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  1. On 26/09/2018 at 10:03, Steve A said:

    🙄If you're staying at the Mangreen Country House note the breakfast starts at 08:00 !

    I spoke to them this morning and they said only one other person has requested an earlier breakfast but they will probably start about 07:30 - 07:45 😐

    I did suggest that maybe most of his guests were going to the same Lotus event and would need to eat earlier than that, so if your staying there pick up the phone and tell them 01508 570444 👈

    Steve and others at the Mangreen. 

    Confirmed they will do breakfast 7.15-7.30, now they are aware there are at least 8 of us in need of an early start. We can also pre-order breakfast the night before to save time. 

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  2. 47 minutes ago, C8RKH said:

    Stephen you need a yellow "car" sticker to get your Lotus onsite. You need a "person" ticket in your hand to get in as a person.  So:

    Car plus driver = yellow sticker plus 1 ticket

    Car plus driver plus one - yellow sticker plus 2 tickets

    Person(s) - 1 ticket each


    Shout anyone if this is not correct.


    Or no (Lotus) car, on foot via park and ride : one person one ticket.

    If you don't have a person ticket look on the thread offering spare tickets/rides in.

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  3. 1 hour ago, stephenwhyte said:

    Ok @Bibs Final question then - did you send Leven paper tickets or was it just car stickers? If just car stickers can you send me a paper ticket.......otherwise I won’t get in. Given that I’m actually a customer who bought a Lotus this year and was promised an entry ticket by Leven to the event I’d like to think I can get in!

    If you ordered and were allocated a ticket via a Lotus dealer, it will be a "people ticket" rather than a car sticker, as is detailed on You should therefore be able to get in.

  4. 4 minutes ago, johnpwalsh said:

    So how is that going to work. I am still working on which car will be available. It could be one of five. Not transferring the ticket to another person, only to the available car.

    I guess as the sticker is for a Lotus car, so long as you arrive in one, it doesn't matter. As lots of Lotus owners have more than one, they will all have to decide. I don't recall stating what model I had when I applied for a ticket, so any of my 3 could get in. The Evora wins this year!


  5. Yes it was me on 21/8 but it wasn't me kerbing in Malvern Link. Must be another silver one in Malvern as I am not often near the college, more towards the Link really.

    Did see a red one on A449 on roundabout nr M5 jct 7 on Sunday 19th. It headed off towards Malvern as I went to M5 in Evora. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Loose Cannon said:

    By the sounds of the responses on here alone its going to be mental busy. Hopefully someone at the Factory will remember the, err "difficulties" with access 10 years ago when someone thought it adequate for 1000s of cars all arriving within a 2 hour window to enter the site by turning 90 degrees through a 3m wide hole in the fence!

    Could you ask them to consider letting everyone use the main gates this time, or just go onto the track straight off the main road by the Engineering Centre?? Its been a while and I'm sure the site has changed a fair bit, but standing queues on the A11 shouldnt happen again.

    Totally agree. PLEASE make sure this happens. My poor old Elan S4 seriously overheated that day, but I doubt if the Evora will this time. Just don't want to queue forever to get in.

    1 hour ago, Loose Cannon said:



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