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  1. Hi James Did you measure the 15R on the component or just read the colour code? I'm just repairing mine now as the resistor has burn out, there was also a dry joint on the pot wiper.
  2. Hello! It's been a while but I still have my GT3 (16 years now). I have a small problem with a vacuum leak that is stopping the fresh air vent opening. The vacuum pump will run continually unless I push the recirculate button, so the leak is definitely between the solenoid and the actuator. Does anyone with knowledge of the late dash now how to access the actuator? I can't see it anywhere, even removed the stereo but no joy. I have propped the vent open for the moment but would like to get it fixed - it might just be one of the rubber elbows but I obviously need to know how to get to it! Many thanks 98GT3
  3. Not the best picture, but here she is at the Halloween party where we met Phil 98GT3
  4. I will see what I can do Phil 98GT3
  5. Phil 98GT3
  6. There's one! Now some time has passed and I will say that it does stay on, but rust spots will evenually come through - if it wasn't dark I would take some pictures of it as it is now. Painted or not it will last a very long time, but if you do paint do mask the gasket surfaces. Phil 98GT3
  7. 94.9p where I live - with 5p off 89.9p Phil 98GT3
  8. If it's one of Bibs it's a USB to ALDL lead and will work fine with you adapter needed, only the drivers, the older leads were serial. Phil 98GT3
  9. Now there you have me, I'm not sure! but I think there would be a good chance it would, maybe someone else knows for sure? Phil 98GT3
  10. Mick, The SWL manifolds are made from a different grade of cast iron than Lotus used and are supposed to be alot better. I am pretty sure they haven't had a single failure in all the time they have been produced (which is a long time!)............and no I don't work for them or will I gain anything from this!!! Phil 98GT3
  11. Freescan will run with both systems, but if you have the older serial ALDL lead, the a laptop running either system is unlikely to have a serial port so you will need a USB to serial adapter as suggested above. Take note though that only very few USB to serial adapters will work because of the non-standard baud rate, do a search I'm sure the info on which ones to use is on here somewhere! Oh and Freescan can work very well on later operating systems with a few driver tweeks. Phil 98GT3
  12. I don't wish to sound like a killjoy here, but 5000Km's is not really a great deal of miles to qualify it's integrity. It looks like it is made of stainless steel and because it's a close copy of the Lotus design, the four branches are short and rigidly held together. I wouldn't be surprised if because of the expansion and contraction under the extreme temps it sees that it starts developing cracks close to the welds. I hope I'm wrong because it looks like a nice piece of kit, but I have seen many tubular systems fail in this way, especially in stainless. Phil 98GT3
  13. Depends on where the studs have broken, the studs are stainless and so do not sieze in the head. If they have anything sticking out then small vice grips should be enough to uscrew them. If they have sheared flush then easy outs could be an option, but there will be little room to drill the pilot hole Once the manifold is off you will be able to see the offending items much more easily. Good luck! Phil 98GT3
  14. Hi Mick, A bit of info from me here If you speak to South West Lotus they will be able to tell you the bits you need, PM me if you want any more info Phil 98GT3
  15. Of course you can........... ETA next spring Phil 98GT3
  16. This is my new Westfield project, without boring you with all the specs it will be around 240BHP and less that 600Kgs. Still a way to go thou! Phil 98GT3
  17. Sorry if it already been posted up Phil 98GT3
  18. I would try changing your plugs, I had this a while back - new set of plugs - sorted! (the old plugs didn't look that bad) Phil 98GT3
  19. Gordon, if the ABS light is on the brakes will work normally, but obviously the ABS function is disabled. Phil 98GT3
  20. If you want a healthy boost in midrange torque combined with a bigger top end rush then fit a No.11 Chip! Phil 98GT3
  21. Happy Birthday dude, Nice to bump into you again for a chat today.........Hope your head is ok in the morning!!! Phil 98GT3
  22. I've lost count of the amount of times when I drive the Esprit to work, I think to myself "Why is everyone going so slow?" only to check my speedo and see that we are actually going 60mph...........of course I don't overtake because that is against the law Phil 98GT3
  23. Well, what with recent events in my life it made me think of whats really important in life, and I thought to myself I have two cars one of which is considerably more expensive to run than my other. I did some long hard thinking and came to the conclusion there was only one course of action, especially with fuel prices climbing, so I have done the inevitable...............I sold my Suzuki GSXR750 and.................. I have bought myself a third car - it needs a little bit of tidying, but it really is very good indeed, just a bit of tinkering! My third car is a Westfield SE with a nice old-school Ford crossflow engine. Now I know it is not a Lotus, but I think that petrol-heads might appreciate it and they are a fun long as you don't want to go too far! It is not as fast, quick, or fuel efficient as my GT3, but I just fancied something small and cheap to tinker with in my garage as my beautiful GT3 just needs driving and washing. Phil 98GT3
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