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  1. Father of a mate of mine used to work on the assembly line at BMC/BL back in the 70’s and said their motto was ‘if you can’t fit it, hit it!’ 😂
  2. Had a similar noise to that on my V6 Exige whilst in France during a very hot dry spell a few years ago. I thought it was just dry bushes so crawled underneath and sprayed all the bushes I could reach with WD40 and the noise disappeared.
  3. That doesn't sound at all normal and suggests to me the switch is faulty. Mine doesn't get hot on its own in any position.
  4. So, 1 week after finding the PPF on the front of my car had several bubbles or blisters on it from having brake fluid splattered on it, I thought I should give an update. The following day, I carefully washed the front of the car to try and get rid of the last of the brake fluid. Every day since, the film has looked better with the blisters getting smaller so it seems the film has been slowly healing itself. Today things were looking way better, so I set to with the wife’s hairdryer to gently warm the film and miraculously, the blisters and marks have all completely disappeared.👌 I’m mightily relieved! All hail self healing PPF. 😃
  5. The sun shade I use has a foil type outer layer and it's fitted over the outside of the screen and simply held in place by shutting the ends in each door, if you see what I mean. I figure it's better to reflect the heat outside the car rather than it pass through the screen first. Works incredibly well to keep the inside relatively cool and folds up, fitting inside a flat bag that sits behind the front seats. I use it every time the Evora is sitting in the sun on a hot day. This is the one I bought:-®-Protective-Windscreen/dp/B077CY4DVF/ref=asc_df_B077CY4DVF/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=310577373001&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=1254719847912676778&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1006716&hvtargid=pla-564217826295&psc=1
  6. That certainly sounds like a situation where the dealer was culpable through their deliberate actions. I am as aware as anybody how some main dealers can do a very poor job, whether deliberate or not and have personal experience of it. That’s why I now use a trustworthy specialist for mine and the wife’s Mercedes. This thread, however, was more about raising awareness of how brake fluid can damage PPF, which I hadn’t previously realised. I trust the dealer workshop where I’ve taken my various Lotus for more years than I care to remember and won’t be haranguing them about this incident unnecessarily. Life’s too short to become embroiled in needless angst. As one particular member of this forum can attest, I’m saving my anger for a particularly worthy recipient whom I’ve been fighting through litigation for the last 16 months! 😉
  7. I think it’s quite likely the film hadn’t bubbled up immediately so probably wasn’t obvious.
  8. Yes I see your point but maybe he just didn’t notice it at the time. 🤷‍♂️
  9. But it wasn’t more serious and it’s a bit of a leap to wonder if it might have been, causing major damage or an accident. Who among any of us can say in all truth they’ve never made a mistake at work? It happens.🤷‍♂️
  10. Yes, indeed, I spoke to them more as a heads up in case the film doesn’t self heal. The service manager wants me to take the car back for him to have a look at it which I will do at some point. Trust me if I feel I’ve been ripped off or the victim of just plain shoddy workmanship, I’ll always be the first to lay into somebody. In this instance, it’s the first time in many years something like this has happened to me at this particular workshop. Yes it was careless and the workshop guy needs to be told about it but if the film does self heal over time, then that’s the end of it as far as I’m concerned. If it doesn’t, I am sure the service manager and company concerned will do the right thing. I have no desire to destroy an otherwise good relationship built up over very many years. Mistakes and accidents happen and so long as the guy concerned learns from it and the company do right by me if necessary, which I’m certain they will, then that’s the end of it.
  11. that brake fluid softens and starts to dissolve paint protection film? Well neither did I until yesterday having arrived home in the Evora after a C service (the big one!) When I picked the car up, I didn't check around it assuming that as usual, all would be well so simply got in and drove off. When I arrived home and drove into the garage, my wife was standing at the far end (yes I know, I've told her before about going into my garage without asking!😉) and as I got out of the car she asked what's that all over the front of it? I went round to take a look and saw what had the appearance of a load of bubbles all over the PPF above and to the right of the o/side headlamp as you were looking at it and runs of oil from the front of the clam pooling on the bumper air intake lip, which also is covered in PPF. I dabbed a finger on it to find it was definitely of oily consistency and the smell was of brake fluid so I gently wiped it off with a damp cloth, to find wherever it had been, the PPF had softened and started to bubble up! 😡 Now I know most of us are probably aware brake fluid can ruin a cars paintwork but, oddly and thankfully, all surrounding paintwork and lacquer appears to be fine. I also noticed one of the o/side front wheel spokes was covered in it too and it was with much trepidation that I gently wiped it off, just praying it hadn't lifted the paint. It hadn't fortunately. Looking under the front hatch, there was brake fluid all around and over the master cylinder reservoir, so the guy clearly had a very poor aim as he was refilling it! Having looked very closely at the car again today and after wiping it clean yesterday, the bubbles do appear to have reduced in size and don't feel quite so soft. I washed the car down completely and hoping that after a few days, these bubbles will completely disappear, but we shall see! I thought they always covered the paintwork around the car where they were working in order to protect it, but seems not though as there were oily handprints all over the back of the car too. Must say I'm pretty peed off by it and expecting a call back from the servicing agents shortly. My aim at this time is not to point the finger at anybody but just to make them aware of the problem in case anything needs to be rectified as a result. So a heads up to anybody refilling their brake reservoir, don't spill any brake fluid onto your PPF!
