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  1. Thanks all for the advice, appreciated. Pretty sure my problem is the brake switch and not the steering sensor given that I seemed to cure it by pressing the switch in further than it would usually operate a few times. I can't see that the 'setting up' of the switch requires anything other than adjusting the plunger so the lights come on with slight pressure to the pedal (as any other brake light switch). However if unplugging it and plugging in a new one potentially upsets the ECU by the sound of it I think I'll leave it as is, the cars now off the road for winter anyhow. If it persists in spring it sounds like a dealer job to swap.
  2. Over the past year my cars developed an occasional DPM fault as previously discussed on here... Recently it got to the stage where it was happening on every drive. Thanks to the forum and the above threads I traced it down to the brake light switch. I removed it (without unplugging), pulled the plunger fully in/out then re-fitted it and set it so the brake lights function as expected. For the following two weeks of driving the car everyday (15 mile round trip to work) I didn't have a single issue. 😀 I put this down to a lack of use thing, possibly extending the switch beyond it's normal working range may have cleaned some contacts or something - I have exactly the same problem with the hazard warning switch due to lack of use. Last week the car was in for the 4 year service so I mentioned this and 'self diagnosed' the problem as my dealer wasn't aware of it. Apparently it had recorded a fault code relating to the brake light switch (the MIL light has never come on so not sure if this is true), I was quoted a frankly ridiculous price for the labour to change the switch so opted to just buy the part and fit it myself, which was fine. Then on collecting the car the previous day I was told actually I can't fit the switch as it has to be programmed in by the dealer, does anyone know if there's any truth in this? Given the simplicity of how a brake light switch works I'm surprised by this. 🤨
  3. Don't worry Dave, it's you I have in mind 'after the warranty period'. Was very satisfied with dealing with you on my S2 Exige (albeit only a years ownership). I know you are an official Lotus centre but I always had it in mind to stay with the main dealer during the first 3 years, can't really justify why though now if I'm honest.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. To be fair the service book does mention it being changed after two years but given the mileage I think I'll ask for it to not be changed this time. Think I'll be steering away from my main dealer after the warranty period though, seems very expensive and they weren't as helpful as I think they could've been when I had a brake fluid issue last year.
  5. My two year service is coming up and the main dealer has advised I change the belt, an additional cost of £264 on top of the £450 service charge. My car has (tragically) only done 3600 miles so don't think it's necessary. Does anyone else have this changed every two years?
  6. Thanks for the responses. I did suspect a Tillet would be suggested funnily enough! I can't really justify going to that length though, and really want to keep the standard seats (even though they offer next to no support)!
  7. Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I can't find the Sector 111 Tall rails online now. I haven't used my Exige a great deal this year until this week and after being used to my daily M135i I'm finding the Lotus seat position slightly awkward and less 'sporty', which isn't good! I'm only around 6ft so not massively tall, I switch between fully back and forward one click in an attempt to get comfy but I just generally feel too high in the cabin. I've scoured the net considering other subframe options (LHD, Lotus Racing FIA kit) but aren't sure if any viable options exist? I wouldn't think it's too hard to fabricate a floor mounted plate/bracket with side mounts to accommodate the standard seat/belts with multiple holes to change position, but sadly I'm not equipped to do this! Losing the runners may also eradicate the multitude of squeaks my car has developed since fitting Nitrons.
  8. I completely boiled my fluid on my first track day in the V6, definitely get some SRF in there!
  9. No mine came direct from Lotus through my local dealer.
  10. Norbet, I went for the 2-Ways mainly to keep it 'Lotus' to be honest, also the lead time was days and not weeks compared to the 1 and 3 Ways direct from Nitron surprisingly.
  11. @Arun_D That looks fast and Goodwood really looks like a ballsey circuit! Did you leave the rear ride height the same? I did an eve at Snetterton last night, first time since fitting the Nitrons. The difference is huge imo, very impressed although the car is screaming out for some stickier rubber now...
  12. Paul, I suspect I had mine done at Paintshield literally the day after they went out to do yours, sometime early August 2015? The guy said he had been out to do an LF1 the previous day. I went for the front half clam (blue in Pauls pictures), mirrors, sides and also had them design and make a section under the rear clam behind the wheels and slightly up the sides. They don't use Xpel anymore, the manufacture of my film began with an 'S' I think?
  13. Was going to mention it on your Instagram post but didn't want to look like a complete geek!
  14. Good to hear the upgrades are working Imran. Is there some sort of spacer between the two 'halves' of the caliper to allow for wider discs? I assume you get that and a different bridge pipe with the kit?
  15. I've just read this from start to finish, absolutely gorgeous car Arun!
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