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  1. Thanks for the comments all. For me personally the exhaust is perfect and I love it, it's early days but it is performing faultlessly and the early minor issues have been addressed. But I fully appreciate some people want a loud exhaust all of the time, it would be boring if we all wanted the same. One point I'd like to mention though is that the valved exhaust includes the de-cat pipe so the price is a lot closer than it first seems when you combine the price of the non-valved version with a de-cat pipe.
  2. Good idea @cocopops! Standard exhaust: 2bular quiet mode: 2bular loud mode: Hope that worked ok and is of interest to some people!
  3. Oh dear, I've hit a bit of a problem, I can only upload up to 240, the file is over double that size. I will investigate options for posting tomorrow, apologies for the delay!
  4. The exhaust has to be heard in the flesh to be appreciated but hopefully the following provides a relative comparison between standard exhaust and new exhaust...
  5. Another big recommendation for not only the valved evora n/a exhaust but also for Jim (2bular) personally and back on track in Guildford. Jim spent a long time responding to my queries. I wanted an improved note when in quiet mode but still with ability to drive without upsetting others and being able to hold a conversation in the car and not get a headache (I'm getting old!) but I also wanted enhanced sound for those times when you are in the mood. Well that's exactly what I got, I absolutely love the exhaust and quality and craftsmanship is fantastic. Jim also made the exhaust and de
  6. I am sure most people already know this but for those who do not... It has been bugging me as to why I when I drove an Evora with a standard gearbox in 4th gear it felt a lot stronger than an Evora with a close ratio gearbox in 6th gear depite the ratio's being almost identical (0.8611 for the close ratio gearbox in 6th gear and 0.86 for the standard gearbox in 4th gear). As I mentioned above, for me personally I found the standard gearbox to be the better option but thought I must have been missing something as others prefer the close ratio gears so I wanted to be sure my feeling was corr
  7. Hi all, quick update - I have driven both the close ratio and standard gearbox and paid more attention to the gears this time! This is of course only my opinion and I do not even own as Evora yet so I'm not exactly an expert to say the least. However, for me the standard gear box felt more suited to my driving but the difference was no where near as extreme as I expected - I found it very difficult to notice any difference in third with regards to acceleration between the two. What I did notice though was when travelling down country lanes I found I could hold 3rd for longer (even though
  8. Thanks again to everyone - lots of great information there. I would read one post and think 'the standard gearbox' will be better for me as I can see the benefit of a longer 3rd on country lanes, then another post would arrive and the contents made me think 'I have to have a close ratio gearbox' - I've been going round and round with both of those thoughts! I have decided I need to drive both types again and pay more attention to how each drives in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th before I make a decision on a particular example. Why didn't they just offer one gearbox - I've never had this mu
  9. Thanks for all the posts, each of them are very much appreciated and very informative. Can anyone advise, other than the larger drop in revs - does third gear on the standard box still provide enough 'shove' (want for a better word) - I do not participate in track days for cars (I have a motorbike for that!) but I do like to enjoy country lane driving at the weekends. The spec I have found is great so if the general consensus is that 3rd is still a good usable gear on country roads then I am tempted to go for the standard box example I have found. Thanks again all, really appreciat
  10. Hi all, I am currently looking to purchase a Lotus Evora n/a. I have looked at 5 now and believe I have found the one for me. The example I have settled on has a standard gearbox, I would value peoples opinions with regards to the models performance with this gearbox please. When driving the car, other than the lack of torque under 2,500 rpm I found the standard gear box to be fine and the performance to be great but I was told by one garage (admitedly trying to sell me an example with a close ratio box) that the standard gear box was not worth buying - naturally another garage (bo
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