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  1. Looks cracking well done that man
  2. When dealing with euro car parts it's a propper Turkish bizarre. Never had a problem taking parts back but often have to or should I say did. I've even rang to make sure the parts are there oh yes come on down you get there not in stock but the computer said we had it. I've been given air filters that have been used oil that's been opened with some missing the wrong spare in the right box. So even before I leave the counter open everything and check it all. I ordered 5L of red OAT antifreeze and that turned up a day late but was ok when it did turn up. I'm sorry for your frustration but that's euros for you. On the flip side I also use AUTODOC in Germany and although usually 瞿10 postage they have never got an order wrong and a fare larger selection of parts as well
  3. No I don't drive mine enough
  4. If it's got R134a in it then the oil will not match the new refrigerant and as for compressors you might find the new refrigerant compressor has a different shaft seal with different composition and also won't like running on the old system as for venting the fine in England is 瞿25k and up to 5 years in jail if you knowingly charge a system that has a leak or deliberately vent CFCs But the public can buy R134a from Halfords with no checks as they only sell it in 800gram cylinders and any fridge system containing less than 3Kg is not subject to any leak detection control and is not under F Gas rules
  5. Just be carefull when removing the small centre bolt as some are a left-hand thread And the peg on the back of the coil is more to stop it trying to spin with the clutch and ripping the wires out Other than that a good video
  6. Have owned an Exige S2 240 now for 7 years have done 28k miles in it and only problems a new radiator as the plastic header ends split and 2 batteries and one failed LED on the rear light and have changed the Toyota plastic header tank other than that just servicing And changed the exhaust as original lotus stage 2 noiesey and droned at speed so fitted a 2bular lovely build quality and great sound and easey to fit The 2ZZ is a cracking engine spins up a treat never burnt a drop of oil but would suggest if you can check the ECU print out if you can as I think some people can get overly enthusaistac with the rev limit and although going up the gears is protected coming down isn't other than that and a few rattles and squeaks it's been a blast. Improvements I thing would definitely be the new open linkage gear shifter and proberbly overall slightly better build quality but what ever you choose I don't think your be disappointed
  7. You might find its only the idler bearing that has seized and the compressors ok You never know till you remove the pulley If you want to check the clutch supply the coil with 12volts and you should hear it click as the clutch engages
  8. Yes leve it on my good man wise words indeed and if it won't run in the winter because the weather's cold ( most car A/C stop at about 5'C ambient ) it's because there's not enough heat to boil the refrigerant in the evaporator and you can get liquid back to the compressor and as we all know apart from washing the oil away refrigerants a great degreaser you can't compress a liquid. So to combat this run the car warm the interior and place the fan on recirculation and run the A/C on the warm cabin air only need to do it for a few minutes and set the fan to full speed as well helps My old 20 year Mercedes when I had it I never topped it up once
  9. You need to run the compressor at least every month if not every week to lubricate the glandseal that stops refrigerant escaping from the compressor input shaft. The compressor doesn't actually hold much oil and is lubricated by the oil entrained in the returning refrigerant vapour from the evaporator. You can recharge the system checking the amount of suction superheat returning from the evaporator but the better a safer way is to charge the system by weight and the golden rule you can get by with the system being slightly undercharged but never overcharged as more refrigerant doesn't equal lower temperatures just a damaged compressor
  10. Each chiller is 6 mega watt plenty of cooling there only thing is the compressor is 1.2 Ton on its own As for finding leaks on car A/C can be a real pain might even be an over or under crimped hose so I feel your pain
  11. My S2 Exige has no sticker but the refrigerant and quantity is in the handbook as for the oil it's a little bit complicated with the new refrigerant If it's got R134a in it and PAG46 oil I'd stick with that as the PAG oil will be around the hole system so not easey to change. I'm pumping out 960kg today enough for a thousand cars and 490L of oil
  12. The air con pulley should spin freely as the clutch should not be engaged so should freewheel freely without turning the compressor so either the freewheel bearing has gone or the clutch has stuck in and the compressor could have seized. The clutches only move a millimeter or so induced by a circular electro magnet behind it around the compressor input shaft
  13. The A/C compressor has no oil sump and is cooled and lubricated by the returning refrigerant cool gas from the evaporator this also brings a mist of oil with it. If the compressor has been running short of refrigerant charge then it tends to overheat and be starved of oil so all manufacturers fit a low pressure switch in the system to cut out the compressor when the refrigerant charge becomes low. There can be operational reasons why the pressure can become low other than refrigerant loss. Defective expansion valve this is the valve that meters the refrigerant into the evaporator Iced up or dirty evaporator not usually common on cars Low air flow across the evaporator faulty fan blocked pollen filter. All A/C systems should shut off when the interior fan is turned off. So if you have been having trouble with the A/C system loosing refrigerant that can be very hard to find as it only holds approximately 700--900grams so only needs a small weep to loose it.sometimes you have to add fluorescent die to the system then run the system and look with an ultraviolet light at night. Anyway suspect the fault could be with the A/C compressor or clutch if it hasn't disengaged good luck a real shame on a cars that only done low milage
  14. Hello Dave Do you think haveing the conversion done makes a big difference to shift quality as in is it as good as the series 3 Exige or is the conversion compromised by the fact it's an upgrade on an older design and is it available on the S2 Exige Thanks
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