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  1. That will be the sealant to stop you getting wet feet 👍
  2. If its the same as the Turbo then there is nothing covering that drainage channel with bonnet open. The mesh is on the bonnet and those two holes are for screws to secure the vent moulding 🙂
  3. For those of you that are old enough to remember Aurora AFX, I was watching this on ebay and was shocked to say the least. I’ve got one….somewhere
  4. Im not sure when it was introduced. I spotted a car with one and then looked back at all my roadtests to find its on all the a/c ones that show the passenger footwell. Also in the parts book too. Using a sample sill i opened up the rear of my existing one to give better clearance to the hoses through the bulkhead.
  5. On factory a/c cars the hoses emerge under a carpeted moulding riveted to front of sill panel. Im retro fitting factory a/c and got SJ to make up all the hoses for me.
  6. I remember that car at Stoneleigh way back when I parked next to it. It was in a magazine article too.
  7. Anyone still looking for a dome light as I found mine in the end 🙂
  8. That’s looking better already! 👍
  9. With the suspension now as Lotus intended… it should be transformed!
  10. Love seeing the end result of your efforts and I should know! Totally awesome! How can paint reflect like that? Another happy Esprit owner no doubt.
  11. The later cars do seem to have wider supports. The ones on Harry Metcalfes HC are definitely wider than on my 82 Turbo
  12. A LHD one without ‘ears’ too, so another pre-production prototype?
  13. Im curious about the full removable roof panel on this 81 car. That would take a serious amount of work to install. The other later bits would be easy enough to revert back if desired.
  14. Looks like an updated n/a S3 to me
  15. My 82 Turbo engine, now rebuilt with HTD setup and fixed tensioner. Other photo shows drilling jig for tensioner mounting hole.
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