Fancy Plates' with legal size font but the plate made at just 11mm bigger all round than the standard font. This is completely legal and does keep the plate to a more reasonable (in my view) size.
  3. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    I disagree entirely. JMG himself has often said it is a relatively straightforward conversion and I really can't see what would make it too expensive to develop, especially if it has the simple 2 lift out panels that are promised. Admittedly, there will probably need to be a redesign of the roll bar but, other than that, I don't see why it would be difficult.
  4. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    Despite the fact I'm still waiting for the oft promised Roadster version , I have to say I love the look of this 'new' version. Yes, the current strategy may seem confusing to some, but I do love that JMG seems to have revitalised the brand and is keeping us talking about the cars. I have to say it really wouldn't bother me too much if I'd just bought an existing 410, only to find it is being replaced with this new version. Rather I think we should be celebrating the fact there is, at long, long last, a feeling of renewed energy in the company that only a few years ago was slowly becoming moribund. Having been a Lotus fanboy for nearly 60 years now and owning more than a few along the way, I've never seen this amount of activity from them before and do find it rather refreshing. Nevertheless, Lotus, will you please get that sodding Roadster out soon!!!
  5. Goodwood noise level ok for 350 sport?

    +1 with my standard Exige V6S. I did a 98db day in November and it was fine on the static test (ok, I admit to bending the truth about the rev limit everso slightly😁) but I did get a couple of warnings about the drive by noise. Knowing where the mics are, I simply short shifted at these points thereafter. I’m always fine on the 105db days.
  6. I had something similar on my V6 Exige whilst on holiday in France during the summer. It started on the morning after driving long distance in torrential rain but disappeared again after a few miles in the dry so I just put it down to the supercharger belt pulleys gaining a bit of corrosion overnight whilst wet. As you say, it's rather like the brake discs going rusty after the cars been washed or driven in heavy rain. Take the car for a longer run and see if the noise goes, as mine did.
  7. Track friendly Evora exhaust?

    I imagine Lotus could, and would, argue that there are still some tracks you can take it on, despite the loud standard exhaust. Spa and Nurburgring spring to mind and ok, they may not be near your home, but you could still take it there. I do get a tad irritated by some of the low noise requirements of most UK tracks, especially when it is to appease locals who were probably quite aware they were buying a house near to a racetrack when they moved there. I realise it's very easy for me to say that but most of these tracks have been there for well over 60 years or more so if you don't like noise, errr don't move there. Being a long time fan boy, I've always cut Lotus plenty of slack when it comes to expectations with their cars so would be prepared to fork out a bit more for a track friendly exhaust. I do appreciate that not everybody will though.
  8. The Lotus Evora Sport 410 GP

    My oh my they are very handsome looking cars. I don't know why it is, but all Lotus cars seem to look so very good in so many different colours. Not all marques suit such a wide pallet range imo, from what might be regarded by some as a drab grey right through to the brightest of 'in yer face' colours. Or maybe it's just me being the consummate fanboy!
  9. People's reactions to your Evora

    I had a similar Facebook response where we live when I had my lovely orange Elise SC with a 2bular. Similarly the poster didn’t quite get the response he thought and his moans were very heavily outweighed by the positive likes. I wasn’t going fast nor revving too highly but I think it was the ‘in yer face’ colour that caused him to class me as anti social, as much as the noise it made. I didn’t really help matters nor improve his mood when I said I loved the picture he’d taken and could he please do me a hi-res image that I could enlarge and hang on the garage wall! Strangely, he didn’t answer my request.
  10. TLF GT430 Club

    My oh my, that is just drop dead gorgeous.
  11. Track friendly Evora exhaust?

    Now wouldn’t that be nice. I love the sound the standard 400 exhaust makes and would keep that if I could, but it would definitely be a big problem on U.K. trackdays. I always find it slightly odd that an exhaust note which is perfectly legal on the road, can be a complete no no on a racing circuit.
  12. Track friendly Evora exhaust?

    Excellent news thanks. I’ll talk to Jamie at Bell & Colvill, come the time. Do you know if any of them are ok for 98db days? Im guessing the one made from ‘Unobtanium’ that you’ve mentioned Bibs, isn’t???
  13. I had a great day at Goodwood yesterday in my V6 Exige and by the end, it made me realise just how much I would miss my annual trackday 'fix' if I couldn't do it. I've read a lot about how the Evora 400 wouldn't pass the noise test at most UK circuits, which would be a problem for me if that were the case. Yesterday at Goodwood was a 98db day and although my Exige passed the static test, I did get notified once for a drive by infringement. It's always been fine in the 105db days. I'm really only waiting for the oft promised Roadster before diving in, but has anybody that we know of produced a track friendly exhaust for the 400?
  14. Evora GT430

    I think at the moment, you can spec to any colour your heart desires - at a cost!
  15. Dear Lotus...........

    Aww hell, I got all excited when I saw my old thread had been resurrected. I thought this is it, it's been announced and I can now place my order for the official Lotus Evora Roadster!