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  1. Spinney

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    I too would be pretty pissed off if I had as many issues as your 410 appears to have done Jon and sincerely hope everything is sorted to your satisfaction. I've owned more Lotus cars, of all types, than I care to remember over the last 50 years and, as you can imagine, during that time I've had some real lemons. Maybe I've just been fortunate since then, but the most recent two over the last 9 years have been among the most reliable cars I've ever owned and that includes comparison with all the usual high end German makes. I do think Lotus have actually done remarkably well to produce the cars they have in recent years, given their precarious position and limited resources. Having said that, there is no excuse for poor quality control and it is an area I feel very confident the Chinese will resolve. For the first time since buying these cars all those years ago, I finally have real hope Lotus Cars have a bright future and, again, for the first time ever, some serious investment to achieve it. They will get there, of that I am more convinced than ever.
  2. Jamie mentioned that to me when I ordered the car and will be ensuring it is, I believe.
  3. That's great thanks. I'll take a look at what it can do.
  4. The one with Apple Car Play being offered as an option on the Evora that is. I've specced this head unit for the 410 without really knowing much/anything about it and bearing in mind my (probably age related) modern tech numptiness, can anybody tell me please which make and model this is so that I can search online and read up about it? As is usual with Lotus, the only information you get about it in the spec sheet is precisely what I've typed in the thread heading, so not a lot to go on. I believe it has satnav capability but is this only through my iPhone? Reason for asking is when I spoke to my son on the phone last night, he told me he has this in his F150 and he thought it was pretty poor, preferring instead a more 'conventional' satnav. In my Exige, I had fitted a Pioneer head unit with flip out screen and satnav and that is pretty good, so I'd hate to take a step back in terms of satnav readability. I want to get this right now before the car goes into build and only finding out I may not like it too late. Thanks for any help with this but please be gentle with this old dinosaur who still thinks that, given they have no moving parts, smart phones must work by using black magic!
  5. Spinney

    Thinking about an Evora Sport 410

    That would have annoyed the hell out of me when I discovered it too. I always use heavy duty velcro with reg plates on my cars as that seems to stand up to the wet far better than double sided tape. I must remember to ask Jamie to do this for mine so thanks for the reminder.
  6. Spinney

    GT410 Sport ordered today

    My son has an F150 Raptor truck which I think has that same engine. The truck wouldn't have been my choice but it does sound amazing, like something you could wake the dead with! Not surprisingly when we have been over to see him, his mother hates it with every fibre of her being!
  7. Spinney

    Thinking about an Evora Sport 410

    I guess it's a very subjective thing about the CF seats. Personally I hated those in the 410 I tried and as a result, have ordered mine with Sparcos, but I know a few folk on here have got on ok with theirs, C8RKH particularly so. Having driven a few Astons myself, I think the 410 is dynamically a far superior drive but I have to admit, the looks and V8 exhaust tones of the Aston are to die for! Good luck with getting a 410, I'm sure you won't regret it.
  8. Spinney

    GT410 Sport ordered today

    Yes, for the reasons I’ve mentioned, the 410 won out on its handling/ride dynamics and the fact the McLaren, although better in some respects, not least the brutal acceleration, it just wasn’t £50k better in my view. The sales guys manner wasn’t entirely unexpected, given the arrogance a lot of the high end car sales people often seem to display. Had I decided the McLaren was the car for me, I don’t think the arse of a salesman would have put me off. He would still have irritated me but I’ve met far too many of his kind over the years to have been put off, to be honest. I guess Lotus is just too far ingrained into my being! 😁
  9. Spinney

    Another GT410 incoming

    In a word..........age! 😄 That’s the simple answer but there are a few reasons I should maybe elaborate on. 1) Take a look at my avatar where my 6’-4” son is driving the car at Spa and you will see his crash hat is higher than the windscreen and roll bar. He is pretty much unable to drive the Exige on track when the roof is on. I like to do track days with him, so need a car with more headroom. I’m the shorta**e sitting next to him in that pic, so headroom clearly isn’t the issue for me. 😁 The following is however. 2) My wife and I use the car for some touring throughout mainland Europe and fitting sufficient clothing etc in the car for more than 10-14 days can be a challenge. 3) I find it increasingly difficult to get in or out of the Exige with the roof on. That’s part 1 of the age reason. 4) I have arthritic knees which make continued clutch operation in a manual car, especially through town driving, uncomfortable after more than an hour or two. Thats part 2 of the age reason. I love my Exige and would dearly love to keep it, but for all the practical reasons above, that just isn’t an option. For a couple of years now, I’ve been waiting patiently for the oft promised Evora Roadster as I’d much prefer an open top car, but since the realisation Lotus had canned it, a coupe was the only remaining option for me if I want to stay with Lotus. I hope that explains my reasons adequately.
  10. Spinney

