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    play a bit of squash and tennis and like a wrist watch and most motor sport don't do football or golf im afraid although crazy golfs ok!

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  1. Very interesting well done with the pictures The oil pickup and engine internals look nice and clean
  2. philcool

    Sorting out some niggles.

    Hope you get satisfaction as I unfortunately find it hard to justify the move from my Exige S2 as although it has a few squeaks and rattles everything works a treat and has done since purchase 5 years ago with only a new radiator needs in that time. So I find it hard to spend a fair amount of money for arguably a step up to an S3 Exige or Evora which is a shame. Keep us posted on the outcome
  3. philcool

    Gearbox oil

    Well not sure to be honest just an increase on how you would like the gearbox to feel. Is certainly nicer to use when its cold that's for sure
  4. philcool

    Charging my Lotus Elise with C Tek charger

    Yes you can leave the battery connected mine spends all week sometimes 3 weeks connected no problems I connect mine through the cigar lighter between the seats in the S2 Exige
  5. Well done enjoyed that 😊
  6. philcool

    Radiator and condenser issues

    Yes true I usually end up working on systems that have been 're gassed loads of times as its the quickest fix Unfotunatly people still just gas them up for the summer Lots of people gas them up themself with the bottles from Halfords which do contain a percentage of oil But the instructions tell you to charge to a gauge pressure which is in my view poor at best as the pressure will depend on cooled air inlet temp and engine speed and interior fan speed even pollen filter condition. Fare better to weigh the correct gram charge in if the information is not available the pressure method can be used but you need to check the suction super heat over differant revs and fan speed conditions
  7. philcool

    Radiator and condenser issues

    Unfortunately when the refrigerant leaks out of the A/C system you also loose some of the lubricating oil as it is missable with the refrigerant. So depending on how meney times its been topped up with fresh refrigerant the oil is depleted from the system unless you have the manufactures information on how maney grams of the correct grade polyester oil ( usually grade 68 ) its a bit of a guess as there is no sump on the compressor to speak of it relies on a mist of oil returning to the compressor via the suction gas for its lubrication. As a rule I pump a few grams of oil in every other recharge after repairing the leak first of couse Golden rule never overcharge a system it will flood back and damage the compressor if I'm doubt leave it slightly undercharged And always run the A/C ideally once a week or defenatly once a month to stop leaks from the input shaft glandseal on the compressor as it only seals when lubricated with oil which drains away when not used.
  8. philcool

    Battery tickle chargers

    I too use a CTEK MX5 for last 6 years and have found it as easy to use the cigar lighter between the seats but have had to fit a couple of O Rings on the cigar connector to keep it a tight fit in the socket other than that no problems easey to fit and as its through the drivers door no chance of driving off with it connected
  9. philcool

    Gearbox oil

    Not the same box obviously but have swapped to MT90 in my S2 Exige and have now changed 3 times and would say the shift is 15% better
  10. philcool

    How is your punctuation

    Honestly diddent have a clue about any of them and I can't spell at all but hay. I'm earning more than all thoes teachers that made my live a misery put together. You don't need to spell well to repair Ammonia Refrigeration Systems 😊 I got 3 and I'm rubbish
  11. philcool

    Drag Race: Exige 350 failed against Alfa 4C

    Well done for being honest not sure why everybody gets so upset about even the slightest negative situation about Lotus. I'll be driveing a 911T at the weekend and its supposed to be lightweight and is infact only 5 kg lighter than a carrera but hay I bet it will still be a nice drive and the price 85k with 1200 miles on the clock 7 speed manual and the carbon seats. And I will love every minuit in it but I've got my Exige S2 and yes its got some drawbacks but I love that as well. Will I buy a Porsche/might I've been lucky enough to drive a few and would like to have a go in a 4C have also driven the new M2 but its all good and to be honest the only people who loose out are the ones that keep getting fired up about this kind of video Hope you had a bit of fun that day whatever the end result
  12. I use an analog gauge always buy the best quality Digital always look more accurate but that's not always the case and I'm old school
  13. philcool

    Back on Track OR Bell and Colvill?

    Have used both and my vote is for Back on track taking mine there Saturday Just more personal can discus what oils you want used etc and you can talk to the lads who do the work and you get good honest answers Hanger 111 also good
  14. philcool

    Best oil and filter?

    I've always used Shell in all my cars and the only reason is at work of 35years changing oil in refrigeration systems. I've never had a bad batch from shell and the consistent quality stands above the rest and the oils we use are under far more chalenging conditions as thay mix with the differant R efrigerants and have to be able to opperate in temp ranges from 150"C to -90"C and still lubricate for thousands of hours opperation. And in my opinion Shell have never let me down unlike some other famous brands that have waxed up at low temps have been deliverd already containing to much moisture or have reacted to the refrigerant even when suposidly sutible for the aplication. So based on that Shell for me every Time and have never had an engine issue
  15. Made it only took 4 Hours for 120miles 😕 Never mind looks good