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  1. Spinney

    Retirement activities

    I took an early(ish) retirement almost 7 years ago and can honestly say it's the best thing I've ever done. First job was to buy an untidy old Mercedes SL that I'd wanted for some time and spend 6 months or so restoring it. Thereafter, we used it on a few European classic car tours with other like minded folk and thoroughly enjoyed those. I finally sold the car last year after 6 years as we weren't using it enough and my arthritic knees started telling me my years of crawling around under cars were over. In year 2 we (the wife) decided that what we needed more than anything else was a large garden room, so employed a builder and I did the project management which took 4 months in all and I actually found it very enjoyable. For the very first time in my life, I also discovered a liking for gardening, so that has been a bit of an eye opener for me. I've also rediscovered a hobby from my early youth, of archery and enjoying that whenever I can, plus I managed to fit in several track days with my son in my V6 Exige. We particularly tried to do well known historic circuits like Spa, Monza, Zolder and Paul Ricard etc. I secretly became quite pleased that the boy ended up a fair bit quicker than me! For the last 3 years, we seem to have been on an endless round of foreign travel, visiting all the obscure places we've both wanted to see throughout our lives. Part of this has included doing all manner of experiences that we felt we should do whilst still fit/young enough, hot air ballooning, sky diving etc. Only downside to all this has been that apart from driving to track days, I've not spent enough time driving the Lotus, added to which my trackday co-driver (son) now lives and works in the USA, so that's curtailed my track experiences somewhat. Mind you, the new Evora is too bloody loud for some tracks anyway, so maybe it was time to draw a line under it. So am I enjoying my 7 years of retirement? Damned right I am!
  2. Spinney

    Future of Lotus

    Yes I agree that for parameters you would set before driving off, that is just fine but I assume you haven’t driven a Tesla? They have a lot of incidental controls on different pages all on the same screen, many of which you might want to use whilst on the move. I don’t see any problem with parking cameras as you aren’t having to take your hands off the wheel and the cameras themselves are, effectively, your eyes whilst manoeuvring at low speed. Even screens where you change between satnav or entertainment by touching a certain area are, in my view, a bad idea as it diverts your attention from the road ahead. I wonder how many drivers have been involved, or nearly involved, in even a low speed collision because they were distracted by the touch screen. Further, despite us all being aware you should not attempt to reprogramme a satnav whilst on the move, I wouldn’t mind betting that very many folk do. It is a temptation just having it there, that some people can’t resist - just like a mobile phone. Maybe if the touch facility could be disabled once a car is on the move, then that would be fine. Mind you, I don’t think Tesla owners would be very happy if they couldn’t adjust their HVAC whilst moving. 😉
  3. Spinney

    Future of Lotus

    In my view, touch screens that are meant to be operated by the driver have absolutely no place in a car. You can operate conventional switches just by touch and memory but I defy anybody to operate the numerous functions on a large touch screen without taking their eyes off the road. I'm quite happy with modern technology but not when it takes the drivers attention away from what he/she should be doing. I really do wonder just how operating a touch screen is very much different to texting whilst driving which, as we all know, is strictly verboten.
  4. Spinney

    EVO GT430 vs 911 GT3

    Only just caught up with this thread. When I was up at Hethel back in June, I was shown what I was told was the very last Evora GT430 to be produced. So that's definitely the lot now, I asked and the reply I was given was an amused, "not necessarily." 😉 So I'm sure if somebody were to rock up at a dealers, wanting to spec a brand spanking new GT430, they wouldn't be sent away again, shall we say.😄
  5. Spinney

    TLF Indoor/Outdoor Covers for Evora...

    That’s great thanks. Just to confirm, I’ve asked for black with grey piping and outline logo. 👍
  6. Spinney

    TLF Indoor/Outdoor Covers for Evora...

    Hi Bibs, I've just ordered an indoor cover for my Evora GT410 Sport and am now slightly confused. Just as I clicked on the order button, I realised, too late, the image shown for the car wasn't the one I uploaded of my car and appears to be one of your library pics of a green cover. Is that right or have I done something wrong in the ordering process please? I'd hate to end up with one in the wrong colour.
  7. Spinney

    My first 30 hours or so with the GT410 Sport

    Yes I did wonder why it was low on gas but was assured they did a complete leakage test on the system after re-gassing it. There has to be a reason why it was low to start with so I will, indeed, keep a watch on it.👍
  8. Spinney

