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    Sounds great! So we are looking forward for your news
  2. mm7770


    Does anyone know if is possible a modification to LPG fuel in 920 engine?
  3. Yes I did. I can remove 3 of 4 bolts because I have access.The one inside in the right is quite unreachable.
  4. Hello, i want to remove the turbo from my GT3 esprit and i find it impossible to unscrew the right inside -when you see it from the back- screw, which holds it with the manifold. I think I have to dismantle the turbine and split it in two to do that. Is there any tip for removing?
  5. Hello, does anyone know where a GT3 has the full cut off switch?
  6. Hello, I just wanted to add my experience with Bilstein/Eibach to my GT3. In three words I would say "floating while cruising". I used the middle position from 3 and the car is just too high. Maybe crossing the channel during a winter windy day with canoe, is more stable than my car at 250Km/h... I have to remove them to use the lower position. But allthough I have the V8's tires, there is a distanse up to 3'' between tire and wheel arch... I onder how am I going to lower this! These springs( i believe the height depends on them mostly) must be very hard. Actually I would bet that they are for other car and not Esprit. I 've purchased them from SJSportsCars which I trust, and Steve said: "All of the suspension bolts should be tightened with the weight on the suspension. ensure this was done or slacken them all go for a short drive at very slow speeds to settle the suspension, then load the car as if there were to people in it and tighten the bolts." Any suggestions?
  7. Hi, I still have the same problem from times to times. I put it in the Tech 1 and first they told me that all!!! sensors are faulty. When I said this is impossible they said so there must be a problem to the Main Unit!!! (yes our local official Lotus Dealer (there is only one in Greece) makes as laugh from times to times). Anyway I told them to reset the Unit, and when it flashed again I went straight to them again. They told me is the Left front sensor. I haven't found time to fix it yet, but I'm not very optimist about the diagnosis. If I have any more news I'll tell. Minos
  8. Hi Gunter, yeah I know it isn't inside the black book that's why I asked for assistance. In any case I think I need the Tech 1 tool to find the source of the problem, and that's what I decided to do. Bye bye Minos
  9. Thank you Bibs - Nice thought Paul Thanks guys , it won't be an easy battle minos PS: by the way Bibs congratulations for this forum - it is really life saving!!!
  10. Hi actually my car is a GT3 1998 which shares many parts with the V8s, such as the ABS. The pedal feels exactly the same way whether the ABS is working or not working. So I have the freescan which can not tell about ABS sensors. "first check all the sensor connections and then check for impulse signals when the wheel is turning.. " I found the ABS plugs at the wheels. I believe sensors are around. Maybe I need the M082T0327J Lotus publication which is not included in my Lotus Service Notes black book. The impulse signals are detected through OBD only? Of course it can be pure electrical (some wiring problem maybe). I 'll check it with a polymeter. Anyway I prefer to start from the simple things (and less expensive) and then go further so I think is time to put myself under and start looking for whatever comes...! And is damn hot outside right now... Tony is now winter in Austaralia, is it heavy? minos PS: accidentally I found something I didn't know about which looks convenient for a fast track to Esprit parts:
  11. Hi guys, well I'm surprised (again) of continuous unnecessary failures...! Let me get clear this first; the Kelsey Hayes braking system is the one you called GM? Tony ti kaneis? Thank you for the reply. Where is the accumulator? Marc Hi, I saw that it is been some time since you worked the problem with the way you describe. I assume that it work well so far. So maybe I 'll start from there, I disconnect one of the 4 metal what? to pump air. Is it possible to guide me through the picture? Could it be one sensor to be faulty and that to put the whole system out ? (this could be logical since one faulty sensor can make the braking dangerous). No no the red light is not on. I've changed pads 3 months ago and fluids also. Tony my car now is wearing Ferodo racing (FCP1348H) in front and Ferodo premier (FDB 878) rear. It stops now as it should be, maybe 50 meters !!! earlier than with the EBC at speeds of 180km/h. The Mintex C-TECH (WVA17) for Lancia Delta Range 91 worked as good as Ferodo at the past. No one was as bad as EBC. Thanks guys! Minos PS Keith while I was writting this post ..and going outside to take a picture..I saw something you wrote that I suspected above. OK I'll measure it and see how it goes...!
  12. Hi guys. Any ideas here, it must be common... I have a Kelsey Hayes ABS Braking system. 2 weeks ago with no special reason (maintenance etc.) when ever I started the engine from cold the ABS light stayed on. If I turned off the engine and start again it was going off after 3 secs. Today it didn't no matter how many times I turned on and off the engine. I went a sort ride with the light on and I noticed that the ABS was not working. So it is a true indication. After some 1 to 2 hours of using the car finally worked again, but I think that this problem is here to stay. Any ideas where to look for? The level of braking fluids is normal and they have been renewed 3 months ago with the proper ones. (DOT 4) By the way I ought to say from previous experience that EBC Green Stuff is a DANGEROUS stuff for cars like Esprits. AVOID them. Minos
  13. So, does anyone have any accurate information about this topic and Esprits? In any case driving downhill with even 5th gear, makes the car to loose speed against N.
  14. Hi, modern cars are designed to cut off gasoline when you have a gear on and not pushing the gas pedal while driving. So it is not only safer but also cheaper not to put neutral while driving downhill. Esprit does this?
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