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  1. It’s Porsche Ultraviolet, used on GT3’s.
  2. I live near Steyning 😀. Blowing off the cobwebs, the cars filthy now..
  3. That’s the wrap guys workshop, I didn’t even look at the bike 😂
  4. Freshly detailed, ceramic coated and front ppf. It will never be this clean again!
  5. Ok this ones not an Exige, but you can't fault the colour 😁
  6. Hi, Serial Lotus owner here, I’ve had an Elise SC, NA Evora, V6 Exige roadster and and Elan +2 previously. I’ve just replace my M4 convertible with the purple Howard’s Lotus demo 410 sport 😀 So far it’s very impressive, just got to sort the seats out with Jon Seals brackets tomorrow. pics :-
  7. Mine did this a few weeks ago, I disconnected the battery and it reset itself fortunately as I was 300 miles from home. I've bought an OBD reader and the code is still showing, but it hasn't reoccurred so I haven't taken it anywhere to get checked out.
  8. TAS


  9. The imprint is unplugged, I ran an RCA lead to the sub lead there as I couldn't work out how it was routed....
  10. Yup, plugged the RCA into the sub lead out of the Imprint box, played with all the settings - zilch.
  11. Fixed it - should have read the manual more closely! The reverse camera input is a brown socket on the back, not the yellow RCA lead marked video input! Doh. Now to work out why my sub isn't working.....
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