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  2. hi

    have you the technical manual of your hci esprit?

  3. I have a 1986 Turbo Esprit HCI with K Jetronic system; Australian delivery I have just replaced the fuel accumulator which was dripping, and fuel filter. It seems that in the months of waiting for these new parts the fuel pumps don't work. There is no buzzing of fuel pumps at 'ignition on' (should there be?), the car cranks over no problems, then there is a buzzing for a few seconds after cranking stops. I never touched any wiring I have checked all fuses, no issues. I have put in fresh fuel. When I 'crack' the fuel line in the region of the new filter there is only a small dribble of fuel, no apparent pressure. Do I need to 'bleed' the fuel system? Are the pumps blocked? Can they be dismantled and cleaned? Is there any way of testing electrics etc? Esprit3
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