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  1. I’d forgotten about posting this way back in September. I have got more used to this particular peculiarity of the car but it still seems slightly odd compared to my other cars. Regarding the comment about most track cars having longer brake pedal travel, I haven’t found this on any of my previous Loti. Neither my last V6 Exige nor the Elise SC before it had a long initial pedal travel before starting to bite yet they were both progressive in performance; not at all grabby. This is my first Evora, so it seems from most comments on here it is just a quirk of this particular Lotus model, quite unlike previous cars I’ve owned from Hethel. I had a Subaru Outback 3.0Rn auto a few years ago too but, again, that had braking more akin to all the other autos I’ve owned; short pedal travel and progressive, without being grabby. Trickling along in traffic was no problem either, unlike my Evora. I haven’t used the Evora much of late, having been away a lot, but I’m sure when I start using it again regularly, I’ll get more used to it.
  2. Spinney

    Sat Nav Apps and Phone Holder's

    Apologies to the op for a slight thread drift but does anybody know if I can use Waze in the USA please? I’m off there later in the month and it would be good if I can use it there. Thanks and back to the main topic.
  3. Spinney

    Evora Crash on M40

    Several years ago a friend of mine wrote off his Lexus LS400 after hitting standing water and aquaplaning on a trip down the M40. He always drove it too fast anyway but I asked him what he'd learned from that experience and his answer was to renew his tyres when they are half worn! I suggested maybe the right answer was to drive at a speed that suits the conditions, but he just couldn't accept that. 18 months later he was killed in a car smash and although I don't know the reason, I strongly suspect inappropriate speed for the conditions played a big part.
  4. I hate to disappoint you and your lad but I need to tell you mine is the winning ticket. It’s better you know now rather than build up the hopes of the boy!😉😁
  5. Spinney


    I've owned many, many Lotus cars since the 1960s and whilst the "Lots of trouble........................" description had some validity years ago, my experience is that it no longer holds true and probably hasn't done since the 1990s and the first Elise. My last 3 Lotus cars of the modern era, an Elise SC, Exige V6 and currently a 410 Evora, have probably been the most reliable cars I've ever owned. Dont get hung up on outdated prejudices, if you want a Lotus, just get one and enjoy one of the finest handling cars on the road today. 👍
  6. Spinney

    Future of Lotus

    Don’t worry, Autocar are notorious for getting their ‘artists impressions’ of future cars wildly wrong. I wouldn’t be surprised if even Lotus themselves have no idea yet how it might look so Autocar certainly wouldn’t know.
  7. Spinney

    Future of Lotus

    That’s an interesting point about regular announcements of special editions or updated models. Since being interested in a new McLaren earlier this year, before settling on the Evora, it seems a month doesn’t go by without I receive another email from them announcing something new. Of course they aren’t all entirely new, most being an update or revamp of an existing model. My point being it doesn’t seem McLaren get continual moaning or negative comments from their fan base so I’m not sure quite why Lotus do. Ok I’m well aware we need some entirely new models as soon as is practical but at least JMGs regular announcements kept the brand alive and ticking over, albeit in a small way and it did give us fans something to talk about. I would like to think that in time, Lotus will be just as proactive, in terms of marketing, as McLaren are with their fan base.
  8. Spinney

    Future of Lotus

    My problem is I’ve spent far too long being friends with dubious women. That’s obviously where I’ve been going wrong!😂
  9. Spinney

    Road Trip in my Evora S

    A really good read thanks. I love some of those roads in Wales and been a few times in recent years myself.
  10. I should, maybe, qualify that last post of mine with regard to 430 vs 410 and be a bit clearer about the reasons for my ultimate choice. Having now stopped doing trackdays, I intend using the Evora mainly for long distance touring in Europe with my wife. As such, the 430 would have been a bit wasted as it wouldn’t provide any significant benefit over the 410; plus I can use the additional money it would have cost for yet another good holiday. 😊
  11. I did but as said before, I dismissed the idea as, for the type of use it would get, I didn’t consider it worth the extra cost. I stopped doing trackdays earlier this year, for a few reasons so, much as I would love to have my Exige back, I wouldn’t now do any more track sessions with it even if I did. I was talking about an imaginary ‘ideal’ world for myself that various circumstances have contrived to now prevent.
  12. From my 4 years of V6 Exige ownership, including quite a few Trackdays, I certainly agree it is hard work on track but, for me anyway, I always felt it was quite rewarding. On a full day, I rarely managed to get much beyond mid afternoon before becoming too knackered and having to call it a day. Having said that though, the Exige was always huge fun and although I am not the quickest driver, by any means, I rarely found it wanting for much on the days I did in it. I love my Evora 410 but I’d love to be in a position to have my old V6 Exige alongside it, just for track days.
  13. Spinney

    Production of Evora 400 ceased?

    It has the carbon roof as standard.
  14. Spinney

    Sunshades Group Buy - Anyone Interested?

    I couldn’t find the sunshades for Evoras on their site but could be interested. I would want it shipped within the USA though, rather than to UK.