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  1. Lots....but I figure when you’ve finished your car there might just be the need for another am holding back
  2. This time next year....maybe . It’s the last 10% that can take the time.
  3. My original boot bag is like new....probably because I removed it, and spent far too much time sitting in that boot space tinkering! :-)
  4. RichardJGC

    Turbo Esprit

    Also spotted earlier in week in North Wales. Totally made my day!
  5. I think its a pink wire that goes to the a/c compressor. Redundant if you don't have one.
  6. I can just see a Cortina backdrop and a Sardinia backdrop on two opposing sides of a future double garage
  7. I get all my hardware from Namrick. They do a good range and deliver fast!
  8. Interestingly I was recently asked this very question regarding Raptor inside the wheel arches. Apparently Raptor can be tinted to match the bodywork so I could have had white wheel arches but having seen this done in the past on other classics it just doesn't look right to me, so I'm sticking with black as it came out of the factory.
  9. Found it....135” ...perfect! Dont know how I missed that before. Many thanks.
  10. Im doing the same with OEM parts so am glad to hear it all appears to work well Just need to find out the length of the hose from Compressor to Evaporator as I need to get one made up, and is the only one i don't have.
  11. My 82 Turbo has 4 vacuum take off points on the inlet manifold that forms part of the vacuum rail with two vacuum hoses feeding off that. Later cars had two of these 4 take off points blocked off and dispensed with the rail. It appears Lotus thought 1 take off per vacuum feed was enough? Any thoughts? Re braking efficiency...i was always a bit disappointed with my TE brakes and that was 25yrs ago, however another Esprit owning friend at the time (and also a very keen racing driver) thought the feel of them was excellent.
  12. Great bit of advice....going to have to check my spare ‘non Lotus’ Lucas distributor now.
  13. Thats the one . Dave CHANGES has worked his magic and then some! Havent driven it in 15yrs so looking forward to the big day...hopefully this year.
  14. Great set of photos Chris. 26 yrs for me so not that far behind. It’s getting closer to being done!
  15. Back in the day a very similar jacket was available in black/gold(yellow). I’d have one in that colour scheme.
  16. Just need to reiterate...the pics of my Turbo Esprit are of the suspension loosely assembled. They are not torqued up and the extra washers are for the full geo setup should they be needed. They will be removed on final setup.
  17. Yes all aquablasted...but the brass bits can be repolished if you wanted them super shiny.
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