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  1. Just seeing the pic of the Bilsteins grrr..I've ordered new fronts from B&C. The factory said they were getting stock last month but it hasn't happened for some reason so I'm still waiting....
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  3. hi..I've upgraded mine to the clear're welcome to my old (original) ones..ill check to make sure but pretty sure there were no cracks.. [email protected] msg me
  4. 18 months or so ago, a metallic green V8 Esprit was advertised for sale on autotrader. As well as being one of the very few in the racing green that (I think) was made available in 2003/towards the end of the production run, it also only had c.2,000 (yes, two thousand) miles on the clock. Interior was magnolia with red piping. Looked mint all round, as you would expect, with a full history. I know Esprit's generally are better for being used rather than parked up and I tried to get time to go and view it but work was busy and then the next time I looked it was gone. The seller was somewher
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