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  1. Great bit of advice....going to have to check my spare ‘non Lotus’ Lucas distributor now.
  2. Thats the one . Dave CHANGES has worked his magic and then some! Havent driven it in 15yrs so looking forward to the big day...hopefully this year.
  3. Great set of photos Chris. 26 yrs for me so not that far behind. It’s getting closer to being done!
  4. Back in the day a very similar jacket was available in black/gold(yellow). I’d have one in that colour scheme.
  5. Just need to reiterate...the pics of my Turbo Esprit are of the suspension loosely assembled. They are not torqued up and the extra washers are for the full geo setup should they be needed. They will be removed on final setup.
  6. Yes all aquablasted...but the brass bits can be repolished if you wanted them super shiny.
  7. Aquablasting as part of a full rebuild process does make them look rather nice.
  8. I dont know for was just a thought. Not many Essex road tests show the spare wheel. I’m sure someone on here will know the definitive answer.
  9. Or it could be a car that re-writes the records? Everything about it seems correct....its only that it conflicts with what the factory thinks re. chassis numbers. I dont know why anyone would go to the considerable lengths to change from a wet sump to dry. The notes that came with my Certificate had what can be considered a disclaimer in that the info is based upon what it currently known.
  10. Yes...for the initial setup. There are other washers between arm and mounting too. They are put there so that when the car goes for its first full geo setup any adjustment just requires them putting the other side of the arm.
  11. George....back to the chassis restoring my Turbo and for the initial setup im keeping it as it came out of the factory. As you can see the spacers on each side of my chassis are quite different. This is normal.
  12. Good luck with the cutting Fabian! They say measure twice, cut once. I’d measure 10 times and cut once. Been there...done that... I chose to cut through the plastic accurately with a new surgical knife before using a small hacksaw for the remainder.
  13. Years ago I saw a ‘non JPS’ S2 in black with a gold pinstripe and it looked stunning, but it is your choice at the end of the day. Come to think of it....could it have been your car i saw (we are talking late 80’s in Northampton and yours appears to have a Northampton NH reg number?
  14. That seems a bit odd. Mine aligns quite well from memory. Have attached a pic off the web as my car is currently miles away.
  15. I got my chrome LED holder from RS components....quite some time ago.
  16. Probably the closest one you will get but comes at a price from South West Lotus. It would need the top and a bit of the bottom trimming off to suit. My original measures 77mm in height.
  17. Haha don’t be deceived....that was the trial fitting some 15yrs ago??? Am awaiting the return of some refurbished suspension components before i can crack on. Big reveal maybe 12 months time. We will see. No actual deadline.
  18. I dont believe so but maybe could form a neat solution that way. I just formed a basic bracket with a couple of standoffs. Its a fiddly solution but worked.
  19. It all comes down to supply and demand....always will. We see RS500 Cosworth Sierra’s going for around 90-100k... there are a lot more Ford enthusiasts out there wanting those than Lotus enthusiasts wanting Esprits. We all know the Esprit is still the supercar bargain but we are quite a small community in comparison.
  20. No this is the car with the plaque which sold for £120,000? a few yrs back and ended up in the middle east. Will it ever be seen again?
  21. Not sure those door speakers are Bond spec either. I imagine this car had quite a hard life over the years. Who knows what is now original.
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