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  1. That’s looking better already! 👍
  2. With the suspension now as Lotus intended… it should be transformed!
  3. Love seeing the end result of your efforts and I should know! Totally awesome! How can paint reflect like that? Another happy Esprit owner no doubt.
  4. The later cars do seem to have wider supports. The ones on Harry Metcalfes HC are definitely wider than on my 82 Turbo
  5. A LHD one without ‘ears’ too, so another pre-production prototype?
  6. Im curious about the full removable roof panel on this 81 car. That would take a serious amount of work to install. The other later bits would be easy enough to revert back if desired.
  7. Looks like an updated n/a S3 to me
  8. My 82 Turbo engine, now rebuilt with HTD setup and fixed tensioner. Other photo shows drilling jig for tensioner mounting hole.
  9. Famous last words but i think the lever itself will be a straightforward retrofit. If i recall correctly the microswitch for the handbrake light is mounted differently but thats about it. Will find out for sure when I come to fit it this spring.
  10. I’ve purchased a used ‘multiplier’ lever setup for my 82 TE restoration to retrofit. I am just swapping the lever itself so will not benefit from any ‘multiplier’ effort as such but at least it will fold flat. My 93 S4 folded flat and it made getting in/out that bit easier, especially as i am a bit short in the leg (seat further forward!) and I'm that bit older now too!
  11. There is a theme to those boxes. How many crisps do you eat? 😱
  12. It was the diamond cutting i didn't like which most companies employed. Looked too much like a record close up, so its great that these people took the time to find a better way. They will definitely be getting a visit in due course! Thank you for posting the results.
  13. At last....a company that knows what they are doing with CX500’s. I knew if I held out long enough the right people would appear. Wheels look stunning!
  14. The ones with the thinner rims are correct for dry sump cars. Left on top pic and bottom on second pic 🙂
  15. It was a good example but previous owner had gone a bit OTT with the colour coding and had painted the cam covers red etc. Always was the plan to put it right, then add Compomotives and roof stereo. Did make me smile to see it pop up as it used to be!
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