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  1. Hi Andy The tube I made is 1.25” long. Seems to be the optimal length to allow the nyloc to fully engage + leaving a full thread exposed. I experimented with shorter but the bush starts to deform and wants to spread out too far. The new tube is around 110 thou longer than the original.
  2. Just an update. Having sourced and fitted the official black Lotus polybushes, (the purple ones split) i decided to make up some longer distance tubes. The bushes squeeze up well but no longer deform to the point of being over stressed...and the nyloc nut still has something to tighten up to. Much better than before...but still a lot stiffer than the original rubber setup.
  3. My Lotac ones are dimensionally similar to the purple ones though much stiffer.
  4. How long ago was this? I bought my purple bushes 2+ yrs ago and have only just got round to fitting them. The purple bushes I have are dimensionally the same as the official Lotus black bushes.
  5. Maybe i can add a little to this discussion along with a few frustrations i am experiencing. I installed the purple polybushes to the lower links recently (off the car) and they looked fine...for about an hour until they decided to split apart. As others have done, I did tighten the washer up to the distance tube as surely thats what its for and stops the nyloc nut working loose. Scouring the web i discovered the official Lotus approved black ones which arrived today...and these in comparison to the purple ones are even harder!! The length of the distance tube equals the thickness of both bushes but the lower link adds approx 7mm and that is a lot to squish up if tightening up to the tube. It feels to me like the harder polybushes need a longer tube...but im no expert in this field, so still thinking about my next move. Bring back rubber!
  6. Lots....but I figure when you’ve finished your car there might just be the need for another am holding back
  7. This time next year....maybe . It’s the last 10% that can take the time.
  8. My original boot bag is like new....probably because I removed it, and spent far too much time sitting in that boot space tinkering! :-)
  9. RichardJGC

    Turbo Esprit

    Also spotted earlier in week in North Wales. Totally made my day!
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