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  1. Good choice, where did you buy it from?
  2. That’s interesting to hear your Macan with the leather dash doesn’t have the same issue. Up two years ago, we also had a Mercedes SL that was all leather inside, including the dash top, and that didn’t have the problem either. My Exige S V6 that I owned before the Evora had a largely leather dash and that didn’t have the problem to the same extent. I had been thinking about trying some kind of sealer on the dash top but assume it would need to be water based or it would probably just have a similar solvent problem of its own. Won’t do it on this thread but can I please message you about the Macan as I’m thinking of getting one myself and could do with a personal view on it?
  3. I was beginning to think it was just me. Yes I did wonder if quality of plastics was a possible explanation but, although to much lesser degree, the same happens in both mine and the wife’s Mercs. They both have a soft feel dash which, if any plastic can ever be described thus, appears to be of good quality. I’ve cleaned the inside again this morning and left both windows open in the garage, so we’ll see if that makes a difference. Maybe I should put a cover of some sort over the dash top, as suggested, too, at least whilst it’s parked up.
  4. That sure is a lovely thing to behold!
  5. Still waiting...........still drumming my fingers while waiting for the phone call.
  6. Yes probably would I should imagine. It’s worth a try whenever I park up somewhere.
  7. Been doing a bit of online research about this today and it seems to be a well known problem with so called "off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from interior plastics in new cars" The phenomenon is, apparently, made worse by leaving the car in strong sunlight thus causing the interior to heat up and allow the off-gassing, although it will still do it in cooler conditions, just not so quickly. Seems there's not a lot you can do to stop it other than leaving the windows open allowing the volatile organic compounds to be diluted and escape out of the interior. You obviously can't do this as a norm, but think I'll try doing that when the car is parked up in the garage.
  8. Deffo not condensation but more a smoky film.
  9. Maybe I should have been a bit more specific. The fogging isn’t condensation, nor me sweating, but more a kind of smoky film build up on the inside of the screen. It doesn’t easily wipe off with a dry cloth and needs a damp cloth to clean properly. I’m sure I read somewhere it is due to solvents within plastics being evaporated off and then settling onto the glass. The other downside of this effect is that the plastic eventually becomes brittle and can easily crack. It happens in all my cars but seems particularly bad in the Evora, meaning I have to clean the inside of the screen weekly. I hate having a smeary screen, particularly on a sunny day, so would love to find a solution to the problem, maybe by some sort of coating.
  10. I’ve put this in Lotus general topics rather than be specific about model type as the same problem applies whatever the car. I believe, rightly or wrongly, that the interior windscreen fogging that appears in cars is due to the plastic fumes that emanate from the interior trim. Now I always thought this was worse when the sun shines on the car but after completely cleaning my Evora last weekend and immediately parking it in the garage, I noticed today when using the car, the windscreen interior has again fogged quite badly. Assuming the interior plastics are the cause, does anybody know if there is a coating of some sort can be applied to the dash top that will reduce/eliminate this issue? My car has a largely leather interior but the dash top is entirely plastic, so what can I do to get rid of the problem, other than get the dash retrimmed in leather? Any ideas please?
  11. The delay is due to me not having my diary to hand when they called to arrange collection. Or was that just in my dreams??? I think somebody has said the actual announcement would take up to 10 days from the draw date.
  12. So assuming one of us on here (obviously me) has won the car, what do you do with the rear hatch and its 20 F1 driver signatures? Do you:- 1) Keep it as is and risk them disappearing over time 2) Lacquer over the hatch to ensure the signatures all remain and keep it on the car 3) Just polish them all off anyway 4) Get a replacement hatch and hang the signed one on the garage wall I'm probably leaning towards 4 myself.
  13. Whoops, just realised I spoke of Andy Noble when I meant to say ‘Andy Green’. Confusion due to old age is my excuse!
  14. That's a very neat job but, to be honest, I don't find it too much of a chore to lift the tailgate to plug mine in. I've now fitted a small switch alongside the trunk light so it doesn't stay on and burn out the bulb whilst the tailgate is open. There's plenty of room for it in the plastic shroud along the back of the trunk, where the light is fitted.
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