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  1. Good point Ian slightly wrong just trying to help the coil in the climate box is the evaporator the condenser is the other end of the system and yes if it does ice up then the compressor should stop on its low pressure setting as the ice insulated the coil from the warm air flow. And 1" of ice has the same insulating effect of 1/2" of cork lagging ( that's one thing I remembered from collage ). Anyway if the compressor still runs with an iced evaporator then yes it can overheat but more often than not liquid refrigerant can return to the compressor and they don't last long once that
  2. Just to help out 1. Never overcharge a system as overcharging is easey done if not weighing the refrigerant in and going by pressures and temperatures as this has many variables .Ambient temperature ,engine speed ,internal fan speed, ,evaporator/condenser cleanliness. Always weigh the charge in and being slightly overcharged is worse than slightly undercharged as overcharging can cause liquid refrigerant to return to the compressor and we all know you cannot compress a liquid. 2 .Always try and engage the compressor at engine tick over otherwise your stressing the magnetic clut
  3. Yes bit late now have had some good times now highest paid with the best van and they've never skimped on tools and did have a final salery pension till last year but managed to get 12% pension out of them instead now so not all bad
  4. Well I've worked for the same company for 38 years and all that time I've had numerous assesments with different managers and never once been offered a pay rise other than the usuall 1/2% annual increase and nobody else has either. So always have to hand my notice in and be prepared to leve is that a progressive company I think not. Last time of asking oh sorry we really value your years of experience but sorry so handed my notice in to work for our sister company and oh well hold on. Next thing we really value your work and we will match your offer and some and that turned into
  5. Left school at 15 and started work was never going to university not wired that way. Used a friend's exam results to get my place on the 4 year company sponsored collage or loose my job. Surprising how hard you can academically work when your jobs on the line no second chances you fail collage your out. Been in industrial refrigeration 38 years same company only ever had one loan mortgage and paid that off 25 years ago. Down side only ever been on three holidays abroad two with mum and dad when I was a kid my kids 23/19 only ever been on one holiday abroad but I've placed
  6. Yes indeed the up side I've driven 3 different Caymans including the new GT4 .997 911/ and the new 911T and various other brand new cars and had 1/2 day at Porsche experience centre at Silverstone, he had the other 1/2 of the day. Thought it might be a bit tame with restrictions but to be honest I drove as fast as I wanted really and enjoyed the day that was in a Cayman I wasn't buying 😊 He's a good lad
  7. My mate has been buying Porsches BMW,s and mercedes all PCP and he has been changing his cars every 7/8 months mad I know and I've been there when he bought his last Porsche and by law the finance manager had to read out a statement that this was the most expensive way in the long run to outright purchase the car so there you go. Everytime he swapped it cost him approx 15/17K in lost deposit and monthly payments so in a couple changes he's spent the £30k I paid for my Exige S240 and the worst part is he doesn't own any of them just like renting just very easey to swap
  8. Had exactly the same switched from British gas to eon had meeter readings all good for 2.5 years. Then started getting great big gas bills £2k plus finally they said oh we've got your house mixed up with another we will sort it out 3 months later oh well we don't have the right code for your house so we can't charge you for gas and backdated me £2k and said you better contact British gas and pay them. Got on to British gas who had supplied the house since we moved in they said oh we shouldn't have charged you either and refunded us another £4k and did you need to pay southern gas.
  9. Looks great I certainly wouldn't worry about weight gain I replaced my coolant expansion bottle with an alloy one as I had problems with the cap sealing face and someone said oh what about the weight gain I pointed out I only weigh 10st 2lb who cares 😜
  10. Quick question how flexible is the clam once removed do you need 2 people to lift and reposition etc
  11. Changed the pads and brake fluid on my mates BMW 1 series he took it two weeks later to BMW main dealer for his free MOT and multi point check. Oh sir you require new brake pads when he took the service manager outside and showed him that had just been done the reply well to be honest we don't look just go on the on board service diagnostics. Also I've had a company vehicle for 35 years vans and cars and always serviced at main dealers as always under 4 years old and remember my Vauxhall estate going in for a service and expressly asked for the pollen filter to be checked/changed as poor
  12. Thanks for taking the time good info 😊
  13. Just finished the 100 nite trial with the Simba king size with the titanium springs Delivery very easey orderd on line and they rang 30 mins before delivery Came boxed,opened allowed to expand all good you can try one at John Lewis Bluewater. I find it very comfy to sit on its soft but to lay on it's quite firm Well made and silent And cheeper on line than buying through John Lewis and don't think the 100 nite trial is offered through John Lewis so just get it on line
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