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  1. Makes sense. Surely waiting until spring so that you can do your post install testing on the ring would make sense too. If you need somewhere to stay near(ish) mendig I would highly recommend the longhorn saloon. Owned by Sabine Schmitz. We had a beer with her and she is even cooler in person than on tv
  2. Is it possible to avoid some taxes by taking car to Germany? Just wondered why not get it done at H111?
  3. It Will be a function of speed and rpm. It works in Harry’s laptimer so fairly straight forward I think. You need to enter all the gear ratios in Harry’s Laptimer
  4. Hi George. The going sideways around every corner video doesn’t seem to have uploaded
  5. Both very nice cars . il ask the obvious question... why the change from one 350 to another?
  6. Hi Imran is an engine mount upgrade on your list of potential future offerings? the inserts for the series 2 cars were great and I’m sure would cure some of the issue many people have with selecting (insert gear number here) on track. just a thought...
  7. When I bought my SSC induction kit I was quite surprised how much the import tax was. Not in the good way either. I can’t remember how much but at as guess was 20% or something. Would probably be cheaper to fly there and put it in your hand luggage
  8. Lotus sell the guides on here (they used to be free) If your quick you can download them all in 15 minutes which is only £15 or something. I find them very good guides and I think will be best starting point for you
  9. I sometimes get this problem into 4th. I also run MT90. Have done since car was new. Mine is more of a “struggles to go in (uuuhhh arr suit you sir)” rather than a crunch I was thinking that about the linkage adjustment but also thinking stiffer engine mounts could also cure but there is a distinct lack of options to upgrade engines mounts and I’m reluctant to let anyone I don’t completely trust and who doesn’t deal with these cars regularly start messing with gear linkages
  10. Yes. Or seem to think that by not selling someone a gearbox mod / louvred boot lid / 380 power kit that person is going to think “oh well in that case il have to spend another 40 grand and buy the latest model”
  11. Agreed. I spoke to the factory also and was point blank told it wasn’t possible so great to see it is possible. it seems a bit shortsighted of lotus to not offer it as an upgrade kit for older cars equally they could offer a 380 kit for older cars too but choose not too. It’s strange as with the S2 Exige there was loads of people getting a factory upgrade to 260bhp
  12. I just looked in service manual and there is a section on things you need to do in Tech Centre. Maybe I was just lucky. I don’t see that you can lose anything by trying it yourself first though. Worst case scenario you lose traction control
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