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  1. No I don’t think they need go through a blitz to toughen them up but I do think they need to get a sense of perspective about some of their perceived problems. It is quite possible to bring children up to appreciate the opportunities they have today whilst, importantly, respecting the previous generations who made their freedom of choice possible. As C8RKH says, too many of them have a sense of self entitlement. I used to see it all the time as an employer and the genuine belief some had that the world owes them a living really wound me up. I used to try telling them nobody owes them
  2. You had two channels? I’m that old I can remember when we only had one! When ITV came along, my father had to have a separate box installed in the back of our 9” Ferguson. Mind you, he did work for an electrical shop at the time, so was able to get discount.
  3. You’ll love it. Same colour as my sorely missed Exige. 👍
  4. I’ve lost count of the number of street interviews I’ve seen on tv over the past year where people have said things such as, “it’s so unfair that just as we’re able to get back to work, the government are closing things down again.” As you pointed out, not Covid but the government! I’m not saying Boris got it all right, he hasn’t, but maybe if more people had listened to advice about social distancing and not meeting up covertly, then the death toll wouldn’t be quite so high and we could all resume a normal life that bit sooner.
  5. Stories touched on last night such as the young volunteer nurse given the minimum of training and then thrown in at the deep end were particularly emotive. At one point she was lowered by her ankles into a hole in a bombed out building so she could administer chloroform to a mortally wounded fella to put him out of his misery. She was traumatised by that, not surprisingly, yet still she just got on with it. What, for me, was particularly interesting about the programme last night was that it followed the lives of, I think, 5 people who lived through that horror, from their personal diari
  6. Anybody else watch this programme on BBC1 last night, presented by historian Lucy Worsley? I sincerely hope it was being watched by all the whingeing gits who think they’ve been so hard done by over the last year, due to the pandemic. Having been born not long after the end of the war, I’ve always been well aware, from what my parents told me, of what it was like during the blitz. Seeing film of the period again last night, it really puts any perceived pandemic hardship into perspective. You just can’t imagine what it must have been like, being bombed night after night, not knowing if you
  7. Yes it is, but I'd still want to tone it down a bit. We had a tour around the Shelby plant just outside Las Vegas a couple of years ago and they had a few Mustangs in then. In Vegas, yeah go for it but in leafy Hampshire, hmm I'm not so sure it would fit in somehow! I did all the heavily modified Anglia, Lotus Cortina, big engined Capris and XR3i etc bit way too long ago to get away with doing it again now. My ageing frame doesn't respond well to rock hard suspension these days! 🤪
  8. Good choices but for a chap of my age, a bit ‘boy racer’ I’m afraid. Of the three, I’d probably go for the Mustang but with a more sober paint job. I know it’s considered the boring choice but I’ve bought German for my daily since around 1986, I think. The only bad car out of 14 was a BMW 528 which was the ultimate Friday afternoon car and let me down more times than I care to remember. Nice drive when it was going, but I couldn’t wait to get shot of it. Over that same period I’ve always had either a Lotus or Caterham for fun, so don’t feel too bad about buying German for work use! 😁
  9. The SLK does have its merits, not least the folding roof, and to be fair, my wife’s 350 V6 is quite quick in a straight line. Because at the moment it’s the only convertible we’ve got, I have been known to use it on a nice warm summers day. If you want to drive enthusiastically on winding B roads though, forget it, the SLK really isn’t the right car for you. My wife likes it though but I don’t think ‘driving’ and ‘enthusiastically’ are two words she’s ever likely to use in the same sentence. 😁
  10. I’m sure the 55 goes well but having driven my wife’s SLK 350 many times, the driving experience is somewhat uninspiring, to say the least. On the plus side, the car is solidly built and never goes wrong but oh god it’s so very dull. When she bought the car, I joined an SLK forum just to find out about any inherent problems. The forum itself is American and one evening, after a few glasses of wine, I was reading a thread where they were all enthusing about their ‘awesome sports cars’. I had the temerity to laughingly suggest that whilst they may only have 2 seats, they are certainl
  11. Thanks for sharing those additional pics. I just love the colour too. 👍 The colour’s not dissimilar to a car a pal of mine had restored around 10 years ago. It was a 1965 Ferrari 500 Superfast with a fabulous V12 motor. Must say, I prefer the Maser for looks though. My pal sold the 500 soon afterwards for a not inconsiderable sum! Interestingly though, he didn’t let the new owners into the secret of the colour origins. It was originally a colour very close to this when supplied to its first owner, Harry Hyams, but somewhere along the way, a subsequent owner had painted it a nas
  12. Can I ask if your brother has any more pics he will let you post please, maybe even taken during the renovation? That car was from a time of real design elegance, with little or no concern about aero wings, spoilers or ducts etc. It’s just plain gorgeous!
  13. Indeed so and the similarities are really very evident when driving a McLaren.
  14. That is a lovely car. Styling not unlike the original Aston Martin DBS from the late 60’s.
  15. I’ve owned a Lotus of some sort for more years than I care to remember but before settling on the current Evora, I did look at some others first. I initially tried an F Type and loved the looks but hated the drive. It was just too heavy and not at all Lotus like! Next I half considered a V8 Vantage but quickly dismissed it as I just felt it wasn’t me. The car I was most drawn to though was a Macca and got as far as a lengthy test drive in a 650S on the same day as test driving a 410 Evora. It was certainly a lovely, well built cabin to be in, the relentless acceleration very addictiv
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