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  1. Having done a lot of touring in Caterham 7s over the years, I became very adept at finding storage space in a car where there apparently is none. Heavy duty Velcro is your friend when finding clever ways to store odds and sods. Even something as simple as sticking a specs case under the dash or on a door sill with Velcro works well. In fact the Evora boot carpet acts as the loop side of Velcro so I use that to stop loose items flying around in the boot just with a small strip of the Velcro hook side on the back. You just need to be a bit inventive to find all sorts of cheap to do
  2. I agree the self adhesive nets wouldn’t stay on for long, hence why I devised the above solution. It’s stayed quite firmly in place for the last 2 years, including overseas touring and despite, by her own admission, a rather ham fisted wife!
  3. I had precisely the same thoughts when I bought my GT410 Sport new in 2018, so solved the problem of lack of storage very cheaply and easily with a couple of eBay purchases. This first one I actually used in my previous V6 Exige, on drivers and passenger sides, which has even less storage available than the Evora and took them out when I traded it in. I think they were advertised on eBay as purses or zipped wallets, I can't recall which but are perfect and made from nylon fabric, having 2 zipped compartments and one open section in the middle. I've fitted them in place by fixing a very th
  4. My son is watching it in the US and tells me it’s being discussed on the news channel whether they can impose an emergency impeachment before Jan 20th. I bet the Chinese and Putin are laughing their socks off.
  5. Oh do it. I hate to say it but the older Mercs are a real step up from British cars of the era in terms of quality. I had an R107 version of the SL with a 4.2 V8 and although they had their problems, it never failed to please. I eventually decided to reduce the fleet and sell only because I liked to fettle it myself but my ageing joints wouldn’t allow me to bend down or work underneath it when necessary. I still miss the various classics I’ve owned. This was my SL taking on the Castle Combe circuit during a classic car run in 2016
  6. Yep, we all have to accept that things move on. When I were a lad, Sonny & Cher had their first hit in this country and I remember being besotted with the 18 year old Cher at that time. I've still always liked her but I'm willing to bet she wouldn't drive as well as she once did in my young dreams! Some things in life are best left as memories!
  7. I think some folk just have this rose tinted view of old classic cars they may have wanted in their youth but couldn’t afford back then. I remember years ago a good mate of mine, who is in the trade, told me he’d lost count of the number of punters who were hugely disappointed after driving their dream car and finding out they don’t drive like a modern, despite there being nothing wrong with them. As we all know, cars have moved on enormously in the last few decades and are very easy to drive compared to old classics. Too easy some might say but it’s easy to forget just how badly s
  8. Yep, sounds like it is simply a squeaking auxiliary belt, maybe due to dampness or perhaps the surface of the belt needs dressing, as said. Either way, I wouldn’t call it a serious problem and is just a quirk of the car. I can say that as a Lotus owner of over 50 years and, trust me on this, they are way better built now than they once were!
  9. I’m a bit late to this thread but just to add my bit regarding the squeaking noise. Is your car parked outside or even in a damp garage? On my previous V6 Exige, the car was always garaged and it wasn’t until we went on holiday to France that it was left outside. I remember starting the car on a damp morning a couple of days after arriving and hearing that same squealing noise you experienced. It was the same every morning thereafter until the car had properly warmed through. Once home and back in a warm dry garage, it never happened again. As others have said, once you accept t
  10. Spinney


    It's getting a bit cramped in here!
  11. I sold my Mk 1 Lotus Cortina in the early 70’s for not much more than yours. Makes me weep every time I think of what it’d be worth now.
  12. Thanks for the link. It actually says at the bottom:- “WASHING GUIDANCE Wash and dry car cover on low heat settings. See label front of cover for full instructions.” So it looks as though I could shove it in the washer but on a low heat. Think I need to get my in house laundry operative on to the case. I’d probably only do it wrongly and flood the laundry room!
  13. I’ve got one of the indoor covers with the soft fleece lining on my Evora and very pleased I am too but err, does anybody know if you can safely machine wash them? I needed to sand down a Welsh dresser and as the weather is so cold, decided to do it in the garage. My orbital sander has a collection filter on it which I had assumed was reasonably efficient in collecting all the dust produced. Don’t think I need go on do I?
