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  1. More yesterday than today, but what made me ecstatic was the unexpected news that the US is opening its borders in November! Literally 2 minutes later the wife was on the phone booking our flights to go and see our son for the first time in 2 years.
  2. City stores are all very well if you already have a good idea of what you want to buy, but what if you want an extended test drive, maybe back to back with other cars? I realise buying habits are changing at a dramatic rate, just witness the popularity of companies such as Cazoo or Cinch but I can’t ever see me buying a car that way. I guess with future legislation changes which will very effectively sanitise and emasculate the type of car we all like to drive at the moment, maybe the way a car drives will no longer be a part of the buying experience. I can see a time when there won’t be any point choosing a particular car brand over another. What a crying shame that would be. Enjoy your carefully chosen cars while you can guys.
  3. And here is the product he mentions, from a U.K. source Worth a try at that price.
  4. Take a look at this video. Might help with the problem.
  5. Since the Emira launch and me going from “I want one, where do I sign?” to “you know what, I think I’ll just wait a bit”, I’ve deliberately been driving my GT410 at every opportunity. Oh boy am I glad I have as, not having used it much over the last 18 months, I’d kinda forgotten just what great cars they are. The Evora really does do everything I want from a GT/Sports car and, importantly, puts a smile on my face whenever I slide behind the wheel. I actually rather like the interior which, compared to Emira, is quite plain and sparse. I like the fact there is very little in the interior that doesn’t need to be there and, consequently, very little to distract your attention. I almost feel as though the last month or so has been a bit of an epiphany for me. No more will I need to be shackled to the idea of upgrading to the latest offering from Lotus, as I have in the past. So, taking everything into consideration, much as I still love the look of Emira, my GT410 Sport is now going to be a keeper. Besides, I’m fed up with selling cars that several years later suddenly become collectible and worth way more than I sold them for!🙄 So now I’ve said that, just you watch Evora prices plummet, never to return to previous levels!😂
  6. Only thing the Elise driver has done wrong is not upgrading his horn. God they are embarrassingly pathetic in Elise/Exige. I upgraded them in all my previous Elise/Exiges from the standard Noddy type ‘parp parp’ to much louder ‘get outta my f****** way’ blast type horns. If the ambulance driver was already accelerating to overtake, he should have checked his mirrors long before and, if he’d decided it was clear, indicated far far sooner than he did. Really irritates me when any driver only indicates just as they are turning the wheel to overtake. I often wonder just how many motorway accidents are caused by just this sort of thing. Without a dash cam, it’s incredibly difficult to prove that’s what happened. Too many drivers only look at what is happening ahead of them and don’t check their mirrors often enough. I would have expected better from a professional ambulance driver. Some of the comments from people about that clip are just plain moronic. The bloke was driving a sports car ergo he was driving dangerously and needs to be locked up, often seems to be what these idiots think. 🙄
  7. I knew he’d pulled out of their forthcoming tour but hadn’t realised he was so unwell. On the news tonight they were talking about his past drug abuse and how Keith Richards had to give him a stern talking to. Couldn’t help but think it was the kettle calling the pot black!
  8. I’m sure you’re right. 🤔😃
  9. Same here but a few vital parts are starting to wear out, so could maybe do with a newer version soon.
  10. No, she generally speaks to me face to face after she’s finished the ironing and cooked dinner!😁
  11. This is a bugbear of mine too, especially batteries for cordless tools that you can't replace because they no longer make that type! Having said that, I am known in my family for repairing domestic items wherever possible and recently managed to replace the batteries in my shaver and toothbrush, rather than buy new. Even our wheelie bins which eventually crack and break on the lid near the hinge, get repaired with metal patches rivetted both sides. I've repaired, rather than replace, most items in our house at one time or another, apart from TV's which I won't fiddle with. My wife has always preferred top loader washing machines and our first one, back in the 70's, was like the proverbial 'Triggers broom' as I'd replaced so many parts on it over the years, gearbox, motor, drum, timer etc, etc. When it finally expired after 30 years and I could no longer get the parts, we couldn't buy similar UK made machines but I managed to get a really rugged US built top loader which, apart from the electric motor, is almost entirely mechanical and, therefore, repairable! Gawd knows why most modern washing machines have all these so called 'Smart' electronics. Why the bloody hell do you need it connected to Wi-Fi? I have to say, though, my wife does occasionally despair of me wanting to repair everything and moans she can never have a new domestic appliance as I will usually say, "I reckon I can repair that"!
  12. Well that’s Oz for you!😆
  13. I’ve probably mentioned before that I’m a volunteer steward at Brooklands Museum in Weybridge. Well, after an absence of 17 months and the museum fully open again, I went back this week for my previously regular Thursday spot. I’d forgotten the fun to be had listening to some of the comments from young kids as their parents try explaining some of the exhibits. This weeks cracker was a young lad, probably about 7 years old, walking round with his mum and little sibling who was in a buggy. They stood looking at one of the old cars and mum pointed out the vintage rubber bulb type horn. “That’s made of rubber”, said mum, “and you have to squeeze it to use it.” ”Is that like one of daddy’s condoms”, asks the lad! Cue a very red faced mum who quickly glanced in our direction with an embarrassed, yet exasperated look on her face before hurriedly ushering the lad away from the exhibit! 😂😆😂😆 Absolutely priceless!😆
  14. I’m a massive fan of their Scuffmaster dye. I bought some to refinish the light mushroom colour side bolster on my old classic Merc SL, which was worn right through to the bare leather in an area about the size of my hand. The finished result was astonishing and you really couldn’t see where it had been worn. I sold that car 6 years on and the seats still looked as good as new. There aren’t many DIY car finishes you can get which are that good.
