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    play a bit of squash and tennis and like a wrist watch and most motor sport don't do football or golf im afraid although crazy golfs ok!

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  1. philcool

    Ryarsh Village Fete - 23rd June 2018

    Sorry can't make it this year got a 21st birthday to go to in New Malden at 2pm
  2. philcool

    Engine light

    My company Vauxhall vivaro van had the engine light come on and miss fired for a second 16,000 Miles later it went in for a service at a main dealer when asked about the light they said oh we reset that it was nothing Forward four weeks and the turbo decided to fire itself through the throttle body The light came on all right then I can tell you. I've since purchased a Launch 129 fault code reader and its worked on Ford Vauxhall Mercedes Masda Lotus and Nissan you would be surprised how maney fault codes are in the memory of some cars and the information you can read seems to differ widely from manufactuar to manufactuar On the Lotus I can read 12 data streams but can perform miss fire test On my Mercedes I can see 52 data streams including all air bags and automatic gearbox solinoid tests and ABS but can read over 60 on Ford Mondao things like brake peddle pressure and what speed the radiator fan should be running at when the A/C is on.
  3. philcool

    IWM Duxford Spring Car Show - Sunday 6th May 2018

    Thanks Martyn had a great day
  4. philcool

    IWM Duxford Spring Car Show - Sunday 6th May 2018

    Just received an email saying that they hope to have my permit out by the end of the week II haven't sent them anymore information than the original enquiry so they must be working there way through the applications
  5. philcool

    IWM Duxford Spring Car Show - Sunday 6th May 2018

    All done thanks Martynv
  6. philcool

    IWM Duxford Spring Car Show - Sunday 6th May 2018

    Martyn please add me to the list Thanks
  7. iWhen the A/C Is running do the radiator cooling fans run as the compressor could be stopping on High Condensing pressure which decays when the compressor stops and allows it to start again But usually when on the move above day 30-40 mph this isn't a problem due to normal airflow through the car radiator remember the A/C Condensor is strapped to the front of the radiator and is designed to get the first cool air supply As for short of gas it could still be short as the compressor will run but due to insuficant charge it will cool initially untithe pressure drops then stops Also if the pressure is low the evaporator will tend to ice up and reduce the boiling affect and the pressure further When it runs with an outside temp of say 25'C And the engine at about 3K reves you should be getting air out of the vents at about 6'C or there abouts with the interior fan at high speed if it can do that then it might be a thermostats problem just nocking it off to earley Remember when testing the A/C give it a while to get going refrigeration effect is never instant Also remember most cars A/C only hold around 700grams of R134a so you only need a slight weep and it soon goes And they are critically charged so no extra is allowed to accomadate for losses
  8. philcool

    Ecu data print out at service ref mileage

    Yes the low oil pressure events are more of a concern can you ever remember the oil light flickering Shame it doesant say how long the oil pressure was low might have only been for a split second
  9. They mist after washing my S2 as well as they are not sealed units
  10. Golden rule about A/C In cars is they need to be run all year round prefrably once a week If the outside ambient is to cold run the car up to temperature and the cabin and then place on recirc and put the A/C on Now it's got something to chill if you don't run the compressor for a long period then the glandseal on the input shaft of the compressor looses its oil coating and its only that which stops gas loss I've lost count how maney cars I've recharged after the ( it was working last time i used it in the summer ) Another thing please don't engage the A/C at high reves it does neither the compressor or the clutch any favours If your hot wait till the next set of lights or even dip the clutch let the reves die down then the A/C on Never had to recharge my old Mercedes and that was 18 Years old before it had to go because of rust but the A/C was blowing cold right till the last
  11. I am insured by them AiB markerstudy on my S2 S240 Exige £409 With 9 Years NCD 5000 MILES a year And legal protection and I'm classed as inner London Only stipulation is if the cars at home must be in the Garage after 22,00 Hope this helps for comparison and I'm a 50 year old git 😊
  12. philcool

    Refilling coolant after pipe change. Leak?

    Usually blue has a silicat based inhibiter and red/ Orange is OAT Organic Acid Based inhibiter not a good idea to mix them The blue usually needs changing every 2 years and Red/Orange every 4 years
  13. philcool

    I'm done with Lotus

    A real shame that your Lotus Experiance has ended this way and I must admit I don't blame you for moving on. In my Experiance I've been on the tools as a Service Engineer in Indusrial Refrigeration for 34 years and by far the best policy when talking to customers is tell them how it is if I don't know what's wrong at that moment in time then that's what I tell them and equally if I think its down to the customer I tell them that as well and over the years its caused a couple of bust ups. And I've been lied to at a gaurage before over work that has apparantly been done and on inspection clearly hasant and I've never used them again. And good on you for posting your experiences hope all goes well on your next purchase after all all this messing around with cars is supposed to be fun isn't it
  14. philcool

    1 Bar of Fuel = ?

    I understand that Just thought that if your going to use the tank sender unit however accurate and calibrated it may be a percentage reading would be more usefull than say two and a bit bars