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  2. Hi Dan Another S2 in London! It's not black is it? A few years ago I regularly saw a black one driving through Clerkenwell, as if someone was using it to go to work! Mine's in Essex at my Dad's, having most of the work done there. I say 'having it done' because I have to admit I'm a cack-handed idiot when it comes to doing it myself. I can just about pass small things and lift big things, so let me know if you need another pair of hands for those bits! Cheers Richard
  3. I hadn't seen that one - thanks. women on the bonnet, and now muddy tyres. What else did they do to it?
  4. Yes, that's the one - I've got the Autocar review so at least I know how it's meant to look! This is its current state: This was last year - held up pretty well after a few years in storage. Don't know why that's upside down!
  5. Hello Loose Cannon and co Thought I'd let you know that I'm finally sorting out my Elite S2, and I hope to get it on the road by autumn (and use it!). I bought it from eBay back in 2007ish - OPW 655W (gold outside, very brown inside) I'll no doubt be picking some brains on here in the coming months! I plan to keep as much original, but I'm toying with some upgrades to make it a viable 'weekly driver'. I've already read some helpful threads on here about the key practicality & reliability upgrades, but I'm always keen to hear new ideas on that. Also - my nearest lotus specialis
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