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  1. Another hot one today. Phew what a scorcher! The wife stayed indoors with the aircon on whilst I made things outside even hotter by firing up the pizza oven. Mozzarella, chorizo and birds eye chilli pizza - bloody lovely it was too!
  2. When my son was working in F1, he got to know Jenson and some of the other drivers quite well. Not well enough to be regularly invited on their superyachts, 😟 but quite well from a working perspective. He thought Jenson was far and away the nicest and most approachable of all the drivers he met. Maybe one day I’ll let on the identity of who was/is apparently regarded as a complete arse by the rest of the paddock!😉 Anyhow, he had a couple of lunches with JB and, naturally, the talk got around to road cars. My lad mentioned I had been a Lotus fan since the year dot and apparently Jenson said how he has always loved the Lotus/Chapman ethos and wished he’d been driving back in the days of the 72. He said Lotus of that era was the one team he’d have wanted to drive for above all others. I’ve always liked Jenson anyway and did get to have a beer with his dad at Spa back when he was driving for Renault or Benetton or whatever it was called back then. After my son told me about his chat, though, JB’s stock went even higher in this household!👌 Oh and my Mrs wants him as her toyboy!😂
  3. Spinney

    Lotus Emira

    My thoughts on the Emira for what they're worth. I watched the unveiling on Tuesday evening with great excitement, prior to going down to Goodwood yesterday and my plan had always been to place my order early on for my build slot. So what have we got with this new car? Stunning looks - Check Beautiful interior - Check Affordable - Check Great engine options - Check Superb build quality - Check Easy entrance/exit from cockpit - Check I'm an MB fanboy, so go for the AMG - Check Will obviously handle and steer well - It is a Lotus after all - Check But then I started to wonder just how much better is it than my GT410 Sport Evora? The interior is nicer but mine really isn't that bad a place to be. The external styling is better and more resolved, but I can't see much of the outside from the drivers seat anyhow. Entry and exit from the cockpit of my car is perfectly acceptable. Build quality of mine seems perfectly good to my eyes and certainly hasn't given me any major problems. Handling and steering probably not a lot different and, in any case, my car is already far more capable than me. Ok, my car has the Toyota engine, but I can live very happily with that and it is a pretty bombproof motor. I realise that not yet having placed a deposit, I will have to wait a good while for a new Emira but I understand the AMG version won't be available at first anyhow. So what to do???? Well, unusually for me, I have decided to stick with the Evora for now, review my thoughts once the initial furore and excitement have abated and I can get the opportunity to actually drive one. I applaud and completely understand the decision of all those who have already taken the plunge. I'll catch you up later!
  4. Spinney

    Lotus Emira

    Love that yellow! Can’t wait to see the car on Thursday, although my wife has threatened me not to take my credit cards! To hell with it though, life is for living. 😁👍
  5. Now you’re talking! Another one of my all time faves and I did once get taken for a spin in a GTD40 with a view to possibly building one. Stupidly, I didn’t and ended up going in a completely different direction, building first one and, when that was sold, a second Caterham. Had a lot of fun with those cars but they obviously weren’t the same. Hindsight is a very wonderful thing!
  6. For some reason, that previous post of mine about the car being a passion wagon has just reminded me of an incident in the late 60’s and caused me to chuckle at the memory. One time my own car was out of action and I was desperate to use a car as I was on a promise that night with my then latest conquest. Luckily my dad said I could use his and joy of joys, it was a Mk 1 Cortina with the rare front bench seat and column change. One lever and the entire seat slid back, get the column gearstick into first, let the umbrella handle parking brake off and you were good to go with seemingly acres of space. This particular night after a few jars in the pub, me and the new girlfriend parked up in the local lovers lane for the evening finale. I then dropped her off, drove back home feeling quite pleased with myself and parked up on the drive around 1 in the morning. My dad used his car for work, always left around 6am and on the morning after using his car, I remember being woken by him with a questioning look on his face. What I remember most of all though was him waving something in front of my face and as my bleary eyes opened, I thought, why is dad waving a pair of girls knickers in front of my face?🤦 Always did a forensic search in his car when I used it after that! 😂 God, I’ve made myself feel really old now, that was probably around 53 years ago! 😱
  7. As for bucket list cars, I’ve got this hankering for a V8 yank tank that just won’t go away. I’ve already done the V8 thing but in a Merc so, being honest, nice though that was it didn’t really do the proper soundtrack. I’m thinking along the lines of old Mach 1 Mustang fastback or even a Dodge Charger. Corvettes have never really done it for me but I do find myself looking more and more at the classifieds. Hmm what to do?🤔
  8. There’s nothing like driving an old car with dodgy brakes, to teach a young’un the art of anticipation. Similarly, a car with buggered synchro rings can teach you how to double declutch. I learnt these skills and more with my first car, a ‘56 Ford Prefect 100E. Taught me a lot about how to repair cars as well, which I needed to do very often. As Barry says, an added benefit of driving at 17 is that it opened up so many more possibilities for regular sex too! 😂
  9. “Greatest Lotus Cars Ever Made“ Every one I’ve ever owned - obviously! 😃
  10. Spinney

