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  1. Spinney

    TLF GT430 Club

    I will admit I’ve been threatening to let you see the car for some little while now Kevin. I don’t have the excuse of being away on another holiday now this year so maybe I should do this. Will it be the first socially distanced meet since the madness began back in March?
  2. Spinney

    TLF GT430 Club

    Lovely looking car. Do you know which shade of blue that is? It looks very similar to my Estoril Blue GT410 Sport.
  3. Our little orange Elise was so popular with the locals, it was an unwitting cause of a rear ender accident. I was waiting to turn left out of a T junction and there was a stream of cars from the right. The occupants of one particular car were so intent on waving and smiling at us, the driver hadn’t noticed the car in front of him had stopped! I could see all this unfolding in front of us and they must momentarily have wondered why I was looking so horrified at them being so pleased to see the car. They found out why soon enough! So be warned chaps, a brightly coloured Lotus might cause accidents in the Picos, even when it’s not moving.
  4. Agree about the roads around the Picos. Billiard table smooth tarmac and lovely winding roads through magnificent scenery. What’s not to like? We were in my old Elise SC and went down via the Portsmouth-Santander ferry with absolutely no problems getting on or off. Just typing this makes me want to do it again!
  5. I’ve known Kevin for a number of years and can assure you he’s as normal as me! Oh, hang on..............
  6. Doing track days with your son is brilliant for a bit of father/son bonding. I did several with my son here and on mainland Europe and we had an awesome time doing them. He ended up faster than me, what with being young and brave, whilst I am all too aware of my own mortality these days. It’s a great feeling watching them take it seriously and enjoying the day. You’ll be feeling very proud of him by the end of the day.
  7. I’d have thought you’ll be ok on an S1 standard exhaust. My ‘14 Exige with standard exhaust was fine on most U.K. circuits including Goodwood. Current Lotus sadly is not!
  8. Thanks for that. I’ll be interested in how you get on with noise levels at Snetterton so can I ask you update me after you’ve been please?
  9. If you go the route of a winch to pull the car in, don’t forget you’ll need something to pull it out again! Not sure how you’d do that.
  10. When I bought my GT410 in place of my V6 Exige, I had thought my track driving days were done and I could grow old gracefully but 2 years on and I’ve got a hankering to return. Trouble is the OEM exhaust won’t get me on any UK days, so I’ve been thinking about one of Jim’s 70mm road/track silencers. Has anybody bought one for their 4** series car and can tell me what it’s like please? I’m kinda loathe to get rid of the standard valved system as, well, I do rather like the sound it makes! That being said, I’m sure the 2bular silencer will still sound purposeful. I had one on my Elise SC many years ago and loved that one, plus it didn’t drone at touring speeds as some after market silencers can. Additionally it was way lighter than the Lotus boat anchor the car had from new. Any experiences of this silencer that anybody would care to impart please? Yes, I am aware of certain challenges some have faced in dealing with Jim, but I found him very easy to deal with previously and always like to take folk as I find them.
  11. I’ve always kept my various Lotus toys in the garage but, equally, I know many who are happy to sit them on the driveway. I guess part of my reasoning is the old problem that Lotus used to suffer from of paint bubbles caused by moisture under the gel coat. I don’t think that’s a problem any longer but even so, I’m not taking the chance! Probably stupidly, when I’ve not had sufficient room in the garage for all the toys, my classic old Mercedes SL would be the one that had to be banished to the outside. A pal of mine was bemused by this and once said, “but the Lotus has a plastic body and aluminium chassis while the Merc is mostly steel and known to be prone to rust! Are you mad?” Probably I am but hey, my beloved Lotus cars will always be No 1 in my heart and receive the most love from me.
  12. I feel your pain, it’s a gender thing! We had our garden redesigned by landscape specialists around 12-15 years ago and a great job they made of it too. However, I’ve now lost count the number of times my wife has changed her mind about the layout and altered it since, with endless replantings, reshapes and rejigs. The original landscape design cost a fortune and the endless redesigns are still costing me a fortune. Latest thing is a green oak pergola/pavilion/summer house construction going up shortly. It’ll be a lovely thing, for sure, but will only keep her happy for a short while. Trouble is, every time I bravely broach the subject of why can’t you be satisfied with the garden as it is, I get the question about my car buying addiction! I don’t have a leg to stand on really!
  13. I’ll be there next week, taking my Evora in for a service. I haven’t driven it in over 6 months, so looking forward to getting out in it.
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