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  1. Yes. Or seem to think that by not selling someone a gearbox mod / louvred boot lid / 380 power kit that person is going to think “oh well in that case il have to spend another 40 grand and buy the latest model”
  2. Agreed. I spoke to the factory also and was point blank told it wasn’t possible so great to see it is possible. it seems a bit shortsighted of lotus to not offer it as an upgrade kit for older cars equally they could offer a 380 kit for older cars too but choose not too. It’s strange as with the S2 Exige there was loads of people getting a factory upgrade to 260bhp
  3. I just looked in service manual and there is a section on things you need to do in Tech Centre. Maybe I was just lucky. I don’t see that you can lose anything by trying it yourself first though. Worst case scenario you lose traction control
  4. I just meant it’s a shame the end user can’t do the things you can on tech centre. Vagcom is about £150 I think. I’d pay that for an aftermarket tech centre for my lotus
  5. I had this exact problem and was paranoid about number of clicks etc but read on another forum to just pull the plunger out all the way and when you fit it into its bracket press the brake pedal in (so it ain’t touching plunger) once it’s in the bracket release brake pedal and let the plunger set itself. I followed that method and it’s been fine for well over a year. I find lotus take the absolute pi$$ with stuff like this. Same as with price of spare parts. Its a shame tech centre isn’t available like vagcom is
  6. It gets even more confusing when you consider the banks are front and rear
  7. Nice idea to remove bellows. It would be even more beneficial if it was upstream of the MAF as it will reduce turbulence. Another thing to consider is the bellows allows for the movement in the engine, if your mount for air filter is solid like the SSC one and doesn’t have any play engine movement might pull the silicone connector off? White makes most sense given your car is white and minimises heat soak .
  8. Col de la bonnette and then the route from there to Nice is excellent. Col de Turini is near there. There is also a road nicknamed “red rock road” I think it is that youbuters bang on about near Monaco too that I’d try and find on my next visit. If you go through Germany Baden-Baden to freudenstadt is awesome too. Especially if you can chase some bikes.
  9. Crikey. I just looked on deroure and it’s £748 ex Vat just for shifter!
  10. Well done. That looks great. Really interested to see more on this. Lotus point blank told me it wasn’t possible (probably to sell more 350s). obviously it’s not polite to ask how much something’s costs but.... what ball park are we in? £1k / £2k?
  11. ..... next video for alias 23 YouTube channel. DIY installation guide. Exige V6 manifolds and sports cat? I did actually have a look at the manifolds bolts the other day when I was Working on car and was amazed by what good condition they were in given my car is approaching 6 years old
  12. Craig Moncrieff quoted me £450+ VAT when I enquired so that sounds broadly in alignment with the above
  13. Are you doing before and after dyno runs
  14. I feel you may be misinformed but I don’t want to open a can of worms and especially don’t want to deviate from topic of thread so il just say in my opinion it would be your loss to not choose a 2bular exhaust
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