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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but the shower cap is designed to be put over a roof. If it’s rains heavily the weight of the water will pool and cause it to collapse I would imagine. Just buy a second hand soft top. If you keep it in good condition you will be able to sell in future and get all your money back. Plus I’m sure you will fins with proper roof in boot you will risk using car a lot more topless
  2. – Extracts of this article have been transcribed from a Japanese article featured in Revspeed Magazine, August 1999 That article is 20 years old. I don’t understand why is says the HKS is wet either.
  3. I have the quilted leather in my coupe. It’s not heated though
  4. Thats odd that you found that. i noticed a very significant change in sound (for the better) even with windows up.
  5. I have had one fitted for a couple of years with no issues and i noticed a definite improvement in throttle response. I change the filter every couple of thousand miles and have had no issues. Anyone running the TVS1900 setup will also have this setup and that superchargre will be sucking harder than the stock one. i may be wrong but i believe all the Cup Rs have that filter too. The sound is very similar to the supercharged 1.8 unit found in the older exiges and i think it sounds fantastic.
  6. Need to spin the front wheel at same time to get accurate result from what I read elsewhere. An email to hangar 111 is probably your best bet
  7. Agreed! Well done man. Cracking car
  8. Congrats. Awesome looking car. In my opinion the 380 is the best looking V6 Engined Exige to date :)
  9. I hit a pheasant. luckily it only damaged the splitter so easy enough swap.
  10. Its a shame you cant get inserts like they do for the 1.8 toyota engines. i did them on my S2 exige and was great mod. only £80 and fitting (front and rear only) was easy
  11. Only one sensible solution... sequential gearbox
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