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  1. This beauty was in Escape to the Country back in 2009. At the time I was area organiser of one of the Lotus 7 Club groups and received a call from the company who make the programme. The premise was the subject couple wanted a house with room for a paddock (for her horse hobby) and a large garage/workshop for him to build a Caterham 7. At the time, I’d sold my 7, having finally got fed up with them, and replaced it with this lovely Burnt Orange Elise SC which I managed to position in pride of place in front of camera!😁 It was an experience being involved in the filming, being on camera talking to the couple and seeing for myself just how much bullshit it involves. It’s a lot!😂
  2. That’s a neat solution. 👍 Presumably the frame around the head unit just unclips/pulls off to give access to the fixing screws?
  3. So what happens if nobody they contact wants the spec of the cancelled order? As it’s not due to enter it’s build slot until August, I find it hard to believe they can’t adjust the spec this far ahead! 🤷‍♂️
  4. I ordered a new E Class Merc a couple of weeks ago and delivery expected to be ‘sometime’ in 2023! They couldn’t be any more specific than that. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Now I do like that wireless adaptor which would allow me to leave the phone in my pocket. Can’t ever forget it then. 👍 I was a bit disappointed the upgraded head unit I went for in the Evora didn’t already have wireless connection for Apple CarPlay, so this gizmo would fix that. Thanks! 👍
  6. Were it not for the fact I am decidedly ancient and forgetful, this might be considered a reasonable idea. However, I would forget my phone is in the glovebox, probably only remembering some time later when I am a considerable distance from the car! Putting the phone on a bendy stick right in front of my face should/will give me a fighting chance of remembering to pick it up as I exit the car. I know this to be so since I already occasionally forget to pick it up off the passenger seat. 🤔😁
  7. When I’m out in the Evora, I normally place my iPhone on the passenger seat, plugged in to the USB port so I can use the Apple CarPlay. This is obviously no good if I have a passenger in the car, so has anybody come up with a clever phone mount that doesn’t require drilling or otherwise damaging the dash and trim? Also could do with it not impeding any of the switches or other controls etc. Anybody got any bright ideas and, if so, pics of their solution please?🤔
  8. I’ve read many posts on here from folk who say a delayed delivery is causing them a problem as they have other commitments. Can I just offer my services to collect your car for you whilst you’re away and I’ll even run it in for you! Can’t say fairer than that so just send me your details and I’ll pick it up for you. 😉 If it’s any consolation my son, who lives in the US, tried to order a new Audi Q8 last month and the dealer pretty much laughed out loud as he told him they’ll be lucky if they see any new deliveries before this time next year. I ordered a new E Class last month and won’t see that until next year either. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Southbound on M3 this afternoon. Drove past me in my 410 Evora.
  10. Nope, mine doesn’t need the handbrake on or the key in the ignition either.
  11. My gut feeling is he wouldn’t but then at the beginning of this thread before the war actually started, I said I thought he was simply sabre rattling, so what do I know??🤷‍♂️
  12. Yes, there was the refinery attack by 2 helicopters a couple of weeks ago which sparked indignant outrage by the Kremlin. If it wasn’t so tragic, the Kremlins attempts at playing the victim when Ukraine has made these very limited sorties into Russia would be laughable. “We can invade your land, attack you, commit murder and other atrocities destroy your towns and cities and carry out genocide, but how dare you attack us on our territory.” The whole thing is so very tragic and unnecessary. I’d like to think the Russian people will cry enough and start an insurrection but Putin has such a tight rein on the propaganda, I just can’t see that happening any time soon.
  13. She’s now working for a German news channel, reporting from Ukraine and, for now anyway, Russia! Can’t be long before the Kremlin spray some expensive ‘perfume’ on her door handle!
  14. Which again begs the question of just how good/effective are Russian defence systems. Ukraine has proven over and over during the last 7 weeks, often whilst using advanced weapons supplied by the west, that Russian armaments are maybe not as good as we’ve all been led to believe. This is very encouraging albeit, for now at least, Russia will still have strength in numbers, unfortunately. Ukraine has been far more effective with fewer numbers of personnel and equipment which must be pissing Putin right off. I do fear, however, he might be so pissed off he will actually use small tactical nukes or even chemical weapons. How the west then reacts under that scenario will maybe determine the final outcome of this war.
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