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  1. Guess who had one of thoes Sir Sterling Moss believe it or not
  2. The best way of testing a Cars A/C for integrity is by a vacuum test Vac the high and low side down to 2 Torr and isolate from the vac pump and see if it rises. If it doesn't rise in an hour then your proberbly ok At 5psi an hour with a 45psi test I give it a week before it's all gone The trouble is they hold such little charge 700g being the average for car A/C and as mentioned the old hoses can become porous and just leach out refrigerant . If I test with nitrogen up to about 10 bar / 145 psi I expect the pressure to rise slightly on a good system as the expanded nitrogen from the cylinder is cold when entering the system and on a warm day will expand thus raising the pressure in the system by a PSI or so My friends Mercedes kept loosing it's charge about every month so tested and eventually found the condenser was just weeping on one of the fins took ages to find but without dye would never have found it
  3. Yes had mine through for Saturday no problem 2 tickets one for me and the car and one for the passenger
  4. I'll be there Saturday
  5. I've attended 5 times and to be honest the day was not as exciting as the timed events. But this is the first time for a supercar day and all in all plenty of cars to see and always lucky with the weather and never seen so many people attend so gives you an idea of usual attendance figures We all enjoyed the day and some cracking roads on the way home on Sunday thanks Nick
  6. Yes main carpark at bottom of hill A couple of runners last year
  7. Unfortunately I'm on call so cannot attend which is a shame Hope the weather holds for everyone
  8. Stand ticket received today by email
  9. A could see you on the roundabout nicking street signs With you mate in his van The price of scrap a
  10. Sounds like the clutch pack rattling the clutch only moves a couple of millimeters to engage I would drive back with the A/C on
  11. Unfortunately the big problem finding leaks is very difficult as many parts and hoses are hidden and vacuum tests are ok but they are sucking Inn air to find a leak and unfortunately the gas leaks out under pressure and differsnt joints in the system react differently depending if under pressure or vacuum so if no leak found using a vacuum then dry Nitrogen should be used to test the system under pressure usually 10/14bar and if no leak detected than you can add ultraviolet fluorescent die on recharge and then run the system and go looking with your U/V torch
  12. That's not to had the Rolex is around £450/500 and the Patek £1600 and it's away for 12/16 weeks you do get a new strap
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