  14. You mean they’ve finally got rid of those woefully abysmal Nissan Jokes? I grew tired of having to don a wig, false beard and false nose when driving those, in case I saw anybody I knew!
  15. I would agree that you don’t want this kind of thing in a Lotus but I have to admit I do enjoy all those little extras in my Mercedes. Mine has just about every conceivable electronic gizmo, including the seat belt presenter, self closing boot and seats that will go every which way at the touch of a few buttons and I love them all. Nowt wrong with a bit of cosseting in the daily hack.
  16. Good luck to them but I fear it will end up like so many other British sports car marque revivals and be doomed to failure before it really gets off the ground. I’m old enough to remember the originals and it’s fair to say they weren’t universally loved at that time so seems an odd marque name to revive. The days when somebody could start and make a success of a ground up company building affordable sports cars are long gone I’m afraid.
  17. I’m actually all for heat pumps and if I were having a house built, would absolutely spec ground source heat pump and underfloor heating. I already have an air source heat pump in part of my house, which doubles up as aircon in the summer and that works great. It’s not cheap to run though. Having said all that, I mostly heat the house with a 31 year old gas boiler which I know isn’t the most efficient. What it is, though, is reliable and there’s no way I will voluntarily change it for a new lightweight ‘efficient’ boiler with an expected life of only 10 years. I can still buy most parts
  18. No, no, you don’t understand, they won’t be on the road any longer as they’ll all be working from home in this new future world we are being steered towards. With that in mind, their shiny new car sat on the driveway will be used as an energy storage facility. Every day I’m feeling more and more alienated by the direction in which we are headed. I agree some changes are very necessary but doesn’t mean I have to like it. I’ve always thought an annual cull of the terminally stupid would be a far more efficient way of regulating the effects of the human race on our planet.
  19. I’m no fan of electric cars but in the interests of a bit of balance regarding available power sources:- Don’t shoot the messenger by the way!
  20. Interestingly, the fella from Vauxhall who was responsible for the existence of the VX220, and whom I know well, has a fairly extensive car collection so you’d imagine he would have an example of the VX220. Instead he has an S1 Elise! Just sayin’
  21. I had a similar problem with the Lithium ion battery in my GT410 Sport earlier this year, despite it always being connected to the Optimate whilst sitting in the garage. It did eventually come back to life but as I’ve had a few electrical gremlins with my car that were put down to the battery, I have resolved that the next time it throws a wobbly, I’ll be replacing it with an old style lead acid. And particularly now I’ve seen, in your post, the replacement cost of the OEM battery, that makes it a no brainer now. I’m not bothered about the additional weight of the lead acid battery and wo
  22. Can you tell us the car type? May help in directing you to the most suitable company.
  23. How very true that is. Sadly, my wife is one of those who just don’t get it but I long ago gave up trying to educate her about drivers cars. The only Lotus of mine she has driven was the Elise and only then because I nagged her to before a European trip, in case she needed to take over at any time. She drove it for about 20 minutes and pronounced it an unpleasant experience. She drives a Mercedes SLK which, in her eyes, is better in every way. I drive it occasionally and am always disappointed with it. The steering feels dead, the brakes are no more than ok and the handling, safe e
  24. Oh I don’t know, I still have all my own hair, and a glint in my eye! The only other car I would say looks as good today as when it was announced, is the Series 1 E Type. Again it’s a design that is just right.
  25. I’ve owned a few Elans in my time and loved those but always loved the design of the first Elite more. It was the car that first got me interested in brand Lotus. As a 9 year old boy, I thought it the most stunningly beautiful car I’d ever seen and the subsequent 61 years have done nothing to diminish that view. There’s not one bad angle, wherever you view it from, it’s just right. I know it can be a challenge to own but for me it is the pure essence of Chapmans lightness philosophy. Nothing there that doesn’t need to be. There can’t be many cars that still look as beautiful today a
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