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  1. Hi Jason No idea. The chap just wanted them out of the way and I was happy to oblige.
  2. A 5 stud variant with the webbing removed. How many variants of this wheel are there? This is now my chosen solution over the factory 4 hole variety I have.
  3. ....and the swap from rectangular centre vents to round in the facia. I have seen later dry sump’s with round, as well as twin louvre supports.
  4. Mine is a little bit later maybe....but good enough for Mario and Elio.
  5. Yes...its in excellent condition. Its a snug fit on me but fits my teen son! Ive got the black/gold version for me, as issued to the F1 drivers of the time.
  6. I think people see the copper one with white lettering and also the white one in the Dezer collection and assume all the bumper lettering is white. I will be going light/medium grey. Its a bit more subtle too.
  7. Hi Lex Mine is an early wet sump but undergoing total restoration. The lettering is much darker than the body colour in all shots. Ive a set of Compomotives and roof stereo waiting to go on/in. Deviating from original spec but building it for me...nobody else .
  8. Yes....i haven't had the black re-instated on my rebuild. Also the LOTUS bumper lettering looks grey and not white on this particular car.
  9. Admittedly a bit harder in an assembled car...but quite straightforward when in its component form.
  10. Here you go. A very worthwhile upgrade and means you can set the static timing perfectly. Whilst you’re at it bung an a/c compressor on and enjoy some cooling air in summer (Bond had a/c)
  11. .....and also the switch to round inner vents on the facia, which also appears to have happened during the dry sump run.
  12. Ive had my outer barrels polished by a local polisher. The difficult bit for me is finding someone i can trust to do the centre cast sections as mine need to be black with the front face of the ‘spokes’ polished.
  13. I was there all weekend as a 17 yr old and I too was desperate to own one! I don't remember seeing it but it could well have been there and I missed it! That was back in the day when you could stay in the circuit until very late and watch Ferrari working on their cars in the garages . Unheard of now. I did get Nigel’s autograph but Elio eluded me. Good times.....still got the t-shirt with the names on the back. Ayrton Senna driving for Toleman.
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