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  1. If it was the grey 2015 plate with red interior, that was mine. It did indeed sell. Apparently there’s a lot of interest in 400s currently. Hope that helps. Greg
  2. It was actually a private sale from a true enthusiast and someone well known on Elan Net. It’s a great car - rides just as any Lotus should. Does have its foibles but what classic car doesn’t? Part of the personality and fun if you ask me.
  3. Cheers chaps. and @Bibs what do you mean? It has 4 seats also...! Perfect for the school run Greg
  4. I sold mine so I could purchase this. Quite a contrast...
  5. Gm77

    Wanted Evora 400

    Happy to indulge. The best ones are the ones taken by the dealer.
  6. Gm77

    Wanted Evora 400

    Hi Eddie Setting my car aside for one second, probably worth seeing a red leather interior in person. All dealer photos are set to over expose the colours - the photos of the car that was on collecting cars was a case in point. It’s nowhere near as bright in person. I sat in both a black interior and a red leather one and the black made the interior overall very dark and a little depressing hence choosing red. Red alcantara is different again. Hope that helps with your search. Greg
  7. Gm77

    Wanted Evora 400

    Hi Eddie, what spec are you looking for? Mine is at Silverstone SOR currently. Metallic Grey, red leather interior - all options ticked. It had a new clutch under warranty during its third service. I didn’t think it needed it but the dealer convinced me to ask Lotus. Greg
  8. Not sure I fully agree with that Bibs. I quite like it, but then I have a natural bias... Greg
  9. That would be my car! As Will points out, mine was the second privately owned car in the world. It was used by my wife as her daily driver for the first couple of years which explains the mileage. My daily was an Elise at the time and there’s a cracking photo that Jamie at B&C took of us picking the car up - me in my Elise, my wife in her new 400. Charlotte then needed something more practical for the children so she moved on to a Focus RS, so mileage dropped significantly, hence now it’s for sale. Happy to answer any questions anyone has. Greg
  10. My take on this is that the Evora market is quite different to most. Sellers (and I speak as one) are generally in no rush to sell. So there is very little discounting. Limited supply has been matched by limited demand historically. However, as interest in the Lotus brand increases, helped by the increased marketing and publicity associated with the final editions and the Type 131, the assumption (rightly or wrongly) is that prices will stay static or potentially rise. Greg
  11. Hi all. Does anyone know of any Elan plus 2 for sale? I’ve wanted one for years and now is the time to scratch that itch. Ideally looking for a 130/5. Thanks in advance Greg
  12. No worries at all - it’s good that tastes differ. Best of luck with your search. It was a conversation that I had with Scott Walker at the factory when we were specifying our car that led to choosing the red interior. As we had preordered we were given the opportunity to see the first batch on the production line and that combination stood out for me and my wife - Charlotte liked the way it matched the red callipers! You can’t really go wrong though with the Evora, whatever you choose. I’m still pretty chuffed that it’s the longest privately owned 400 in the world (I don’t have many claim
  13. Mine is the 2015 one. A car personally responsible for the purchase by others of 4 other Evoras in my village (or adjacent village) alone! Greg
  14. For all those thinking about a 400, there’s a lovely grey one for sale at Lotus Silverstone😉. It’s being sold for a good cause too - to fund my Elan +2 purchase...! The 400 was just too reliable with no opportunities to get my spanner’s out! 😂 Greg
  15. But Bibs, it frees me up to look seriously at the new Lotus due shortly...! I really don't miss that steep carpark at all! Always worred about my handbrake failing...
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