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    play a bit of squash and tennis and like a wrist watch and most motor sport don't do football or golf im afraid although crazy golfs ok!

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    Exige S 240
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  1. Had a great drive home from Pool and the last 5 mins spent time thinking of what to tell her indoors and it wasn't do you want a go
  2. No more totty at darts!! And now F1!!

    F1 Will be next no more grid girls like you say haven't a clue what they get paid but its there choice and if I had the looks and the body I wouldent be messing around with Ammonia chillers I tell you
  3. Thanks batmobile that does put a better take on things will keep an eye out in case something catches my eye 😊
  4. My first Exige

    Does look nice and plenty of foam by that brick wall
  5. Such a shame I think I will hang on to my S2 in 20k miles had a new radiator when the plastic header split well known about and a new battery that's all and its 10 years old. Really if Lotus is going to charge Porsche money then the build quality does need to be better hope you all get some resolution because me moving on to an S3 ( maybe a 350 ) is clouded by others experiences which is a shame.
  6. I dident want to say in case I started getting begging letters you know how it is these days £2 win Touch ☺ Oh and Simon from the Lotus accadimey sneaked in with a £1 win so we kept quite up our end
  7. Yes well done very enjoyable had a good evening
  8. Watch Collectors/Fanatics

    To be honest even if the watch has stopped its still right twice a day 😀
  9. Ticket ordered on Monday 28th arrived today you cant beat that thanks bibs
  10. Ordered an other ticket dads coming
  11. Hi Lucas ill buy it off you I can meet you at the gate I only live local as well ill PM you
  12. Engine oil

    Also included in the 50% off are oil filters and pollen filters and batteries to see the full list just add brake fluid to your list and because that's not in the 50% promotion it tells you at the bottom of the what's in your basket page and lets you click on a section that lists all that's in the 50% off category Just ordered 5L shell 5w-40 for the Lotus 5L 10w-40 for the old Mercedes and an oil filter and a carbon activated pollen filter All for £ 53.48 all 50% off Thanks Steve
  13. The Roundel Run III

    Great day thanks to everybody involved
  14. The Roundel Run III

    Hi bibs I would like to go Sunday if that's ok will pm you my address
  15. Speccing a 250 Cup

    My Exige S240 was specified by the original owner with no sound insulation and round town the stereo is ok but at motorway speeds with the road wind and exhaust noise its passable at best As for the exhaust its more what it sounds like than what its made of I had a Lotus stage 2 exhaust and on full acceleration it was 96db in the cabin so have changed it for a 2ublar one as the standard exhaust sounds dredfull so didn't want to fit that but then again who doesant like a Titanium exhaust Expect listening to the sterio is affected more by my choice of exhaust than the NVH deletion suspect with a standard exhaust it would be quite a differant Experiance I'd rather listen to the 2bular anyway that's why I fitted it horses for courses on that one