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  1. No worries at all - it’s good that tastes differ. Best of luck with your search. It was a conversation that I had with Scott Walker at the factory when we were specifying our car that led to choosing the red interior. As we had preordered we were given the opportunity to see the first batch on the production line and that combination stood out for me and my wife - Charlotte liked the way it matched the red callipers! You can’t really go wrong though with the Evora, whatever you choose. I’m still pretty chuffed that it’s the longest privately owned 400 in the world (I don’t have many claim
  2. Mine is the 2015 one. A car personally responsible for the purchase by others of 4 other Evoras in my village (or adjacent village) alone! Greg
  3. For all those thinking about a 400, there’s a lovely grey one for sale at Lotus Silverstone. It’s being sold for a good cause too - to fund my Elan +2 purchase...! The 400 was just too reliable with no opportunities to get my spanner’s out! Greg
  4. But Bibs, it frees me up to look seriously at the new Lotus due shortly...! I really don't miss that steep carpark at all! Always worred about my handbrake failing...
  5. So, after starting this thread almost two years ago, I thought I would update it with the news that I have decided now is the time to sell the 400. The car has been brilliant throughout my almost 5 years of ownership, its just not getting used as much as it used to. That hasn't been helped by the lockdown, but additionally work in the future is likely to involve a lot less travel so my uses for a practical sports car have decreased significantly. I rarely have time to disappear out for drive for an extended period of time on some nice roads so it comes out the garage only when I need to go
  6. Gm77

    Almost there!

    Thanks guys. The 'garage' was a key part of why I convinced Charlotte we needed to move there. Its strange - I can't really remember much from the viewings of the house at all... And as for the colours, my Toxic Green Elise Club Racer really changed my view on green as a car colour. You can't beat a green metallic in my opinion.
  7. Gm77

    Almost there!

    Thought I’d attach some photos of my current project. IVA is booked for 13 March so fingers crossed. Any tips on things that the Norwich test centre are focused on would be highly appreciated. I’ve absolutely loved the build and don’t know what to do with myself now that it’s approaching the end. An Ultima perhaps...?!
  8. Gm77


    Cheers Bibs. Overall, yes. But there have been some frustrations...
  9. Gm77


    Funny you say that @Bibs!!!
  10. Gm77


    I’m the last to defend the EU but much of the above isn’t really the EU’s fault and would be tricky for them to address in isolation. We have an international (read global) tax system that largely allocates rights for countries to tax global profits based on having employees on the ground in that country, and what they actually do. Its a principle that goes back to a time well before the internet was even thought of that basically meant if you want to sell something in a country you’d likely need people in that country doing the selling, and elements of a supply chain supporting that sale, als
  11. Phil, if you’re that close you’ll have to join us next time round! If you fancy it drop me a PM with your mobile number and I’ll add you to the WhatsApp group for the next get together. Greg
  12. Gm77

    TLF GT430 Club

    Thanks Trevor - great to hear such positive feedback and fingers crossed... Greg
  13. Gm77

    TLF GT430 Club

    You’re not wrong! I have to make do with the 10 year old Subaru diesel estate! Life is tough...
  14. Gm77

    TLF GT430 Club

    If Jamie can work his magic with the numbers, this may be sat on my drive this Summer...
  15. It was a celebration of the highest density of privately owned Evora in the world! All within 2 miles, and we were missing one...
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