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  1. I did the 23andMe last year and was a bit surprised at the results, mainly because my mother had always told us our grandfather (Ruben), her father, was Jewish. Turns out I don’t have the slightest percentage of Jewish blood in me, which raises the intriguing thought that either grandad isn’t mums father or I was swapped at birth! My genetic ancestry is mainly Anglo-Irish with a small percentage Scandinavian and French. There are, apparently, near relatives on their database but I’ve chosen not to make contact. It was an interesting exercise and very pleased I did it.
  2. Spinney


    Meet Lando (silver red male) and Livia (silver female). Maine Coons 12 weeks old and collected from the breeder yesterday. I’d forgotten how chaotic the house becomes when you have a couple of frisky kittens around.
  3. Not the same lovely, blood curdling noise though! The Texas Chainsaw Massacre wouldn’t have sounded half so scary with a battery saw!
  4. Mine's a 20” McCulloch with a stinky exhaust. Had it for a number of years now and I like nothing better than cutting up fallen trees then splitting the logs with my trusty axe. Good exercise for the upper body too!
  5. Having trees in your garden and backing onto woodland certainly has its advantages. Gives me a chance to wield the chainsaw and axe and I’ve not had to buy wood for years now. I love an open fire!
  6. Phil, I’ve sent you a message.
  7. Thanks for all the wise words fellas, it's very much appreciated. It was very scary at first but knowledge seems to be the key here I think and the more I read, the more I understand what's going on and how it is controlled. Feeling much better about it all now.
  8. Yes, spot on, atrial fibrillation. Now I've had a chance to read up about this, it no longer seems quite so scary and I know it can be controlled. It just came at me like a bolt out of the blue on Thursday as I had no symptoms, was simply going for a routine medical and, being reasonably fit, never having had any major health worries, I was expecting to be told all is well as usual. I guess the biggest shock was being told I couldn't fly to Argentina today as my condition could cause unexpected complications on a long haul flight. It's the sudden realisation of ones own mortality that hits you and in my mind, I'm a regular Peter Pan, forever young and never having to even think about health matters. At least I have good health and travel insurance so I will get most of the holiday cost back but, of course, that is insignificant when it comes to your health and maybe this was the wake up call needed, to really bring it home to me. Thanks for the link Bibs, I'll take a look at getting one I think.
  9. Thanks Kevin. Some would say they are surprised I have one at all!
  10. Not so much what made me unhappy 'today' but to be specific, 'yesterday'. I had a routine medical, which I was fitting in before we flew off to Argentina on Saturday evening for a 3 week holiday. All was going well until getting to the bit where the doctor took my pulse and listened to my heart and it turned out I had a resting heart rate that was jumping erratically between 120-145! Immediately sent to A & E for an ECG which confirmed my pulse rate was all over the place and a trace that, instead of an even sine wave is, again, all over the place. Then sat down with the duty doctor to discuss and I obviously tell him we are due to fly out to Argentina on Saturday, to which he replies that he very strongly advises against any long haul flight until we can get to the bottom of this issue and diagnose what is causing it, although he already had a good idea what it is. Prescribed some interim medication with immediate effect, pending an appointment with a consultant cardiologist just as soon as it can be set up. Strange thing is, I haven't had any symptoms that I know of and feel very well in myself. Bugger, bollox, bugger, bollox!!!!!
  11. Saw it on catch up yesterday and I now remember having seen it before. Seems this one isn't a new series after all and I also recall from the last time I watched it, taking issue with Fuzz calling a simple coilover damper/spring assembly a 'Chapman Strut'. That aside though, I can forgive him that little error as he is still a good and highly skilled fella.
  12. Before ordering my previous Exige V6, the cars I test drove both had the gearbox chatter, as did an Evora I tested at the time, albeit one of the Exiges was worse than the other. When my own car eventually arrived some 3 months later I was expecting the same but, in fact, there was no chatter from the gearbox at all. My first thoughts were that Lotus must have fixed the issue and my car was one of the new batch but obviously that isn’t the case. My point being that there is clearly a fault in some of these V6 gearboxes, but not all. If my own car didn’t have the problem, it must surely be possible for Lotus/Toyota to find the issue and fix it. Maybe it’s down to something as simple as machining tolerances but whatever it is, my experience proves it doesn’t actually have to be that way. For various reasons, my current Evora is an auto so obviously doesn’t have that same issue. I still miss that V6 Exige of mine every time I speak of it and really wish I could have kept it.
  13. Ooh when did that start? Despite the irritating Tim, I do like the show particularly because of the skills Fuzz and his men bring to each resto.
  14. Apologies but it was a typo in saying it was a 2009 car. It was in fact from 2006 and that part is the spare differential casing for the JCB Dieselmax car that still holds the LSR for a diesel powered vehicle with Andy Green driving it. I have several other parts from recent(ish) competition cars but they are all quite obscure, so I won’t post those. They are all engineering works of art in their own right though, which is why I’ve kept them.
  15. Clue:- It's from a record breaking car in 2009
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