    GT410 Sport ordered today

    And originally funded by Nissan, hence it’s an old Nissan lump which is all I wanted to know should I ever speak with the McLaren sales guy again!😁
  11. Spinney

    GT410 Sport ordered today

    The fella I was talking to assured me it was developed by Ricardo, for whom he was working, and originally funded by Nissan.
  12. Spinney

    GT410 Sport ordered today

    and I couldn't be happier!Some may recall my dilemma in another post about whether or not I should opt for the McLaren 540C and having tried one with a err little gear selection issue, I finally decided the 410 I tried the same afternoon, to be the more sensible option. Reasons for this decision may seem crazy to some but, to me anyway, they were perfectly valid. First, the 410 rode better on poor surfaces which, let's face it, are the majority of surfaces we have today in the UK and had steering feel that was at least the equal of the McLaren. Second, the salesman at McLaren Ascot irritated me with several of his comments relating to his perception of how Lotus compared with their cars. The morning after I'd tried both cars, he phoned me and the first thing he asked was "how disappointed were you with the Evora in the afternoon after trying our car"? I explained that despite what he may believe, in my view the Lotus was actually better in some respects and proceeded to let him know what they were. Yes, the McLaren is also better in some respects, but I questioned whether it was actually £50k better! His next comment was "but it's only got an old Toyota lump in the back" and I'm not quite sure how he expected me to respond to that one, but maybe slightly irrationally, that irritated me intensely. Funnily enough, I later discovered a little gem of information that would have been the perfect rebuttal, if only I'd known it at the time. During my recent trip to the Indy 500 with my son, we met up with one of his pals who at one time worked in the team at Ricardo Eng who developed and built the V8 engine now used by McLaren. It turns out that engine was originally funded by Nissan who wanted Ricardo to develop a turbocharged V8 engine for them to use in a Le Mans type race series. Having designed, built and tested prototypes, Nissan then pulled the plug, leaving the engine without an eventual home. Enter Ron Dennis who, at the time, was looking for a company to design, build and develop an engine to power the forthcoming family of cars in his then fledgling McLaren Cars company. This search led him to Ricardo who, coincidentally, had just the thing already designed and built with a couple of running prototypes in precisely the right architecture Ron needed. So there you have it folks, McLaren road cars are powered by an old Nissan lump! Oh how I wish I'd known this when the Macca salesman said what he did to me. It has to be said the McLaren chap was rather arrogant and had a quite unfortunate manner that rather grated with me. If I'm spending the sort of money we're talking about for a car of this type, I want to like the chap I'm dealing with, to be able to trust him and generally feel he's the sort of bloke I could probably enjoy a few pints with in my local hostelry. This brings me, rather neatly, to Jamie at Bell & Colvill from whom I've bought a few cars now and have a very good rapport. He's never pushy and has always just shared his knowledge and advice in, well, a matey yet very professional manner. Business should be done in this way but, sadly in my experience, rarely is and guys like Jamie almost make it a pleasure to part with your hard earned. So, spec for the new car is C214 metallic blue with tan leather interior, silver wheels, Sparco seats, auto 'box, upgraded head unit + sub woofer, amp and soundproofing kit, plus a few other things I can't now recall. I'm really, really looking forward to this car. PS did I mention I'm just a little bit excited!
  13. Spinney

    Hants meet up

    Aaarghh, we'll be in, or rather on a ship in, the Baltic Sea from the previous weekend Kevin. I will, will, will, make one of the dates soon and maybe my new Evora will have arrived by then too!
  14. Spinney

    VW faking emissions tests in USA?

    This new technology that's been developed at Loughborough University could potentially delay the demise of the diesel engine:- For commercial vehicles there is very little viable alternative to diesel at present, so this technology could be a godsend to manufacturers and can even be scaled down for cars. I've read elsewhere that it could be in production within 2 years, but that timing may be a tad optimistic. Either way, it is an exciting British invention (which will probably be lost to overseas companies, following the usual trend) that may well extend the life of diesel.
  15. Ah of course, stupid me! I knew that but was having a senior moment. Doh!! I recall when I bought my current daily it was effectively registered and taxed from April 1st but I was allowed to use it for 1 week beforehand. Ok, that wasn’t during a change of reg series but was wondering if the same might apply.