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  1. Yes. I have secured the use of another one of my client's Esprits to use for a video demonstration as Mel suggested. I know I can produce the same effect by removing the spark plugs and attempting to start the car but I have been searching endlessly for some sort of evidence to prove this with facts. You see, there are some cars that I have found (Ferrari and Lamborghini for example) where you can lose one entire bank of spark or fuel and the car will still run. Now granted, these examples have been V12 cars with independent ignition and fuel controls on each bank but I need to find a way to demonstrate this. Their expert witness states the car will in fact run because of the vehicle's firing order, which from what I can tell is a bit of smoke. I also believe that by holding the car in wide open throttle I could get the car to run but it certainly wouldn't be able to make a 20 mile trip into a dealership and a technician would have pushed that car into his bay instead of driven it in. You see, I just need some solid information to provide as I have experienced these things and know these things, but the chemistry behind these things is what I need to explain. Once I've established that the car will not run into the dealership in it's present condition I do not need to go any further.
  2. this is the fist time I've ever asked for help on any forum because I'm usually the person everyone comes to looking for help. Regardless, I have been asked to write an "Expert Witness Opinion" in litigation against the Lotus dealer I used to be the head technician at and I am a V8 Certified Lotus Technician from the factory. Our new client drove his 2002 25th Anniversary Ed. into a dealer because he had a check engine light and his window was blowing fuses. He had just removed the car from storage and he states the check engine light usually comes on in the spring when he pulls the car out of storage. While at the dealer they recommend he do the timing belts. During the timing belt replacement the technician states that he found the car was running rough and that during the timing belt replacement he found that all the 1-4 exhaust valves were bent. The dealership then turned to the client and tried to get him to foot the bill for the cylinder head rebuild. This client then called me as he had been referred to my shop many times before but had only had his engine serviced by the dealership so he felt more comfortable staying there. After talking with this client I told him that it's been my experience that if all the exhaust or intake valves on one bank of the engine were bent it would not run and if it did run and he managed to get it started it certainly wouldn't produce the power needed to drive the 20 miles he did to the dealership. Also during the course of the investigation I found that they had mixed Jaguar OAT orange antifreeze in with the glycol coolant (this dealer is also a Jaguar dealer) instead of using the Green propolyene glycol antifreeze Lotus recommends which created a very orange contanmination in the system and a lot of concrete-type sludge which resulted in multiple radiator replacements and overheating over the last couple years, all of which they charged the client for. My needs are that I have to follow these guidelines: "The opinion of a qualified expert is only admissible if: 1) it is based upon sufficient facts or data, 2) it is the product of reliable principles or methods, and 3) the expert has reliably applied the principles and methods to the facts of the case. I need to support the fact that the car will not run or will not develop the hp sufficient to drive the car into the dealership with cylinder 1-4 exhaust valves damaged keeping the aforementioned in mind. Now, I have experienced this before and even David Simkin (Lotus USA FSA) will agree that the car would never run or drive in this condition but I have to be able to scientifically document this for my report. I can tell you why it won't run and what is happening but I have to have an outside, legitimate source to site to back my facts and data. Thoughts or ideas? If you would like to chat in depth or see pictures or reports thus far please email me at [email protected] Dave Juntunen Top Gear Autoworks
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