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  2. Hey, thanks for the reply, didn't get either in end! Got this Type 72: Hope you approve It's a beast!
  3. Ha yes I saw that on my Autotrader search earlier... What does it have over the red one: (Excluding the mileage!) Is it classed as more desirable the Sprint?
  4. Hi Bibs, Thanks for the reply Yes I've checked the classifieds section on here. The one you speak of has actually sold... I really want as new as possible so a 2011> registered Exige S with the 240bhp performance pack and as many goodies as possible... I'm still confused about the facelift bumper and rear spolier set up as there is a 2010 with the amendments on the classifieds here: Yet the yellow one on Autotrader is a 2011 but it has the older appearing front clam and smaller rear spoiler...?! Do you reckon the red one I posted above is overpriced then? I mean it's a 1 owner on 15k miles, up for £36k. I'm concerned about spending too much but don't mind outlaying a bit more to get a premium top spec one.
  5. Hey guys, Great forum Have been doing lots of reading! I'm after an Exige and in a position to buy one, almost immediately. I've seen 2 I like: Budget is circa £35k. I want as new as possible with low miles, good spec and history and preferably one owner. The above 2 I'm quite keen on, but why does the red one have a different front bumper and spoiler yet they're both 2011?! I'm also a little confused about the Spec and Trim on offer...?! Are they overpriced? I'd really appreciate any help, opinions etc Thanks
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