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  1. Me dave Scott nick and proberbly Karen and sounds like Darren as well
  2. I've used one of these very useful Place a Cross the battery and type on what type of battery you have ie lead acid or EFB or AGM. And then punch in the batteries CCA and it will test standing CCA and CCA on start up. Standing voltage and starting voltage and then place a load on the system via headlights and interior fan etc and it will also check the ripple so you can see if the diodes are ok. about £35/£40
  3. Had a lotus sport on my S2 Exige 240 and had only covered about 8k miles and sufferd internals rattles. Replaced with a 2bular H2 chamber exhaust now done 30k no problems But might be a while before you get it but after all I've red every time I phoned Jim he answered and was polite
  4. Yes gap very important to small and well wonder it Dibden seize up. Thankfully no a Lotus a fridge compressor
  5. Yes they are a bit narrow but all I do is place them in the middle of the tyre and line them up and back you go. They are a bit heavy duty but nice and stable and easily lift off the ramps once up and also fit the Halford ramps as well
  6. Or a pair of steel 4x2 painted channel with white paint mixed with sand on the top for grip and cut out to hook straight on to the ramps and can be lifted out the way once up. Just remember to replace before driving back down nearly happened 😅
  7. Sorry not a clue but put it up to the max for sure
  8. Well done best colour as well
  9. Cracking love the orange hands Enjoy My mates on the waiting list for the silver snoopy with the rocket going round on the back now told 3 years he's already waited 8 months Think they are about £8k one of the first was up for sale £22k told him stay on the list
  10. Well no track day cover. But 5k miles a year garaged overnight Non standard exhaust declared Fully com .protected NCB 9 years .legal cover Exige S240 Location Inner London £267 L.V Have noticed that some policy don't cover windscreens now so watch out for that Was over £400 with AIB
  11. I second this advice I had scans and all sorts on my left knee because it was a pain like tooth Ake. Untill one of the lads at work suggested Glucosamine and Chondroitin tablets I get them from Holland and Barret when in the penny sale and they need a month or so to get working but what a difference so I stopped and after a few weeks back came the pain so give them a try
  12. Don't think so bibs we went on a Friday and sat outside and the general consensus is wait till fully open
  13. philcool

    Car SOS

    21.00 more 4 tonight Esprit S1
  14. Just run on Shell V Power and stop buying beer 🍻 at £5 a pint Just my view 😁
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