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  1. Thanks but thats not really what I am after as I believe you have to do that every time, its not automatic.
  2. This is very annoying at night out of the corner of your eye, the dim switch only dims the dash nothing else. I have thought about opening the switch and removing the led/bulb or putting some filter gel inside the switch to make it dimmer.
  3. My GT410 does not have this feature like my old S did and I really miss it, I got so used to it on the S I have lost count how many times I have left the lights on a drained the battery. I have seen new GT410's advertised with this feature but this may be a listing error, so my question is, is it possible that this can be turned on in the ECU or can the switch be swapped out or an after marked solution added?
  4. @BibsThis is my current car, had it since March and it is an absolutely amazing machine However im starting to get a bit twitchy on the depreciation so thinking of going back to an older S or an Elise Cup
  5. Just to add my experience, I was very dissapointed with the quote I got from AIB for my new GT410 Sport, their quote was over twice the price of Elephant/Admiral etc and AIB would have required me to fit a tracker (£700+) which Elephant/Admiral didnt.
  6. I know this is old, but thanks for this @Bibs, it also works well on the INE-W710D in the GT410 Sport
  7. Glad you love it, it is the best option in my opinion. Not sure about the valve issue though, mine doesn't do that, possibly a faulty valve, I would speak to 2bular.
  8. Well I have done over 400 miles since the incident and I can not replicate it again, I wonder if a sensor or the ECU was having a wobbly so I will just have to keep an eye on it.
  9. Wow that was quick, a lot of us had to wait months for ours!
  10. Thanks Everyone, its not looking too promising then @Johnny5 I hope you get sorted soon!
  11. I could not replicate it again which is odd,, I am going to have to try again and keep an eye on it.
  12. Thanks Thanks I will give it a try but I really hope not!
  13. Hi All I am having an issue with my Evora S, at 70ish and in 6th if I accelerate the revs seem to jump up quickly but the car doesn't respond as quickly, no noise or anything but it feels like something is slipping so the only thing I can think is the sc belt or clutch, the engine bay did smell ever so slightly clutchy any ideas? Also interestingly only seems to happen in sports mode
  14. I dont think you will be disappointed, let us know how you get on
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