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  1. No still the same Does work quite well to be honest
  2. No problems in the S2 Exige even at speed with either or both windows open Apart from the warm air that comes off the radiator
  3. Thanks Bibs well organised as usuall
  4. He got me theses Propper scooby do Nike dunk veneers
  5. Size 7 ebay puma speed cats new never worn £34 touch
  6. Oh not sure how to proceed in that case hopefully someone on here will have a sneekey trick can't be the first time this happens what do the dealers do if the release cable snaps
  7. Had that on my s2 exige when the catch came loose I adjusted it and closed it and you guessed it pulled the lever and it only popped up very slightly. Solution got the better half to fully pull the lever and then you won't like this bit but had to grab the spoiler and rock the tailgate and luckily it unlatched and had to re adjust some more then nearly got it stuck again but bit of trial and error ok now Good luck
  8. Bin it Roy I've used plenty of oils over my 39 years in refrigeration and I've seen plenty of bad oil new out the tin as it were from contaminated with water and dirt to separated oil with additives and remember theses oils have to go as low as - 60'c to +120'C and if there's any issues I bin the lot as I've seen what happens if you don't The biggest bill I can remember was £130k on a pumped ammonia system that the customer decided to take as he put it a calculated risk with not wanting to dump 400L of oil and paid an extremely heavy price in the long run that took over 2 years to finally sort out. Just my view but all the oils I've used over the years Shell has always come out on top with very few issues just my experience
  9. Remember it's for the s2 not the s3 there is one for the s3 Just keep the faces clean and oil free and I allowed 24 hours for the sealant to cure before adding oil and running
  10. Rubber flaps that need changing every 2 years. What a pain I'd have had to take my sump off 5 times since I've had my car I'll stick with my S2 I'd take that sump off and bin it and fit a moroso no rubber in here
  11. My advice for the cost against possible future damage do not run the engine drain and refill
  12. I've had the 2bular H2 version on my s2 for 30.000miles now all good and fitted well also fitted a decat pipe to another exige but not so easey to fit as the flange was tight on alignment but got it done and nicely made
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