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  1. Hi John, how loud or noticable is the vacuum pump at the front cross member? Thanks!
  2. I have had the same problem. The set screw of the fuel pressure regulator was leaking. So with boost the fuel pressure was not rising and the engine runs lean and bogging.
  3. Hello John, can you tell who is the vendor in Polen of this tanks? Regards Harald.
  4. Who is the manufacture of this tanks. Good job! Thanks.
  5. Sorry, but i think England is not good enough to beat Italy. So my tip is Italy 4 England 0.
  6. Hi my S3 Turbo 1983 still got the original bumpers. The rear one is grp, but the front bumper is a different material, it is softer, more flexible. What kind of material is it? Regards Harald.
  7. Hi, i want also this set. EN16 Door hinge pins and phosphor bronze oil-lite bushes in both sizes, threads are rolled rather than just taped. £50 (car set).
  8. Garry replied: No problem. Put the loob on the threads and underneath the head of the bolt, and tighten to 85 lbs/ft (115 Nm).
  9. I asked ARP but they told me to ask my vendor. So i asked Garry Kemp, but he didn't respond to this question till today.
  10. Hello, i have a set of ARP rod bolts. But i don't have the instructions how to bolt them correctly. Does someone have this instructions? Thanks!!
  11. Hello Hugues, i think your problem is boilling fuel. I had the same problem with my car, now i build a fan that sucks fom the underside and blows ditrect to the fuel pump. Regards Harald.
  12. Hi, received my interior and boot carpets on Saturday. All i can say is, it's a pleasure to deal with Steve. Great communication and the best service i have ever received!! Also outstanding quality. Highly recommended. Thank you very much to Steve and his wife!!
  13. Hello, i'am intressted in a Exige V6. So i'am 6ft 4" tall , do think i will fit in it? Thanks!
  14. Hello, how to remove the two crankshaft dowels without destroying them? Thanks!
  15. Hello, i'am currently rebuilding my 1983 turbo engine. So i'am searching for the best sealant to do so. I think Wellseal and Hylomar is 35 year old stuff, so there must be better stuff now for this job. Oil pan to lower bearing panel? Lower bearing panel to block? Camshaft housing to head? Cylinder liner to block? Thanks in advance.
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