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  1. No vaccine yet. Apparently Covid-19 has shown little tendency to mutate so I’m guessing once you have the antibodies then, hopefully, you will remain resistant to it.
  2. At least then should anybody get too near, you can whack them with the stick. ACBC would approve of that, using one component to do the job of 2.
  3. Ok, well having completed most of the outstanding jobs in and around the house during the last 2 weeks, I now need to think about filling the remaining 10 or so weeks! One of the aspects in my GT410 Sport that irritates, is the lack of internal storage for all the usual odds & sods that one needs to carry. I obviously have the entire rear area behind the seats, which is fine for larger items, but I'm thinking about storage that is easily accessible from the drivers seat. I was somewhat dismayed to see Lotus have reintroduced door pockets on the recent Phils spec Evora as I would have liked those on my car but hey ho, we are where we are with it. I have already fitted small cloth bags sourced from eBay with multiple pockets to the inside edge of both door sills and these are great for loose change or the iPhone. They are about 250mm long x 150 high, fitted to the plastic sill top using the fluffy side of wide self adhesive velcro and are great for small items. I used to have them in my V6 Exige which was even more lacking in oddments storage, so transferred them in to the Evora when I bought that. Now, I do have in my garage a netting type of storage similar but not identical to this:- The one I've got is 300mm long x 200 h and I have noticed it would fit against the vertical carpet section in the passenger footwell under the centre switch console. So, my question is how do I get this carpet out from under the console trim so I can fix the storage net to it before replacing. As far as I can see, I need to somehow remove the leather trim switch panel which sits down over the carpet so I can get to it properly but I obviously don't want to risk breaking anything in the process. Can anybody help with advice on removal please?
  4. No idea what it is round here as I haven’t left the house for days.
  5. I guess being considered in the vulnerable group, I’m now ok to leave mine until much later.
  6. At least my memory served me well for the rest of the details and it was being developed primarily for Opel.
  7. I owe you an apology Andy. After saying Lotus didn’t develop the Ecotec 2.2L engine, it was nagging at me so tonight I rang the chap and he confirmed that Lotus did, indeed, collaborate with GM Powertrain to develop the all aluminium engine. It was around 10 years ago when he told me the story so I’ll put my memory fade down to a senior moment!
  8. That was largely true about GM being highly pissed off Lotus used the chassis improvements insisted upon for the VX220. I was told by the fella that announcement of the S2 Elise came as a complete surprise to him and GM and he felt Lotus had been rather underhanded in not saying anything about it. Not sure if any money would have changed hands but I don’t doubt GM lawyers probably fired some broadsides in Lotus direction. Bear in mind that Vauxhall still needed Lotus to manufacture the VX220 for them.
  9. I don't believe it was Andy. From what this fella told me, it was an Opel engine that was being foisted upon the UK arm and which none of them wanted at that time. For obvious reasons of standardisation within GM Europe, it had been decreed in Detroit that Vauxhall will use it, regardless of their protests and assertions that it would effectively kill sales in one market sector. He went on to say that GM Detroit would behave in an extremely arrogant way with all their subsidiaries in other countries and always insisted they knew best. I think subsequent events from 2008 onwards have shown that not to be the case!
