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    Elan S4 DHC red 1969, Elan SE NMY 1992, Evora n/a 2010
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    S4 none, Evora none,SE 2.25" exhaust, Everest chip, Wilwood front brakes, electric remote boot and fuel flap release, Gaz shocks
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  1. Steve and others at the Mangreen. Confirmed they will do breakfast 7.15-7.30, now they are aware there are at least 8 of us in need of an early start. We can also pre-order breakfast the night before to save time.
  2. Correct Or no (Lotus) car, on foot via park and ride : one person one ticket. If you don't have a person ticket look on the thread offering spare tickets/rides in.
  3. Agree. All the Lotus Clubs have a 20 car site with a tent (marquee) and a green sticker will get you there. Yellow is for all and sundry others (but Lotus only) 😊
  4. If you ordered and were allocated a ticket via a Lotus dealer, it will be a "people ticket" rather than a car sticker, as is detailed on You should therefore be able to get in.
  5. Pretty good response I'd say 😊☺️☺️☺️ I'll let you know the details face to face though, if you're interested!
  6. I guess as the sticker is for a Lotus car, so long as you arrive in one, it doesn't matter. As lots of Lotus owners have more than one, they will all have to decide. I don't recall stating what model I had when I applied for a ticket, so any of my 3 could get in. The Evora wins this year!
  7. Beard alert!!!!! I'm sure you will have, but I know the owner of the Lotus MK 2 is away that weekend and not attending. So did you manage to arrange for HLR to bring it along??
  8. Tickets received this morning. Big thanks to bibs for all your hard work and getting up early in the morning!!
  9. Not sure what you mean. The "original" ticket to allow your car into the factory also allowed 2 people in. It still does: sticker for the car, + 2 people tickets.
  10. It took nearly 2hrs to get from the A11 into site at the 60th!!
  11. Eddie roughly what departure time? I'll be leaving Malvern at about 10am on M5 M42 A46 M6 A14 etc. So will pass Kenilworth c11am.
  12. And mine too. As far as on site parking is concerned there has been absolutely no change in the ticket arrangements, just a clarification!
  13. Tickets will be posted out from Monday next week and everyone who ordered via will get a sticker and 2 tickets. Posted in the BBQ thread yesterday by bibs.
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