  15. Oh I know only too well just how totally unreasonable some customers can be. I’ve met enough of them in my time. There are some you can’t please no matter what you do, though, and fortunately we had very few of that type over the years. Usually such people had problems of their own and used their aggressive demands to mask those shortcomings. We would occasionally distance ourselves from that type of customer and often found they would eventually disappear from the marketplace anyway. Yes, I’m all too aware it’s not ‘just’ endemic in the tyre fitting trade. I guess because few people need to visit them very often, a bit like needing a dentist, (😁) you simply drive away afterwards thinking how lucky you don’t need to see them again for a long time. Tyre fitting depots are a necessary evil I’m afraid but it just irks me they can be so unpleasant to deal with.
  16. Whilst I see what you mean, that’s really just like saying “it’s good enough.” But in my view, the ‘that’ll do’ approach, particularly when it comes to car safety, just isn’t good enough. After nearly 30 years of successfully running my own company, customer satisfaction is a real hobby horse of mine and I don’t think it’s too unreasonable to expect the same from others. Realistically, I know that isn’t going to be the case but the reason for posting this in the first place was because this sloppiness seems endemic in the tyre fitting trade.
  17. We do have cats but they’re not allowed in the garage and I’d be very surprised if a mouse could get in. The garage is well sealed and there’s no evidence of the little buggers. Anyhow, crisis over I think as took the car out today and, phew, all appears to be well with the aircon. I must have imagined it. Sorry chaps, as you were.
  18. Can’t entirely agree with you there Andy. Yes, I don’t doubt they are probably on little more than minimum wages but that shouldn’t be an excuse for shoddy work. I don’t blame the fitters either, it is entirely down to management, poor/non existent training and a poor awareness of customer service. How often do you hear advice to keep your tyres correctly inflated at all times? But if you can’t even rely on a tyre fitting shop to do the job properly in the first place, then I’m pretty certain at least 90% of the general driving public sure as hell won’t or probably can’t check them either. It’s not beyond the wit of man for a foreman to issue a simple job sheet to his fitter telling him what tyres to fit, what the correct pressures are and the torque of the wheelnuts for the specific car. It would even be possible to design a software package where all you need do is type in the reg and up comes the relevant information. As for the greasy paw prints, how about a clean pair of latex gloves for every new job started? A quick wipe around the wheel rim with a cloth to remove the lube gunk after fitting the tyre and job done. I’d definitely use again and recommend to others, tyre fitters that go that extra mile, even if they aren’t necessarily the cheapest. When I was running my company, we always trained the employees properly and drummed into them the importance for all our jobs, in having a happy customer. We weren’t the cheapest but made sure we were the best and you know what? Customers came back time and time again because they knew they could rely on us to treat them properly and give a good service. Some of my factory employees were on little more than minimum wages to start with but treat them with respect, train them well and you can instil a good work ethic and the pride that comes from a job well done. I just can’t abide piss poor work with no effort to please.
  19. Probably wouldn't be so bad had they been properly trained. It's just plain sloppy customer service really.🤬
  20. Took the wife’s SLK to get some new tyres today and the entire experience just reminded me why I detest all tyre fitting emporiums. For starters I have never, ever had new tyres fitted where they clean off the muck and greasy marks they put on the wheel whilst fitting the tyre. The wheels on the car were all spotlessly clean beforehand but now are greasy and covered in the lube used to fit the tyre. Next thing, I checked the pressures and bolt torque when I got home and both were out by a huge margin. Tyre pressures were all 8psi too high and the bolts far too tight. As usual, I had to adjust both to manufacturers spec at home. How bloody hard can it be to 1) clean the wheels before fitting back to the car, 2) inflate to the correct pressures and 3) torque the bolts to the correct tightness? I hate it when people can’t get the very simplest of tasks right, especially when some folk rely on them to get it right. I know tyre fitters aren’t necessarily the brightest of individuals but FFS, how hard can it be? 🤬 And breathe………😃
  21. Stop it, just stop it! I tried the Macca 570S before getting the Evora and it was a close run thing. You’re not making it any easier! 😁 The game changer was costs of the Macca inspections before and after track days.
  22. Just been out to the garage again and can’t smell it now so it’s either dispersed or I was imagining it. 🤷‍♂️ I’m using the car tomorrow so will check if the aircon is still working then.
  23. Think it’s just everywhere in the garage. I did try a sniff test around the front of the car but didn’t seem any stronger there.
  24. Just been out into my garage where the Evora is kept and swear I got a whiff of an ammonia type smell. Anybody know if the current spec of refrigerant used in cars is ammonia based? Theres nowt else in the garage such a smell could come from. I’m just wondering as although it was fine when I used the car last week, the warranty runs out in a fortnight, so might need to get it checked.
  25. Wasn’t Guy Martin was it? He always repeats a spoken phrase twice! 😉
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