  12. Had to stop at South Mimms on the M25 last week while busting for a pee. As I hurried towards the services building a guy came towards me with a big smile on his face and asked “oh wow is that the new Emira?” Kind of a back handed compliment I guess but thought I’ll take that! Better than being asked if it’s a Ferrari or Lambo etc 😁 I quickly apologised I couldn’t hang around to discuss it and continued on my way to the much needed indoor facilities.
  13. It’s clearly and not surprisingly taking a while to get everything in place in order to build Lotus into the brand we all want it to be. If there’s one thing that came across very strongly yesterday, it is the will, enthusiasm, determination and excitement from everybody we met at Hethel to make the company what it always deserved to be. Aside from the unbridled passion for the marque from Mr Lotus himself, Scott Walker, it is a joy to see such an obviously committed workforce who all want to go on that journey too. They will get there, of that I have no doubt.
  14. He sure was and went on to tell me how he and his mate standing alongside him had 70 years service at Lotus between them. 😃
  15. So I’ve been on an excellently run trackday at Hethel yesterday, organised exceptionally well, as always, by Maxine at Bell & Colvill. A couple of weeks ago I noticed the leather was coming adrift from its location on the right hand side of the driver side seat squab of my Evora. No matter how I tried, I could not see how this was retained and couldn’t get it back in, so left it loose, thinking I’d get Bell & Colvill to look at it during the next service due in a few days. So around 10.30 in the morning, a few guys from the factory were taking a break with their sandwiches and coffee and looking at all our cars assembled by the clubhouse. They were all talking with great affection to us owners about these, now, older generation cars. One guy was telling the owner of a V6 Exige parked next to my car that it was he who had made the seats. It immediately pricked my ears so I asked if he had worked in the trim shop to which he replied he had. Ah says I, could you have a quick look at my drivers seat to see if you can fix my problem please? Yes he said and immediately got down on his knees to take a look. Well, using his many years of skill, it took him no time at all to get my seat leather back in its rightful location, something I’d been completely unable to do. Just took the right skill and knowledge of how it went together to sort my problem. 😁👌 What an all round brilliant day we had, including a tour of the Emira build line given by the ever enthusiastic Scott Walker. The entire day just reminded me why I love these brilliant little cars and of the passion the guys who made them all have for the brand!😃
  16. He’s an easy guy to listen to but still I found I was losing the will to live after after 10 minutes!☹️
  17. Unexpectedly had about 10 minutes of pouring rain here in Hampshire at 6 o/c tonight. Outside temperature only dropped 2 deg from 38 to 36 but has since gone down to 29. I’m ever thankful that after a lifetime working in the air conditioning industry, I decided several years ago to treat myself to an a/c system integrated into the house. Bloody lovely it’s been these last couple of days too!👌
  18. Free cash I can understand, but still can’t get my head around this strange new world!🤷‍♂️ Should I just depart the bus at the next stop?
  19. who hasn’t the faintest idea what a non fungicidal token is or does! Received this in my inbox today:- WTF is it, does it have 4 wheels, a V8 engine, twin overhead cams on each bank and what possible use is it to me - or anyone else for that matter???? I’m confused and wondering how or why my beloved Lotus is involved in such nonsense!😳🤷‍♂️
  20. Spinney


    Hiding from todays fierce sun😁
  21. I’ve always carried out maintenance, servicing, repairs and mods to all my cars, having started out by rebuilding the engine in my old man’s Cortina 1200 when I was just 15. However I no longer have the physique of a racing snake and whilst I can get down on the ground, it’s a bloody struggle to get up again so I now leave it to guys much younger than me. I thought I would hate letting somebody else work on my various prides & joy but finally accepted the inevitable. The mind is still willing but the body says bugger off, no chance I’m getting under there again! 😁
  22. Many thanks for that Bibs, it's very much appreciated. Can't afford them this month now, due to other unexpected expenses, but I'll be back in touch with you very soon!
  23. Any news yet on the damper part nos and prices please Bibs? I’m hoping to get them changed when the car is in for its annual service at the end of the month.
  24. A mate of mine recently sold his immaculate 355 for £87500 so I think you’re right in your assessment. It’s just typically lazy tabloid journalism.
  25. That’s brilliant thanks Bibs. 👍Sorry I only just picked up your post as I’m out of the country (and mostly out of internet range) until 27th. Great news that’s all it involves though. Should be a relatively cheap mod just for a change. My wife will be pleased! 😁 Part nos and prices would be brilliant too thanks. 👌
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