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    My son went to a private school where uniforms were required but the staff always took a very sensibly pragmatic approach to overcoats. Warm non uniform overcoats were allowed, encouraged even, in cold weather, provided they weren’t hoodies. They were allowed warm headgear such as woollen or fur lined hats and, of course, scarves of their choice. Mind you, when out on the cold rugby pitch, they were expected to just wear the manly rugby shirts, shorts and socks, no matter how cold it was. That’s when you discover a jock strap has no appreciable thermal qualities whatsoever! I do accept, though, it wouldn’t be easy to play rugby whilst wearing an overcoat. 😂 When I were a lad, uniforms were much more widely required in most schools. Us boys even had to wear a cap, even in secondary school and weren’t allowed long trousers until the third year, roughly 14 years of age. Few things looked more ridiculous than an early developing 13 year old 6 footer wearing tight shorts, long socks and a cap that looked like a pimple on an elephants arse!🤦😂 I can recall you never wanted to be seen wearing a brand new cap, blazer or tie as that just wasn’t cool. First thing to be done was immediately kick any new uniform items around the school grounds a bit to make them look old and worn. My poor mother despaired whenever I came home with what had been a brand new piece of clothing that morning, and now looking like it was something you’d given a pack of dogs to play with. I actually think uniforms are a good idea, but schools have to be sensible about how their rules are applied, unlike the idiots in C8RKH example.
  2. Certainly no such issue with buffeting in the Evora, so I’d not expect Emira to be any different. I often drive with the window open if I’m on my own in the car, so I can hear the exhaust better! The wife complains of draughts so can’t do it on the rare occasions she’s in the car with me.
  3. A few years ago, a mate took his car in for a service and was given a red Cube as the courtesy car. He was already mortified by that but the crowning glory came when turning into the office car park and being faced with a group of girls going into work who saw him and immediately all fell about laughing! Says he still hasn’t lived it down as he’s now known as ‘Postman Pat’ and always being asked how his cat Jess is. 😂
  4. I disagree and think there is very much a case for blanket retesting. I see many poor or dangerous drivers on the road who are an accident waiting to happen, but should they be allowed to continue driving as they do just because they haven’t caused an accident - yet, and so haven’t had to face the courts? Because I occasionally drive a minibus full of old ladies on their day out, when I reached 70 my driving had to be assessed to keep that part of my license. I didn’t mind at all and it was a more rigorous test than the one I passed at 17. If everybody had to face similar every 10 years, or sooner from 70 years of age, it would quickly weed out the ones who aren’t fit to be behind the wheel. We’ve all seen them and very probably know a few too. I appreciate it might seem a bit harsh to be suddenly told you aren’t a safe driver and either need to give up or undergo retraining, but it would make sense. My cars mean a lot to me and I dread when the day eventually comes that I have to give them up but I will accept it and realise I shouldn’t be driving if I can’t do so safely.
  5. It was certainly part of the IAM test when I took it (and passed) in 1968.
  6. I’ve warmed to this new series enormously. Usually I record and just fast forward through the dross but have stuck with the episodes in real time for this series. Whilst I find Harris irritating at times he does, at least, know what he’s talking about and it was his test of the V6 Exige on the Hethel track that persuaded me to p/ex my much loved Elise. It was a real shame he had to retire the Ginetta in the GT race shown last night. I was looking forward to watching him climb the leader board as he can obviously pedal a race car very quickly. That piece a couple of weeks ago where he was only 1 second slower than Lando Norris in the Macca at Silverstone, tells you all you need know about his ability. Against my better judgment, I’ve also warmed (slightly😁) towards the other two, although McGuinness does still try my patience!
  7. Whaaat, you’re suggesting I’m not brave? How very dare you sir, I once accidentally walked into a gay bar so I could use the loo. How brave was that eh??? 😏😂 Joking aside, I know what you mean about wide tyres. When I started driving back in the 60’s, if we had a snowfall, I would often take my car to a deserted supermarket car park on a Sunday (you could do that then) just to practice skid control. Even my Lotus Cortina which had, what were regarded as wide tyres back in the day, could find enough grip not to be stranded. Having said that, fitting the right tyres makes a huge difference to a cars grip in difficult situations, even todays rwd cars with a wide footprint. That is something we generally just don’t do in this country, but the additional grip afforded by proper winter tyres can be quite astonishing.