    My first 30 hours or so with the GT410 Sport

    A bit of an update on life with the GT410. As I mentioned in the first post, the aircon didn't work and I was going to wait until the 1k service to get it looked at but after a reasonable drive on Monday on a 23 deg sunny day, it was getting uncomfortably warm in the cabin. I booked it into Bell & Colvill for first thing today and within 20 minutes or so, they diagnosed it was very low on refrigerant gas so they gave me a loan car and promised to get the aircon sorted today. I collected it this afternoon and it is now proper cold with the aircon switched on, so well done to B & C for getting it sorted so quickly for me. What's more, there is nothing like driving a worryingly low powered loan Nissan Juke for a few hours to really make you appreciate your Lotus! Ye gods those Jukes are hideous things. 😉 One last thing is after driving home in the rain this afternoon I can report the Gtechniq coating with Exo finish really does shed the rain off well and once dry, the car still looks perfectly clean.👍
  9. I'm still getting to know my new 410 but something I've noticed is that there seems rather more pedal travel on the brakes than I would like. There is no problem with the brakes themselves, which pull the car up very firmly and square, but I seem to have to push the pedal down far more than I would have expected, before they bite. This probably is exacerbated somewhat by the car being an auto and, therefore, has the usual tendency to creep whilst stationary, requiring more of a push on the pedal to keep it from moving. Both my other cars are autos and on those, it is easy to trickle slowly through congestion, requiring just the occasional gentle dab on the pedal if I need to slow a bit or stop. The Evora auto seems to want to move more quickly under the same conditions, which requires constant braking at times to keep it from moving too fast and I need to use far more than just a gentle dab on the pedal. Has anybody else noticed this about the brakes and is there any way to adjust the bite point or is it just a case of me needing to get used to it?
  10. Spinney

    My first 30 hours or so with the GT410 Sport

    I only ever keep a small bottle of water in the car anyway so I’m not bothered if it doesn’t fit a coffee or Coke cup. This isn’t the USA y’know!😉
  11. Spinney

    My first 30 hours or so with the GT410 Sport

    I don't know why the door pockets have been deleted on the 4xx cars. Maybe cost savings disguised as weight saving?🤔 At least I do have a cup/bottle holder between the seats, so not all negative.😊
  12. Spinney

    My first 30 hours or so with the GT410 Sport

    Only thing I would like different in the doors would be some sort of oddments storage. The glove box is pretty useless and won't even hold the rather small service booklet folder so I've improvised the internal oddments storage with a couple of wallet type bags I found on eBay a few years ago. Here's a pic of one of them fitted in my Exige. I had one on each side and they were great for storing mobile phones, sunglasses and wallet etc whilst driving, so I've now adapted them in the same place on the Evora. Don't yet have any pics of them fitted though. They've got two zipped sections, one open section plus a net storage pocket on the front as you can see from the pic and jolly useful they are too. Although you can't see from the pic, they are fitted in place to the side of the sill so they don't slide back and forth.
  13. Spinney

    My first 30 hours or so with the GT410 Sport

    Yes, I did see it in that maroon before the restoration, but we all thought the original blue, or as near as they could get to it, was better. Interestingly the original interior was finished in the tan Connolly hide which was looking rather sad and in need of a lot of work but remarkably, after much investigation, he found the successors of Connolly still had some of the original hide batch used in the interior of his very car! It was enough to retrim the seats, so in terms of originality, you can't get much better than that.
  14. Spinney

    My first 30 hours or so with the GT410 Sport

    You clearly have more knowledge than I on the subject. I was merely an interested bystander whilst my pal was going through the throes (and pain) of having it restored from the very poor condition it had been allowed to get into by previous owners. There were quite a few interesting side stories that came to light during the process. Do you or have you ever owned one or are you just a marque and type enthusiast? I know it's a thread drift but as it's my thread, I'm allowing it.
  15. Spinney

    My first 30 hours or so with the GT410 Sport

    It was KSF 500 that once belonged to Harry Hyams of Centrepoint fame, I believe. As with a lot of old classics it was one of those cars that is best left to ones memories, as in, never ever meet your heroes as you will almost certainly be disappointed! 😉 A lovely car to look at and sit in and it had been very well restored, despite the Hyundai paint colour, which was the nearest the restorer could get to original. 😂 I wonder if the current owner knows the humble origins of the paint? It was sold after a couple of years and as with most old Ferraris, went on to make big bucks through the classic auction houses. I'm sure in its day it was a great drive but the gearbox was obstructive, the steering very heavy, it was noisy and the brakes just didn't work that well, but that's how they and many similar cars were in their day. I'm sure if I were to be reunited with my much cherished 1963 Lotus Cortina today, I would be massively disappointed in so many areas. A few years ago I decided I should scratch a long term itch and buy an E Type so tested one for sale near me and couldn't believe how bad it was in so many areas, so thinking it was just a poor example, I tried another 3 from various other dealers but nope, they were all as bad. Its not until you drive an old classic that you realise just how far we've come in car dynamics over the ensuing years.