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  1. No one was here so I moved the actuator freely when engine shut off. Had only the resistance of the diaphragm. When I started the engine it fully retracted which closed the valve. This is why I believe removing this valve from the system as recommended by others, would affect the air fuel mixture when throttle is either closed or minimally open. The air fuel mixture will be calibrated to this valve being closed. Putting the valve back in to the system fixed all my issues. Maybe I just lucked out with the adjustment but I like to think I thought it out enough to get the adjustment correct. As
  2. I have a little update on my situation as it seems to be very much like yours. Right after I replied to your post I decided to try and adjust this valve as the car was not running well with it held open. I took the following steps: 1. watched to ensure the vacuum actuator operated when the car was started. It did 2. with the car shut off I loosened the adjustment screw and manually closed the valve and at the same time fully retracted the vacuum actuator. Note: I tried this because I could not find any documentation in my service manual on how to adjust this valve. There is no reference to t
  3. On north american models there is a valve just above the rubber pipe connecting the turbo to the manifold. Mine is an 83 so it is probably the same. This valve has been giving me trouble and has caused my car to loose power at just over 4000 rpm when at full throttle. This valve is not in European cars and I was told to remove it on this forum. Yesterday I adjusted it to be open all the time and now the car has full power and will pull 6500 easily; however, I now have the same problem as you with the inability to pull away from lights without revving high and slipping the clutch. This was not
  4. I am not sure. I think it talks about them in the link that CEO posted. refers to the 1987's as the commemorative addition. From the article "While a fair amount of ink has been dedicated to the three other Giugiaro-era special edition Esprits, these 50 cars have only been fleetingly written about in a few magazine and online articles and aren’t mentioned in any of the major books on the Esprit. This has always struck me as particularly odd because while each of the JPS S2s (147 units), Essex Turbo Esprits (34 uni
  5. Viper Thanks for the hint on the TR6. There are quite a few for sale in the Alberta Canada area so that is a little more convenient for me. Thanks anyway. As for the Special Edition, CEO has posted a link to a piece that covers it all.
  6. I was born in England and have always loved English cars. I have always liked the Esprit but never thought it was something I could afford. This was a chance purchase. I had been looking for a 69 Camaro RS SS for about 4 years and one evening when searching the local used car website this Esprit came up on my Camaro search. It was in the price range so I decided to go and look at it. Once I drove it I had to have it. This started a trend! Since then I have purchase a 1986 XJS V12, and a 1988 XJ12. I am now looking for a Late 70's TR6.
  7. Hi Lotus followers My name is Paul and I am new to the forum. I have owned my 1983 Turbo Esprit for 2 years now. The car is 100% original with approx 43000 miles on it. The car was part of the action to raise money to bring Lotus back to North America and was originally sold to someone in Austin Texas. The speedometer was changed to Km when it came to canada. I am looking forward to participating in the forum and helping when and if I can. I have attached some pictures of my pride and joy.
  8. Just to add. When the car is cold the RPM will easily go over 7000 if you don't keep a close eye on it. When it is warm it was only getting to 4700 until I modified the part and adjusted the valve to open fully. As mentioned earlier it will now pull 5800rpm but then bogs and looses all power until I let off and shift to the next gear and it will pull hard again but will not go over 5800rpm. The engine has to be at full hot running temp for a while before the revs become limited. I can have a little fun for a while before it acts up. For Micheal who has been to the west coast of Canada, I l
  9. I have attached the parts book images of the part and location. I do not see any valuable use for this part other than keeping the car 100% original. I may remove it and keep it for re-installation if required later. The Cam is part number 036. it is a different shape than mine as there is a piece worn or broken off. It is also catching on the flat area so I filed it round as the part in the parts image #036 The valve complete is just below the part reference 027 and it has a reference to Sheet 2
  10. Wow. No replies. I know I accidentally put this under the incorrect topic but I thought/hoped I would get some input with so much experience out there. I modified the cam and adjusted the linkage to get full open. Car is now pulling 5800 RPM before it bogs. Still a little under what it should do. Any thoughts? anybody? Once again, any input would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I am a first time user and this is my first post. I have a 1983 Esprit Turbo Special Edition(North American Investors Edition). I had noticed over the past year the car lost the ability to rev over approx 4700 rpm after full running temp for a long period of time. When cold the car appears to have full power and can pull high rpm's. I took the intake diffuser off to check the shut off valve and noticed it is not opening fully. There is an operating cam that appears to be either warn down or the tip is broken off. The part number for this cam is A910E9024. I cannot find any info or locate this
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