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  1. I have little experience of the lotus sport (although I think my S2 exige had one) but I and many friends have installed 2bular on various cars. I put 2bular on my exige S3 which I just sold and will be buying one for my inbound evora 400. I don’t think you can get a better made exhaust. Sound is subjective but there are that many options from 2bular and Jim (owns 2bular) is so helpful at getting you the right exhaust that you will struggle to go wrong 👍

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  2. Just helped my mate change the air conditioning condenser on his. Clam off I’m afraid. It’s nowhere near as bad as it sounds aslong as your not in a rush and handy with tools. You will need a mate to lift clam off when you get to that bit. 

    only issue we encountered was the bottom retaining bolt / headlight adjustment jack was bit difficult to remove but on a 410 it should be fine as it’s a lot newer 👍

    download the service notes off the lotus cars website and it has it detailed step by step 

  3. Forgive me for sounding patronising, it’s not intended. But I think the logic is track exhaust for people who do trackdays or road exhaust for people who don’t. 

    Jim doesn’t like valves in systems used on track, which appears logical given the number of people whose actuators and solenoids seem to fail. 

    that said I’m pretty certain the add ons will work on the road system. 

    or.... get yourself to Spa. They don’t care about noise there. I took my add on silencers all the way there and the marshalls just laughed at me when I asked if I should fit them 😃

  4. Sound is much better than oem. It’s hard to describe but without question it sounds a lot better. Im certain you wouldn’t regret installing a 2bular track system. 

    I have the add ons also. Without add ons it’s about 107db for static and with its around 99 dB. I’ve had mine 4 years so can’t remember exact figures but no problems at donnington with add ons and silverstone don’t need add ons  for the drive by. I’ve only done the LOT days there and they didn’t do static on days I attended. the whole point of the add ons is for track use so yes they safe. Mine are original design attaches with springs but that’s ditched now in favour of clamps. I’ve never had any issues 👍

    just ring Jim at 2bular up if you want some advice. Doesn’t seem very active on here recently. 

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  5. I couldn’t decide either but ultimately I went for a 2bular track system as I do the odd track day and I have been very happy with it. 

    I think the ecu does learn a bit with the full manifold / back box system and gives you some gains but you really need a remap to make most of it. 

    Back box may give you a handful of bhp but I bought it for the sound which is fantastic whichever system you go for. 

    I guess it depends what you want and how much your prepared to pay. If your going to track it then go for track system 

  6. Nice comparison. My mate has an Evora 400 that I’ve driven and compared  with my exige S I could pretty much copy and paste what you said. 

    I think an evora will be my next car after 2.5 years in an S2 and nearly 6 in my S3. 

    different proposition to the exige, but still typically lotus and still rarer than most other exotica a 2,3,4 times the price. 

    exhaust note is great but too loud. Actually pretty stupid of lotus making it that loud considering how many of their cars see track use. My mate got black flagged at donny last year

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  7. On 15/02/2020 at 16:04, geartox said:

    does someone is running the V6 with E85 and a flexfuel kit ? More torque, cheaper... I am looking about this conversion.


    Years ago I accidentally filled up with it in my S2 in Germany (thinking it was super unleaded). There was list on engines that wouldn’t accept it online and if I remember correctly (it was about 10 years ago) the Toyota Celica was on the not compatible list. 

    You probably won’t find lotus listed on any such lists but if you can find another Toyota with same engine that would be best bet to see if it’s compatible. My guess would be it isn’t in stock setup but that nothing but a guess 

  8. Makes sense😀. Surely waiting until spring so that you can do your post install testing on the ring would make sense too. 

    If you need somewhere to stay near(ish) mendig I would highly recommend the longhorn saloon. Owned by Sabine Schmitz. We had a beer with her and she is even cooler in person than on tv

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