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  1. I’m just surprised is all. I’ve only ever looked at the 2bular manifolds and with that one you buy the manifold and downpipe as a set. Presumably the komotec version is stronger than the stock one thus preventing you from having another failure.... Im probably wrong but I would expect a fully engineered exhaust from manifolds to back box would give better performance than half stock half new
  2. Me too. I have a lot of time for komo-tec but I’m gobsmacked that they aren’t thrown in as part of the conversion. It’s like not changing underlay when you change your carpets. Yes you probably won’t notice any difference but for the relative additional cost compared to carpet you just do it anyway. Maybe I’m just OCD.
  3. Aren’t they changed as part of the 460 upgrade anyway? Or is there an improved design?
  4. Hi My car is 4 years old this year and I see in the service book it recommends a coolant change. Are there any recommended coolant fluids people have used when their cars have turned 4 years old. I have never had a car that's needed a coolant change before. Is it even necessary? Cheers
  5. Apart from making an annoying noise does it actually cause a problem?
  6. I have pearlescent white exterior with venom red interior. I wasn’t keen on it at first but after viewing in the flesh I love it, I feel it makes the car a bit more special on the inside. When I got mine (14 reg) you only got quilted leather in the roadster but mine is specced with it in a coupe
  7. Would it just be a lot easier to buy a 2bular track system which sounds better than stock one anyway and stick the add on silencers on yourself when required?
  8. That looks like a winner. Any idea on price? Can’t seem to spot it on website.
  9. Do you have a link please? it does look a bit of a faff in that its stuck in but I would remove tailgate and then work on the glass once your not leaning over the car in an awkward position.
  10. Im still waiting for one the after market companies to reproduce this part. Lotus prices are ridiculous. I think I read somewhere that someone was developing one but seems to have gone quiet.
  11. Obviously everyone here would (quite rightly) pick your Lotus but after that in that lineup which one would you go for? I think it’d be 4.0 for me. Great lineup of cars that. How did the Lotus compare in outright speed George?
  12. I'd certainly have the upgrade if lotus offered it. But if they want to charge the best part of £2000 for a louvred boot lid they would probably want £25k for a pulley and map and a fuel pump that no other tuning company seems to think is required
  13. Your sprint has a certain amount of wow factor that you may lose with a less exciting paint job im also thinking along the same lines having had my car for over 3 years now, but I personally just don't think the newer cars (350/380) warrant the extra money. Maybe on the used market in year or two I could be tempted. Nice predicament to be in though for you. No downside really
  14. Hi its interesting you now have the full valve control with the 2bular back box. I presume you aren't running it forced closed on track days? I specifically asked Jim about doing this when I was ordering mine (ended up with track system) and he strongly advised against forcing the valve shut at higher revs, his main argument besides the obvious extra back pressure on the engine was the heat would destroy the exhaust valve, so be interesting to see what you find. sounds like you have the best of both worlds and no faff with add on silencers.. also can I ask why you never went with the KT clutch and uprated flywheel please? I always had in the back on my head if/when clutch ever needs a change that's the system I would go for..... also great news to hear that H111 have managed to drastically reduce the time to swap a clutch.
  15. I guess what you are both saying is that if you want some Nitrons don't buy bog standard Nitrons, buy either one of your kits
  16. Thanks for the detailed response. please can you tell me why these two tyres have different rolling resistance then when they are not OE specific. I think this is what Samo was referring to
  17. Maybe I am being naïve but surely every PS4 tyre is made of same compound?
  18. Im already running more camber -1F / -1.75R. Will probably go for more in front next time the geo is checked which I normally have done once a year. Im going to go for the PS4 probably with 215 fronts based on all that's been said here thanks everyone Enough to clear a pheasant? already on splitter #2 after a pheasant decided to kamikaze itself
  19. I think that sounds like a winner to me too, last question is whether to go for 215/45 fronts or 205/45?
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