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  1. All this talk about splitters motivated me to take one of mine. With the weather being pap I had a play with some filters. Quite surprised at the result
  2. Not posted many pictures in a while but thought I'd share a quick one from lotus Silverstone tech sent me. The talented Mr Ian Walker who owns rockguardz (they make carbon parts to protect mountain bikes) made me up one of his splitters after I saw it on his blue evora400. The guys at Lotus Silverstone are fitting it but I asked them if they could get the lip wrapped yellow along with some yellow "cat scratches" a la the gt430. I've not collected it since the work has been done so probably more pictures to follow
  3. dbase


  4. The unit is from carjoying they make a number of units based around the common android platform offered by a number of companies. They use their own firmware though, it's a lot faster than my previous Evora S's Parrot unit but the sound requires a little tweaking to get the balance between door speakers and sub, as the sub output is mono so you need to use the rear output and fade the sound slightly towards the rear to get the balance. Overall I prefer it to the Parrot in every way accept sound quality..... But you can't have everything for less than £300
  5. Change the headunit in a Lotus, seems like a simple enough job......So glad i paid Ben at Lotus Silverstone to do it after seeing my car at the halfway stage The fit isn't as good as the older Parrot Asteroid Smarts in previous Evora(S) due to some specific metal supports designed for the OEM Alpine, plus the surround had to be cut to fit the slightly larger unit. I just couldn't live without TomTom + HD Traffic
  6. I had a red Evora S and the number of people who asked me if it was a Ferrari baffled me. Probably one of the reasons I went for a silver 400 Although those pictures of your car are starting to make me doubt my choice
  7. Thanks for the welcome guys, i've been a long time lurker, having previously owned Evora S, i just never got around to posting. One more quick pic, with the car only a week old i decided to change the rear L O T U S badge. Not sure if it will stay though
  8. Quick clean over the weekend, not the most interesting location but as soon as i move it off the drive the damn thing is dirty
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