    Paypal Scam

    I take it you’ve changed your password too? I’m waiting to be arrested some time today following a call I received yesterday evening from HMRC. An arrest warrant was going to be issued immediately if I didn’t press 1 on my keypad to repay an outstanding debt. I was opening a bottle of wine at the time, so didn't have enough hands to change to the keypad. Must remember to SORN the cars today if I’m going to be banged up for a while!🤔
  11. Spinney

    Paypal Scam

    Update to my last post above. Finally, after another round of aggro with eBay today, I’ve at last managed to get them to agree to close my account! 🥳🥳🥳 Will take up to 30 days apparently, but at least I now have an email from them confirming my account was hacked/scammed and I don’t owe anything. At least that is one victory I can chalk up against the scammers.
  12. Spinney

    Paypal Scam

    Unfortunately these type of email/text/phone call have become a part of everyday life for those (most) of us with an online presence. I don’t frequent any form of social media platform other than 3 or 4 car forums but reckon I probably get at least 5 or 6 scam type contacts a week. I do, probably like most of us, order a reasonable amount of goods online each month so can only imagine my contact details are out there as a result of those. I’ve just had an ongoing battle with eBay over unpaid sellers fees when I don’t think I’ve actually used them to sell anything for at least 5 years. My account was clearly hacked by somebody offering bogus goods for sale, a restaurant grade coffee machine and a large AO size printer. I apparently owed nearly £300 in sellers fees and spoke to eBay chat line 8 times now to try and get it sorted. Each time I was assured it was sorted and would then get an email confirmation of our chat but a couple of days later another email arrived threatening action for unpaid fees. I said ok I’ll close my account down, except you can’t do that when their system says you owe them money! It’s all very frustrating, but at least I can handle the aggravation and fight back. I feel sorry for the elderly who would probably get very upset by this kind of thing and maybe end up paying just to stop the worry.
  13. Many of the raw materials we need to manufacture finished goods are becoming near impossible to get hold of. I finally extricated myself from my business of near 30 years in January this year, but still visit occasionally. My (now ex) business partner was telling me this week that galvanised steel, which last September was selling for around £600/tonne is currently moving northwards of £1600 - if you can get it at all. Apparently, China, which was a major exporter of galvanised steel (crap though it was), is now a net importer. China’s economy is currently booming and so they are buying up many of the raw materials being produced in the world. Similar happened around 15 years ago when China were expanding their manufacturing base, which then resulted in them flooding the world market with raw materials at sub economic prices. This had the effect of destroying much of the U.K. and European manufacturing capability. I fear similar will happen yet again over the next few years! But do we learn from it???
  14. Spinney


    I was introduced to a new food revelation at a mates bbq last night…….”HAND MADE PORK SAUSAGES WITH A very subtle hint of MARMITE”. 👌 Just sublime and should be sampled by every Marmite aficionado! They come from a local quality butcher who makes them on the premises. Guess where I’m off to on Monday morning?😁
  15. Do it Danny. It is a magical and memorable experience. 45 minutes passed in the blink of an eye but it’s something you’ll never forget. I just need the Mosquito trust to get their fingers out and get one in the air here so I can get a ride in the other icon from my childhood. 😁
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