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  1. When the cooling fan, (or is it fans?) cut in they are making a nasty noise, rather than the usual loud whoosh. I took a few secs of video, in the hope that someone may be able to give an on line diagnosis, but the file is too big to put on here, and I haven't a clue how to edit it down? It sounds like a bearing, possibly. I have posted the video clip to the V6 owners Facebook page, if anyone would care to have a listen, please! Car is booked in to B&C for its service later this week. Any pointers much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I was there, too, and it was very enlightening, but I have to admit I really did struggle with the LHD car?
  3. Mine's booked in for its service at B & C next week
  4. Did you get the creaking in you car sorted, Andy? I ask because mine has developed a really annoying creak which emanates from behind the seats. It's not the roof, as it still creaks with the roof off. It's booked in for a service soon, but "creaks" are not covered by warranty, so paying a dealer to remove seats and bulkhead trim is not an option................. Thanks.
  5. redspeed


  6. Soft top just come up on the playground. http://classifieds.the
  7. It seems to be endemic. I replaced the runner in my Elise, only for it to start rocking again within weeks. The brand new V6 drivers seat did the same within a month or so of ownership. Car is in for its first annual service, and the seat is one of a few issues that I asked to be investigated, but I'm not holding my breath...........
  8. For the record, my car was measured at 92db at c4800 rpm on the static test at Goodwood with the stainless "slip-ons" fitted and I had no issues with the drive-by. The stainless slip-ons are slightly larger diameter, and slightly longer than Jeff's, but don't stick out as much as it looks in the photo. This was a 98db/96db day. Later in the day I took the extra pipes off and went for a static retest, which then gave almost exactly the same reading as Jeff. We got to 101db at just above 4500rpm before they shook their heads?
  9. Meanwhile, last Saturday, quietly at Goodwood........
  10. Have you managed to take any sound readings with the extra tips on yet?
  11. Here's the control valve (two green wires) and the red vacuum tube that goes into the T-piece mentioned above.
  12. I haven't had a look to see exactly what's there, but what do you do with the redundant wiring/connection that normally goes to the valve once it becomes redundant? Thanks.
  13. It was done by Sussex Hydrografix in Polegate, E Sussex. I just googled hydro dipping, if I remember rightly, to find a local one.
  14. Finally got my engine covers back in this morning. They've been hydro-dipped with a close weave carbon effect and then finished in satin, for just the effect I was after?
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