  8. I must be super brave, all our cars are rear wheel drive, even mine and the wife’s Mercs which are driven throughout the winter! 🙄
  9. I was just about to climb back in my car after filling up with Shell’s finest go-juice yesterday, when a young teenage lad on a BMX skidded to a halt on the other side of the car. He just stared at the car open mouthed and finally said I’ve never seen one of these on the road before. I started by telling him it is a Lotus when he stopped me by saying yes, I know, I’d love a Lotus one day. He then went on to say he wishes he could have shaken Colin Chapmans hand! I was taken aback that such a young lad would even know who Chapman was and the only thing I could think to say was, yes, so do I. He wanted to look around the car, so I showed him everything and told him all about the specs. I could see he was longing to sit in it, but didn’t like to ask. He looked clean 😆 so of course I let him jump behind the wheel and the look of shear joy on his face as he gently stroked various surfaces was great to watch. Seems there is hope for the younger generation after all! 👌😁
  10. In some ways I’m almost glad I won’t be around once true drivers cars are no longer available. I guess as our roads become ever more congested and the surfaces poorly maintained, drivers cars per se will become anathema to most people. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to enjoy some of the best fun cars around since I started driving back in the ‘60’s and think I’ve lived through a golden era of proper driving just for the pure joy it brings. You can still find some roads where you can do this, even in the U.K., but for the most part I think those days are gone. I still enjoy driving in France and Spain and there are some epic roads to be found, especially in the mountains. I think it’s interesting how electric cars are developing, with most manufacturers emphasising just how quick the cars are from 0-60. I can only assume this is to make potential owners think they are still producing cars for the driver. With the possible exception of cars like the Evija and Rimac etc, I’m afraid they are not. I’ve driven a Tesla S and the Polestar 2 in recent times and apart from the electrifying (pun intended😁) acceleration, my god they are deadly dull and soulless. But, hey, I guess that’s what young drivers today are being conditioned to accept. They can still boast bhp and acceleration figures down the pub whilst believing they are doing their bit for the climate. So, dragging this thread back on topic, I’m definitely remaining very smug about the abilities of my Lotus and which, mostly, attracts admiring glances from all those who see it! 😁 I will be keeping a Lotus around me for as long as I’m able to make that decision for myself. 👌
  11. I agree wholeheartedly. My wife runs a Mercedes SLK which to many folk has the appearance of a sports car. I can assure them it most definitely is not. The steering is slow witted, handling very poor and the brakes aren’t great either. It goes well in a straight line, but sports car it most certainly ain’t. When she first bought it, I joined an SLK specialist forum just to learn a bit more about the car. It was an American forum as it happens and I particularly recall one thread where they were all discussing what a great sports car they are and how theirs would have the beating of anything on the roads! 🤷‍♂️ I was feeling in a mischievous mood and, if I’m honest, probably had a few glasses of something, so immediately tore into the thread making fun of their assertion at what a great sports car the SLK is. Naturally enough I told them how the car couldn’t hold a candle to proper sports cars like Lotus etc etc including the reasons why. Funnily enough they took exception to that and banned me for life! 😂🤣
  12. If you drive nothing but modern saloon/repmobiles for a few years, I think folk eventually become a bit numb to the age old thrill of driving for drivings sake. Driving a car like a Lotus, any Lotus, occasionally, does allow you to recalibrate your driving senses back to the analogue joys of driving as they used to be. It should be offered on the NHS!😁
  13. Modern turbo engines almost always sound farty. I recall McLaren were roundly criticised for this very reason when the 12C first came out and they’ve been working very hard to improve the exhaust sound since then. Fact of the matter is a turbo will almost always attenuate the exhaust sound differently to a natasp or supercharged engine. The only way to change that is to introduce an artificial sound to the exhaust and maybe Lotus will do that. I rather hope not as I really don’t like the idea of faking engine or exhaust sound. Maybe I’ll keep the Evora after all!🤔😁
  14. If and when I order an Emira, (probably will), because of the knee problems from my elderly frame, I will have to go for an auto. Only decision then is V6 with torque converter or 4 pot with DCT. Having had two V6 Loti now, my thoughts are I’d most likely go for the Merc engine, which would make the decision for me over the ‘box type. Probably helps that I’m a long time Merc fan, having owned several over the years. Knee problems aside, I would always choose manual, so again that would make the engine decision for me. My Exige V6 was a manual and that was a great gearbox/gearshift. My Evora GT410Sport is auto, however, and I really love that too, especially with the sharper gear changes in Sport mode. I’ve driven but never owned a car with DCT ‘box and would be happy to go for that. I do like the extra involvement the paddles bring to the show and usually use Sport + paddle changes when on my own in my Evora. I think I’ve just confused myself even more now!🤦😆
