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  1. I guess you would enjoy GR ownership short term but long term regret selling the LF1.
  2. How was the Scottish Tour I had planned to do it last year before COVID struck. I am keen to do a few events like that but do have reservations related to the front splitter which I scrape even if driving very very slowly onto my drive.
  3. Great price for someone
  4. Looks like you've followed the same path as me. Exige LF1 (No,39) to Evora GT430, shame we couldn't keep both. Think your going to love the GT430
  5. With the Exige LF1 which was a special edition limited & individually numbered to represent each of Lotus Formula 1 victories it was much easier to track the worldwide whereabouts of each individual car. with the Evora GT430 & 430 sport I’m not sure how this can easily be done as It would be interesting to know more about each car, colour, mileage, spec, whereabouts & current owner.
  6. I am getting a COP for my RHD manual winged GT430, I will let you know when I get the info if nobody else already has the information?
  7. My two extremes, one is more suited to current conditions
  8. Hi Terry, Congratulations I am sure you are going to be delighted with the LF1, I was disappointed to have to let it go but please give me first refusal when the time comes along for you to sell it. Have you picked up the car yet? I need to hunt it out but have another magazine with the race report associated with the 39th Lotus Grand Prix victory for Jochen Rindt which you can have. I also have a black & gold Exige LF1 cover which I would like to sell if of interest? Mike
  9. Hi Pete, I was the previous owner of the LF1 Currently at Silverstone and very sorry to let it go, unfortunately my wife for medical reasons wasn’t able to get in or out of the exige with ease thus the reason for the sale & a significant reason for the low mileage. I have replaced it with at Evora GT430 which is fabulous & much more suitable for her allowing us to do some of the Lotus tours together in the future. I loved the LF1 it attracted a lot of positive attention, the enthusiast and the general man in the street can both really relate to the F1 colour scheme, the car does look good. I very much enjoyed meeting other LF1 owners during my time with the car, it does make you feel part of an exclusive club. I think Lotus did a great job with the packaging making ownership feel much more special than the standard vehicle. You may wish to check if the car still includes the desirable private plate that I had on it which adds further to the package. If you do end up owning the car let me know as I have another bit of memorabilia associated with the Grand Prix win this car represents .
  10. December 2019, sold LF1 & Sunbeam Lotus, took delivery of Evora GT430

  11. Welcome to the owners group Andy, I am sure you're going to love the car. What part of the country are you based?
  12. That sounds good Danny, I didn't make the last trip so would love the opportunity this time.
  13. Yes we should hook up as we are so close, I have attended some of the Cambridgeshire Club Lotus meetings locally which have been good evenings.
  14. Not too far from you, the pictures taken looking down on Nassington which is between Stamford & Oundle in Northamptonshire but right on the edge of multiple counties....Cambridgeshire, Rutland, Lincolnshire & Leicestershire. As you can see it was sheet ice when I got out of the car to take the piccie so drove very gingerly.
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