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  1. Reversed back on the drive whilst my other half was weeding the front garden a black nissan juke pulls up blocking the drive and a mum and her 2 kids get out and ask if they can have some photos next to the car ok and let the kids sit in one at a time behind the wheel they ate all very polite and leave. My other half works at the local school and I assume she knows the mum and kids but once they have gone said who's that always makes me e laugh
  2. Yes well done that man. Have done a lot more in my car than I would have done without the forum. Congratulations
  3. Nice work that man wish I could weld like that
  4. Time to treat yourself to a new tank me thinks. Before it drops any more rust and debris into your cooling galleries
  5. I just angle ground up a couple of lengths of 4x2 steal channel with a couple of cut outs and an angled bottom. Painted with white hammeite paint the top coat mixed with sand to give a rough non slip surface The Porsche was only round for a service Fits both the Halfords and machine mart ramps they are a bit heavy but have had loads of cars up on them no problems Cost about £12 And the Corsa another friends boys car
  6. I would say most of the parts they have fitted they have obviously marked up as for the oil I use Shell Helix ultra 5W--40 fully sinthetic and cost for 5L usually about £26 from euro car parts so I hope that have used a fully sinthetic but sometimes 10w--40 is only semi synthetic. So the cost of the oil alone shows you how much they have marked things up especially if they have put in part synthetic. Most independents will allow you to supply your own oil and filter if you wish.
  7. Are you fans 2 speed ? as the A/C and coolant control for the fans react with each other. So if the coolant is at 97'C and the A/C's s running the system of control will proberbly only allow the fans to hit the second speed if the coolant temperature rises as to do so would now possibly cool the A/C condenser to much and thus over condense the refrigerant which in short lowers the discharge pressure to much and upsets the flow of refrigerant around the circuit. That's the problem of having one set of fans cooling two different circuits so there is always a compromise. In cooler
  8. Remember the A/C condenser is Infront of the radiator and so pre heats the air before it passes over the radiator and the hotter the day the worse it is. So the thermal load from inside the car plus the heat of compression by the compressor and the fact the ambient is high will make the radiator far less efficient than it normally us. So instead of getting air to the radiator at say an ambient if 28'C after it's been through the condenser it's probberbly nearer 43'C
  9. I would advise before you send your watch as to what they are able/going to do as the last thing you want is that to happen and defeat the object and pe presented with a totally different watch and loose the obvious and deserved attachment you have with it
  10. Your need super big pockets for that one
  11. Yes you may well be able to get a secondhand movement if it was a popular model. If all else fails which I hope it doesn't and not wanting to hijack this post the new Grand Seiko SBGR253 is a cracking watch hope you strike lucky
  12. That's a real shame as someone who's spent fare to much on watches over the years I feel for you as I to have my old uncles WW2 Eterna and did manage to get the correct plexiglass replacement I would be heart broken not to be able to keep it in working order
  13. Well I'll come from the other side my spelling and grama is dreadful and I look back at my school years and all anybody could say was well look at his spelling and grama he must be thick. Well yes I would love to be able to produce reports with the correct grammar but at 52 years old I don't think that's going to happen now. And as my new manager found out that laughing at one of my reports as I had spelt a certain word two different ways is not the way to win friends especially as he has absolutely no refrigeration experience and I've 37years with a fully indentured apprenticeship s
  14. Looks cracking well done that man
  15. When dealing with euro car parts it's a propper Turkish bizarre. Never had a problem taking parts back but often have to or should I say did. I've even rang to make sure the parts are there oh yes come on down you get there not in stock but the computer said we had it. I've been given air filters that have been used oil that's been opened with some missing the wrong spare in the right box. So even before I leave the counter open everything and check it all. I ordered 5L of red OAT antifreeze and that turned up a day late but was ok when it did turn up. I'm sorry f
  16. No I don't drive mine enough
  17. If it's got R134a in it then the oil will not match the new refrigerant and as for compressors you might find the new refrigerant compressor has a different shaft seal with different composition and also won't like running on the old system as for venting the fine in England is £25k and up to 5 years in jail if you knowingly charge a system that has a leak or deliberately vent CFCs But the public can buy R134a from Halfords with no checks as they only sell it in 800gram cylinders and any fridge system containing less than 3Kg is not subject to any leak detection control and is not under
  18. Just be carefull when removing the small centre bolt as some are a left-hand thread And the peg on the back of the coil is more to stop it trying to spin with the clutch and ripping the wires out Other than that a good video
  19. Have owned an Exige S2 240 now for 7 years have done 28k miles in it and only problems a new radiator as the plastic header ends split and 2 batteries and one failed LED on the rear light and have changed the Toyota plastic header tank other than that just servicing And changed the exhaust as original lotus stage 2 noiesey and droned at speed so fitted a 2bular lovely build quality and great sound and easey to fit The 2ZZ is a cracking engine spins up a treat never burnt a drop of oil but would suggest if you can check the ECU print out if you can as I think some people can
  20. You might find its only the idler bearing that has seized and the compressors ok You never know till you remove the pulley If you want to check the clutch supply the coil with 12volts and you should hear it click as the clutch engages
  21. Yes leve it on my good man wise words indeed and if it won't run in the winter because the weather's cold ( most car A/C stop at about 5'C ambient ) it's because there's not enough heat to boil the refrigerant in the evaporator and you can get liquid back to the compressor and as we all know apart from washing the oil away refrigerants a great degreaser you can't compress a liquid. So to combat this run the car warm the interior and place the fan on recirculation and run the A/C on the warm cabin air only need to do it for a few minutes and set the fan to full speed as well helps My
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