  15. Thanks Bibs, I hadn’t seen that before. 👍
  16. Have any prospective buyers asked the question of Lotus about the Emira exhaust? My old V6 Exige was just about ok at Goodwood on their loud days but the current GT410 Evora has got no chance of getting on track. One of the management at Hethel, whom I know quite well, told me they had asked JMG, when he was at the helm, if they could have a budget to develop a quieter exhaust, given a lot of owners would want to track the car, but he flatly refused! Obviously development funds aren’t a problem now, so I really hope they give the Emira an exhaust that will allow it on noise sensitive circuits. Although for road use I’d still like a valve that when open, makes the car sound like god ripping his underpants!😆 When I bought my Evora, I thought I’d be content with not tracking it, having got it out of my system, but 3 years in I’m hankering to get out there again. I might have to run the gauntlet of trying to get in touch with Jim at 2bular soon.🤔
  17. Yes he’s a really nice fella. You need to get the first 2 books now!😉
  18. How is Michael? I've not had a chance to speak to him since his last charity bash at Brooklands nearly 2 years ago now. I usually bump into him at Goodwood every year, but not seen him since the dreaded plague!
  19. More yesterday than today, but what made me ecstatic was the unexpected news that the US is opening its borders in November! Literally 2 minutes later the wife was on the phone booking our flights to go and see our son for the first time in 2 years.
  20. City stores are all very well if you already have a good idea of what you want to buy, but what if you want an extended test drive, maybe back to back with other cars? I realise buying habits are changing at a dramatic rate, just witness the popularity of companies such as Cazoo or Cinch but I can’t ever see me buying a car that way. I guess with future legislation changes which will very effectively sanitise and emasculate the type of car we all like to drive at the moment, maybe the way a car drives will no longer be a part of the buying experience. I can see a time when there won’t be any point choosing a particular car brand over another. What a crying shame that would be. Enjoy your carefully chosen cars while you can guys.
  21. And here is the product he mentions, from a U.K. source Worth a try at that price.
  22. Since the Emira launch and me going from “I want one, where do I sign?” to “you know what, I think I’ll just wait a bit”, I’ve deliberately been driving my GT410 at every opportunity. Oh boy am I glad I have as, not having used it much over the last 18 months, I’d kinda forgotten just what great cars they are. The Evora really does do everything I want from a GT/Sports car and, importantly, puts a smile on my face whenever I slide behind the wheel. I actually rather like the interior which, compared to Emira, is quite plain and sparse. I like the fact there is very little in the interior that doesn’t need to be there and, consequently, very little to distract your attention. I almost feel as though the last month or so has been a bit of an epiphany for me. No more will I need to be shackled to the idea of upgrading to the latest offering from Lotus, as I have in the past. So, taking everything into consideration, much as I still love the look of Emira, my GT410 Sport is now going to be a keeper. Besides, I’m fed up with selling cars that several years later suddenly become collectible and worth way more than I sold them for!🙄 So now I’ve said that, just you watch Evora prices plummet, never to return to previous levels!😂
  23. Only thing the Elise driver has done wrong is not upgrading his horn. God they are embarrassingly pathetic in Elise/Exige. I upgraded them in all my previous Elise/Exiges from the standard Noddy type ‘parp parp’ to much louder ‘get outta my f****** way’ blast type horns. If the ambulance driver was already accelerating to overtake, he should have checked his mirrors long before and, if he’d decided it was clear, indicated far far sooner than he did. Really irritates me when any driver only indicates just as they are turning the wheel to overtake. I often wonder just how many motorway accidents are caused by just this sort of thing. Without a dash cam, it’s incredibly difficult to prove that’s what happened. Too many drivers only look at what is happening ahead of them and don’t check their mirrors often enough. I would have expected better from a professional ambulance driver. Some of the comments from people about that clip are just plain moronic. The bloke was driving a sports car ergo he was driving dangerously and needs to be locked up, often seems to be what these idiots think. 🙄
  24. I knew he’d pulled out of their forthcoming tour but hadn’t realised he was so unwell. On the news tonight they were talking about his past drug abuse and how Keith Richards had to give him a stern talking to. Couldn’t help but think it was the kettle calling the pot black!
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