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  1. I swapped from the Varta blue top to the silver Yuasa so fingers crossed it lasts longer than yours as was getting through a blue top every 2-3 years Think the Varta silver top one gets a good review so will be trying that if the Yuasa doesn't work out
  2. Must admit I had obviously took the cap off ages ago and put it back to the stop and thought that's it had level problems for ages finally asked gez at back on track to change the coolant and look for leaks but none found and only when I got the car home I found the cap had been fitted about 1/3 past the stop and have removed and replaced since to 1/3 past the stop and no more level issues. Hope you get this resolved Andy as must admit it started to drive me crazy keep topping up every now and then only seemed to loose the level if the car got to 99' before the fan cut in so can only assume as the cap wasn't fully seated in the O. Ring it would slowly relieve pressure/ vapour whilst driving and thus lower the level by allowing the water content of the glycol mix to boil away very slowly would only drop 5mm at a time. So no leaks found and since the cap fully tightens have let the car fully warm up and fans on and off on long runs level spot on when cold because I couldn't understand that I never had any issues when I first picked up the car so it was proberbly me all along.
  3. Mins a 2009 Exige but same header tank I think looks exactly the same. Could just be air finding its way out or the cap might need replacing did read somewhere they don't last that long . Hope you get a fix soon
  4. Had my car for ages and no problems then noticed would loose coolant level when I had been out for a run and engine had run up to 99"C and fans cut in never saw a leek but once back in the garage and parked in exactly the same spot Would just drop a little each time about 5cm. But if I went out for a run and the temp never got up to 99"C level diddent seem to drop. So jacked up undertrays off checked everything all dry checked overflow spout always dry even got gez at back on track to look no leak found. Even replaced the cap as heard they can let by over time. Finally found the problem when refitting the pressure cap it screws on and hits a stop and you think that's it found that you need to turn it another 1/3 of a turn past the stop until it tightens ( remember it's all plastic so don't go mad it's on an O Ring )and have had no more level issues since can let the car run right up to temp fans cutting in at 99'C off at 94'C and when cool level spot on. As a foot note the cooling system can be hard to bleed and the expansion bottle is only small as air finds its way up can make a big difference to the level My level runs from cold at bottom mark on tank to 3/4 full have had the larger radiator fitted at Hanger111. when at 99'C before the fans cut in and always when cold the top left hand quarter of the tank were the two return lines come back to the tank is always full Hope this helps
  5. Prices for the Porsche £13k down £560 a month for 30 months then a balloon of £63 k To rich for me I'm afrade
  6. Thanks was lucky enough for it to be featured in Car magazine so went for a photo shoot at bicestor heritage for the day a while ago was in a group test and they let me keep the photos. Cracking day
  7. In a word no not because of any real problem with the Porsche just the Exige S2 240 is more raw which I like and cost me £30k and plenty quick enough for me bit to quick really. Build quality no were near that if the Porsche as expected and the money side different ball game road tax £400+ a year for the first three years and car as tested £83k. Not had a go in the S3 Exige 380-410 etc only sat in one so really need to compare these to the Porsche to be honest but haveing a run out in my S2 always makes me smile just because it's so different from anything else Porsche included.
  8. Well had a go in the new Cayman GT4 and very impressed as a note black calipers available but at £660 to have them changed from red ouch! . Great gear change and the auto blip on down shifts superb, brand new car so diddent give it the full beans plus not mine either. From other Porsches I've driven 7 in total the steering is a lot quicker and a tad more lock. Nice engine note could hear the auxiliary drive belt behind the seats a bit and a nice unfussy steering wheel for once. Very impressed
  9. Fair enough honest opinions always welcome Will be haveing a go in the new Cayman GT4 this weekend so that should be interesting
  10. Good info shame though had my S2 Exige on an 58 plate for 6 years now done 30k miles so not loads a year I grant you but only fault new radiator and to be honest I like the Evora's but they do seem to have a lot of niggles so keeping what I've got just seems loads of people keep haveing electrical/engine management issues. Seems a lot of trouble for what is basically a V6 Toyota engine. Hope it's not detracting from your enjoyment because there's nothing worse than having a car you love to drive but is a pain to live with.
  11. Had an uneven fast slow you name it heart beat that would then go back to normal would come on when sitting watching TV then I'd be ok playing squash. I'm 52 way under 11 stone never been on any meds and in the end over the last 3 years the episode got longer and longer still went to work as an industrial Refrigeration eng so quite strenuous at times. Ended up having Cryogenic atrial oblation and now it's like I've never had a heart problem No pills no further checkups and to be honest I thought if I can't get this sorted then I'd have to give up work because when my heart was playing up I was down to 50%. So try not to worry if you can the most important thing is it's been spotted and now it can be tackled
  12. Yes different with the black face nice That's certainly some weight on that wrist Would have purchased the 5960p if it was as described then the salesman said well to be honest it's the first time I've seen it. And he's telling me it's in fantastic condition did tell him if he wants to sell watches of this value best he sorts himself out As for priced yes the Nautilus are going for crazy money will people catch a cold when the fashion changes who knows The 5960p was £66k new with the gray face then they released it in blue then for the last year in black and that had a list price of £72k.Gray dials are going for around £40k blue £45k and black £55k and a service between £1800/2000 depending if you want the case polished or not
  13. Nothing I like the watch but when it's presented un wound and un set with a damaged case a worn clasp and to top it all the cronograph doesn't reset to 12 I feel my time has been wasted especially as I had enquired about the exact condition before the viewing
  14. Shame very disappointed with the whole experience
  15. Sorry won't be there I'm on a Co2 training course in Bradford
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