  10. Several years ago whilst on an MSA Classic Car run in Italy, I met a retired GM/Vauxhall exec who was considered to be the father of the VX220 and this is what he told me:- At the time, he was an executive on the Vauxhall board, responsible for European marketing and found that he was faced with a problem which was peculiar to the British market only. As was common in the day, most UK companies provided cars to their sales people, general managers and junior execs etc and there was usually a fairly strict hierarchy of which car you were offered, depending on where you were in the company food chain. At the lowest level this might be a 1.3L car, progressing on to a 1.6 for sales, a 2L for middle management and a 2.5 or 3L for senior management. Of course, once HMRC cottoned on to the fact they could make a charge for benefit in kind, they chose to use the same levels of progression in engine size as most companies were using, enabling them to set their rates at the same engine size breaks. As those of you who were around at the time will recall, 2L was one step where if you went above it, you then went into a higher tax bracket for BIK. Up to then everything was working well for the UK manufacturers who produced cars with engines suited to their then main customer, the company fleet market. At Vauxhall, however, things were suddenly thrown into a bit of confusion because, at the behest of Opel, the German arm of GM, management in Detroit started to insist that Vauxhall should use their new 2.2L engine which, as previously said, would be a problem for the UK fleet market and there was every chance the company would suddenly lose out in this sector of lucrative sales. A plan was then devised by the fella I met to still take the 2.2L engine from Germany but create a whole new market sector for Vauxhall and Opel with this engine. He had worked very closely with Lotus during the GM ownership years and they still used them from time to time for various development projects, so he knew them well and thought why not consider something like the Lotus Elise but with the GM 2.2L engine. Anyhow, he discussed his idea with the Vauxhall board and it was decided he should approach Lotus to see what could be done. He did just that and Lotus were very receptive to his idea, so he had an engine and transmission shipped to Hethel for the development work to begin. Apparently not long afterwards, he received a phone call from Lotus to say they were ready to run the prototype, which turned out to be an S1 Elise with the GM engine and transmission slotted in, so he visited and was the first non Lotus man to try the car around the test track. He was immediately impressed with the car and so discussions continued, to lay down the design parameters for the Vauxhall version of the Elise. He told me one of his own criteria was that ingress/egress must be improved by lowering the door sills and then Vauxhall stylists worked hand in hand with Lotus to produce a car that whilst recognisably still bore typical Elise styling cues, was a completely different, some might say better, looking car externally. Vauxhall apparently helped Lotus with several of their then quality issues during production, which obviously bore fruit for the Elise as well as the VX220. Interestingly, he told me that he and GM were then blindsided by Lotus shortly after announcing their S2 Elise which included many of the improvements he had insisted upon for the VX. The rest, as they say, is history. One interesting footnote to this is that the man concerned is an avid collector of cars, possessing many old Vauxhalls, a Bentley or 2 and an Aston Martin DB2/4, so naturally enough I asked if he had a VX220 in his collection, since he was the main guiding light for the cars existence in the first place. Rather sheepishly he said errr no, I actually have an S1 Elise with the Rover engine!!!
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve just spoken again to the service guys and agreed for them to collect my car in a couple of weeks, get it MOT’d and serviced, then return it and take payment by card over the phone. I’ll just have to use the Evora in the meantime. Every cloud .................
  12. That is one option I guess, good shout. Probably wouldn’t need to leave it as long as that since as I understand it, the virus will live on an inanimate surface for up to 72 hours, so probably a week would be more than enough. I never thought I would hear myself saying the words I have on this thread, but seeing what’s been happening in Spain & Italy is quite sobering. I was talking to my business partner who now runs our company, on Thursday, and the effects of this virus on businesses everywhere is devastating. Our work had all but dried up last week and we expect to close this week. It’s difficult to imagine just how long it will take to repair the damage to the UK economy, never mind the world.
  13. Yeah it’s definitely roadworthy, tyres all good and no worries with brakes, lights or steering etc. Thanks guys, you’ve confirmed my own thoughts and I will leave it for now. So, possible death or a fine???Hmm, think I’ll take the risk with the latter.
  14. Ok fellas, I could do with a view on this one please. I had my daily booked in to the local Merc indie tomorrow for annual service and MOT. They don’t do the MOTs themselves but run the car round to another local MOT specialist. Now, despite my previous gung ho posts on the subject, because I’m very much in the ‘at risk’ group re Covid-19, for the past week we have pretty much isolated ourselves at home. Until yesterday, I was still adamant I would be taking the car in for the service and MOT but with the increasing escalation of the virus, I’ve now decided to back away from it for my own safety. The thought of 3 or 4 different people all unknown to me, climbing in and out of the car and running their hands over seat belts and control surfaces concerns me somewhat. I’m not too bothered about the service time running over but the MOT actually runs out next Saturday so, in theory, I really shouldn’t be using the car after that date. It’s taxed until September and insured until next January, so what are people’s thoughts on how I should do this? Take the car, have unknown people all over the inside and risk the consequences with C-19 or risk the wrath of the law by not having the car MOT’d? My gut feelings right now, in preference, are to risk driving without the MOT but what does everybody think?
