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  1. I hear you BUT I have been on the look out for a Sport 300 for some time and was ready to push the button within the Estimate/reserve Zone before the pictures were put up on the auction site. Quite honestly I was hugely disappointed at the condition that even the pictures revealed. Aside from the former green paint poking through in places and the incredibly rusty suspension, the interior is not in keeping with the ethos of the car. Of course non of this matters had the estimate/reserve been set at a reasonable figure. For me that’s when I became hugely frustrated with the whole situation. I’d waited a long time only to be let down as the huge estimate had promised me a prime example.
  2. I also think the amount of time it took these cars to go live was an issue, most interested parties died waiting. But also gave time for everyone to do their research which is ok if a car is squeaky clean
  3. Then there’s that shocking interior which isn’t in keeping with the car at all
  4. I think the S4s in general are under valued. Always thought it was said to be one of the most accomplished Esprit of all
  5. £55k for the S4s would be the best value out of that lot
  6. Description up. A bit economical with the truth I feel.
  7. No. The fella has some proper hairy cars.
  8. I agree also with @Mad_Maxto a degree but when you see an estimate on the S300 of 75-125k you’d expect to see something pretty remarkable. If the estimate was set at 50k then I don’t think there’d be criticism but more opinion shared.
  9. Pictures are loaded on the S300. suspenders looks like it’s lived in the bottom of the Atlantic. Signs of green too. great shame.
  10. Great thanks, following this advice I called them. Geoff was extremely helpful and I have got a pair on the way Yes, I know Rainham, Think I'd prefer Florida too Great, that was confirmed by Geoff too, many thanks
  11. Are they different from the std S4 Road test reports all state as such, they say that the spring are stiffer but shocks are slightly softer, that doesn't compute to me as i would have thought that would make it bouncy I need two new items and I think they're hard to obtain Any advice is greatly received
  12. My nipper will be there on the stand in his red S4s. He's a shy lad so be gentle with him
  13. Yep, the gauge sender Great I found it. Thanks
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