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  1. Great thanks, following this advice I called them. Geoff was extremely helpful and I have got a pair on the way Yes, I know Rainham, Think I'd prefer Florida too Great, that was confirmed by Geoff too, many thanks
  2. Are they different from the std S4 Road test reports all state as such, they say that the spring are stiffer but shocks are slightly softer, that doesn't compute to me as i would have thought that would make it bouncy I need two new items and I think they're hard to obtain Any advice is greatly received
  3. My nipper will be there on the stand in his red S4s. He's a shy lad so be gentle with him
  4. Yep, the gauge sender Great I found it. Thanks
  5. S4s....Where is this little bugger? I notice one on the pipe at the back of the engine and another in a hideous place under the inlet manifold (I bet it's this one) and looks like it's not an easy job to replace it?
  6. Anyone recommend a method for DIY and where to obtain lips and bolts etc? Or maybe any good firms out there who have mastered the art?
  7. Viper


  8. Bibs - Elise 111s Danny - LF1 #27 CocoPops - Evora 400 Hethel Edition Alfa2Evora - Evora NA Rick - Elise 2.2 Sunday: Bibs - Elise 111s Danny - LF1 #27 Kalli - Exige V6 Alfa2Evora - Evora NA Rizla603104 S4 Mbes2 - Exige V6 Matt Black Rick - Elite 2.2 Sparky - Esprit GT3 Viper - S4s
  9. I'm a bit late to this as only just bought another Esprit As I understand it there's a VIP area but all sold? Is there a TLF stand where we can park or are we having to buy tickets and park out back with the rif raf with skint member tickets?
  10. After selling the JPS last year there was something missing So been looking for an S4s which have become very thin on the ground Anyhow, managed to find one today and have struck a deal. A nice original car
  11. Viper


    Yes POA drives me absolutely bonkers....There's absolutely no reason for it unless they're about to gauge how much dough you have and adjust from there Anyway, .I've emailed an enquirey, lets see if I get a response...None as yet.
  12. Viper


    Bloody Scotland.....Too far for me. I'm gutted I missed the Yellow car....great colour I'm open to any colour really Any way Trev.........Get your arse back to PGT you traitor
  13. Viper


    Looking for a nice example with no dramas When I was looking around a year ago there were a good few but now I'm ready there are none Any secret sellers out there? 07836335334
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