  15. Don’t know about anybody else but I didn’t warm to his son in that documentary.
  16. Well I’ve seen it all now. Went to our local Pets at Home store yesterday to get some more wood pellet cat litter for the new kittens and they’d run out. So asked when they were getting some more, as we only had enough for a couple of days, and was told tomorrow but phone to check before you come in. No worries, I thought, and was doing the annual patio jet wash this morning so phoned this afternoon and was told yes, what’s your name, we’ll put a pack behind the counter. Didn't think anything of that so just been round to pick it up and, bugger me, idiots are actually panic buying cat litter!!!!!! They apparently had 6 pallets delivered today and by the time I got there only 3 packs were left on one pallet. As I was queuing to pay, a man and woman came in and bought the remaining 3, nothing more, just cat litter. It beggars bloody belief!!!
  17. 50 continuous years as a Lotus dealer is good going and must be the only ones to have reached that milestone I’d have thought. I first saw the E.Horsley site when we moved from Kent to Hampshire in 1973 and drove past (no M25 in those days). I’d already been a Lotus fanboy for about 12 years and owned a couple, so was pleased to see they were there. Happy 50th B & C No doubt I’ll be buying one or two more cars from you before I finally pop my clogs!
  18. Went to the supermarket this morning. Brilliant, hardly anybody in there and I could move about without having to dodge around pushchairs, or mobility scooters! Mind you, the pasta shelves were still empty and it was quite amusing walking past the pallets of bog rolls and hearing people apologising for picking up packs - "No I do actually need them"
  19. To be honest, I thought they'd gone years ago. Very quirky, individual cars and not my thing at all but still sad to see them go.
  20. Koenigsegg is one of the few true original thinkers in the automotive world today. An impressive engine from an impressive company. Wouldn't it be great if Geely could buy his technology for Lotus?
  21. We went to the supermarket on Saturday and in the main isle at the front, behind the checkouts, they’d placed 2 pallets of bog rolls which the sheep were plundering. I guess the staff thought it wasn’t worth bothering to stack them on the shelves. As we’d walked in, there were people coming out just with bog rolls. I sometimes wonder if we could actually do with a biblical flood, plague or pestilence to wipe out the terminally thick so we can start over and raise the lower limit bar of intelligence. I never cease to be surprised at the ability of the human race to plumb the depths of stupidity - and then manage to find even greater depths after that.
  22. Thanks Bibs. I’ll now know who to blame for any electrical problems I might have!
  23. Anybody know whose signature this is please, from the dash on my GT410 Sport? Looks a bit like A.Mealing. Is that right?
  24. Let's be honest though, it ain't just Lotus who could be finding parts in short supply. The world, in general, have come to rely so heavily on China for supply of manufactured parts, that we will be seeing shortages in many areas of our lives until China gets back to work and waiting for parts on a Lotus will be the least of our worries. Because of my age and minor health issues I, too, am very much in the 'at risk' sector of society but am I worried about the CV? No, not at all! As I always have, I will be taking due notice of advice given re hygiene etc, but life must go on. I'm very much a fatalist and take the view that whilst I will do whatever I can to protect myself and family, what will be will be and if I do contract this virus, so be it. I will put myself in the hands of the health professionals if needs be so what's the point in worrying unnecessarily beforehand? You may not get it at all and you would have worried for no good reason. I flatly refuse to panic buy anything and certainly not car parts. If I can't drive one or some of my cars for a while due to parts shortage, it's not the end of the world and neither will this virus be the end. Science will develop a vaccine and the vast majority of the worlds populace will survive. This virus is a minor blip along humanities pathway and I can't help but think far too many folk are simply over reacting. Chill people chill!
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