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  1. If registered 31 Dec 82....that would be a Y plate.....if DVLA have got the correct date.
  2. It odd because when the car pulls up you dont see it....but the closeup shot hints it might be there...albeit in a slightly different position to the norm. Blu-ray clip would show it clearer.
  3. What a great starting point! Always nice to see original cars still turning up....not many out there in that condition. I’d just do the bits that need doing. You can always revisit in the future if necessary. Whatever you decide to do, document what you have as it will be a great reference going forward for other restorations. S2’s look great in black Enjoy!
  4. A ‘stray’ JPS banner from 84 GP weekend at Brands nearly went the same way....until, in the dead of night (Saturday) i found someone sleeping in it!! That wasn't you was it?
  5. ....and also ‘my face has changed shape’ kind of performance!
  6. Neither can we. Go know you want to!
  7. Loving all these photos! Am curious about the black strips under each side.
  8. They just look so out of scale next to that taxi!
  9. Don't let those customer Esprits get in the way of progress on this one! Looks fantastic and good to see it before its all hidden away.
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