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  1. What about a Renault 2L turbo engine, given they will be partnering with them in the future? There is a precedent from the S1 Europa too.
  2. That used to be normal practice in my industry too and nobody considered it unreasonable at the time. Even the guys working in the factory would regularly go out for a few lunchtime pints before returning and operating potentially dangerous machinery. But then back in the 60’s when I started driving, it was still considered socially acceptable to drive out to the pub to meet your mates in the evening and down 8 or more pints before driving back home again. I believe in Japan at that time, drunkenness could even be used as a mitigating factor in causing an accident. Different
  3. Mercedes are for old people?🤬 Oh hang on............. 😉
  4. Ouch, that’s not a cheap fix! Porsche do seem to have had more than enough serious engine faults in several of their cars. BMW too.
  5. Reminds me of a pheasant experience I had back in the 80's. I was out for the day with a colleague visiting a customer up in Norwich and we decided to use his company hack, a Mk 4 Cortina Ghia (heady stuff eh?) and just as we were batting along the A11, a pheasant suddenly flew out of the hedgerow straight into our path. There was a thump and a few feathers flying over the bonnet, so we stopped and got out to search for the bird, thinking we might need to put it out of its misery, if badly injured - and into the boot of the car, obviously. Well, try as we might, we could find no sign of t
  6. Not when you own the company, it won’t. 😉😁
  7. I've been expecting Fernandes to sell Caterham for a while now. After his earlier grand plans with the F1 team and aborted links with Renault Alpine, he just didn't seem to me to have the right sort of motor industry background and he was clearly losing interest, probably because of problems in his prime business. The purchase of Caterham always seemed to me to be a vanity project for him, nothing more than that.
  8. As an addendum to my contribution on this thread, there was one aspect of working that I sorely missed and something I think needs to be thought about. What I missed most at first was male company and office banter. I always enjoyed visiting and speaking to our customers and was fortunate that my business partner has a very similar life outlook to me. One of the first things I did after retiring was to buy a classic Mercedes SL and carry out a light restoration. Trouble was I was mostly doing it on my own. My wife didn’t want to help either!😉 After a couple of months, I volunte
  9. Damn, I’m late to this thread due to enjoying my retirement time!😁 Maybe you’d call it entrepreneurial, but I’ve been working in some form or another since I was 7 years old. I’d spotted a niche in the market for renting out comics at school for 1d a time, until the head teacher shut that down, so had to take it underground!😂 Later I would build control line model aeroplanes for other lads who didn’t possess the build skills - for a fee obviously. This sort of thing carried on throughout my early life, leaving school at 16 but working all hours, including 3 jobs at one time to
  10. I’m sure many of these pre production and so called ‘spy shots’ are very carefully planned by the manufacturer concerned in order to ramp up the excitement about a new model. Works for me and I’ll be looking for these spy shots with great enthusiasm. 😁
  11. Oh no, this source is far more reliable than mere politicians! 😉
  12. I’ve been told by a very reliable source that we should expect to start seeing ‘spy shots’ some time next month.
  13. As Kevin says, you can do it before if you know where you will be on 21st March. As it’s my birthday on that day, I know precisely where I will be ...........the same sodding place I’ve been for most of the last!😤 Did ours yesterday!
  14. Jamie at Bell & Colvill apparently took orders for 23 of them in the first week after announcement.
  15. Surely the only reason there won’t be any FE Evoras is because the Lotus chaps scratched their heads before coming to the conclusion they couldn’t improve on it as is! 🤔 That’s what I’m telling myself anyhow.😁
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