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  1. ......and Jim Clark, of course. Many of you may already have seen this, as had I, but a friend sent me the link yesterday so thought it was always worth another look. Standing with the Lotus contingent on the grid is a very young looking Cedric Selzer, one of Jim’s mechanics. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Cedric a couple of times since, most recently at a charity dinner last November. He’s a complete Jim Clark fanboy, as you’d imagine and as am I. Enjoy the vid of probably one of the most beautiful F1 cars ever built!
  2. Funny you should say that as my wife says exactly the same about my cars I’ve used those Gliptone things in! I, on the other hand, think it’s a rather pleasant aroma. It’s clearly just a female thing to not like the smell.
  3. The clocks on my last 3 Lotus cars have all been very inaccurate. Luckily, the upgraded radio/satnav on my current Evora keeps perfect time, so I always refer to that rather than the dash clock. When even the cheapest digital wristwatches keep good time these days, I just don’t get how those fitted to Lotus cars can be so bad.
  4. Out of interest, I fitted some of these anodised aluminium screws in place of the standard ones on the under tray of both my Elise and Exige. Never had a corrosion problem with them after that. If you want to be a complete tart (ok I’ll hold my hand up) you can choose a colour to almost match the cars bodywork.
  5. Yes I know what you mean. I could never easily get into the passenger side of my Elise and Exige. Bizarre isn’t it?
  6. Entry to the car doesn’t look that elegant does it? For that reason, I won’t be buying one as my wife would hate trying to get in it.
  7. Sexy looking for sure, but I still find that whining noise bloody irritating though.
  8. I drove this car this morning, the Polestar 2. I'd had no plans to test drive anything, but yesterday saw there was a Polestar driving event being held locally, so went online and registered, more out of curiosity than anything really. I've driven a Tesla S a few years ago, but that was the only other pure electric car I've driven, well apart from a golf buggy in Florida a while back! Anyhow, drove round to the exhibition hall where it was being held and had to go through all the usual COVID rigmarole before entering the building, where they had about a dozen Polestar 2s in various colou
  9. Erm seems you can vote more than once. Just sayin’
  10. Beautiful, just beautiful. I bought one of these in the late 60’s, my first Lotus purchase (well apart from slot racers) and just adored it. That looks to be the same model as mine, ‘63 with Ali boot, bonnet and doors. Mine had been converted back to leaf spring rear suspension but the chap I bought it from included the original ‘A’ frame suspension in case I wanted to revert to original. I didn’t! God how I loved that car and had many, many memorable times in it.
  11. For Scotland, it’s padded to provide insulation against the cold!
  12. Indeed they do which is why I always put a windscreen cover on mine if I’m parking up in the sun for any length of time. Keeps the interior a bit cooler too.
  13. That’s just one more demonstration of the traveller communities total disregard for law or the ordinary law abiding folk of this country. They are only concerned about themselves.
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