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  1. Depends on how much you pay for it initially I guess and how long you intend keeping the car. From a re-sale perspective I think you will have a very limited audience in Roadster/IPS spec. There again it maybe exactly what someone else is after!! Not much help I guess....
  2. I'm in the South East and a bit lazy so I normally use Brands Hatch and Bedford both good for a newbie. Also been to Blyton Park and that's a great as well if its your first time. Check out Lotus on Track website. Great events and people.
  3. You must try it on a track, even if it's only once.
  4. You need to remember I won a Go Kart race in Benidorm last year at my mates stag party. I should be providing the training😁😁
  5. Thanks for the offer Bibs but I better not. I might really like it and I don’t want to spend that much to be honest. I will probably go my normal 2bular route. Although Larini sounds nice.....decisions, decisions!!!
  6. Any track friendly exhausts that sound nicer than stock? I’ve done a bit of driver training but a little more wouldn’t do any harm. TVS1900 SC or Komotec Ex 390/410/430 etc... will also be a consideration. Anyone done the roadster conversion as a matter of interest and is it easy to convert back to hard top?
  7. Thanks for above. Believe me moving house would be an option but I'm not the boss!!!
  8. Primarily for the road but I normally try and fit in 4 or 5 track days a year (work permitting), What I can’t afford is for the car to be lowered, I live on a private road and many years ago some bright spark installed double, angled speed humps that I just about can creep over at the moment!!
  9. Owned my V6 S for two years now and it remains completely standard. Previously owned an Exige S1 and S2 but recently been thinking about changing to something non- Lotus!! If I keep it I’m considering modifying it. So my question is which modification have owners been the most happy with? It can be cosmetic/ Power upgrade etc... I need some inspiration...😁😁👍
  10. You would be hard pressed to find an Exige V6 that doesn’t do this!!!
  11. Similar colour scheme to my old Exige S2. I looked for an Exige S3 in similar but couldn’t find one so went for the horrible Liquid Yellow. Congrats?
  12. I had an Exige S2 Club Racer before and did go to a few Kent Tuesday meets but not been for ages. Are they still on Bibs?
  13. Not far from Greenhill buddy. I’m a Whitstable boy.?
  14. Hi Ken, it was me!!! Quick on the picture!!
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