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    Goodwood FoS 2022

    We are on our way tomorrow will pop in and see you
  2. My view for what it's worth how much are you going to save on a full tank £7 or so we'll I'd say don't bother having the sprinkles on the latte that's got to be at leat a £10 over the holiday 😀
  3. To take a reading yes it does matter if the car is on a slope so may I suggest take it to a flat carpark and wait 45 mins is plenty. Remove the dip stick and wipe clean replace making sure it's fully home in its support tube remove again and take the reading/ level. If its correct fine if it needs topping up add a small amount and allow 10mins to drain to the sump ,remember it's a lot easier to add a little at a time to get the correct level rather than rush and over fill. Once correct return home and park on your slope and take another reading as above for reference later. Hope this helps
  4. Never a fan of topping up fare better to decant and re weigh the charge back in. But if you are topping up golden rule better to be slightly under charged than over. Unfortunately it's human nature to think well I'm putting gas in its getting colder so I'll put a bit more in or the old well there's only a little bit left in the canister I might as well sling it in. Unfortunately most car A/C is quite agricultural in designe and to much refrigerant charge will flood back to the compressor and as we all know you can't compress a liquid Hope all goes well
  5. Had a go in the GT4 and very impressed to be honest but I've only got an S2 240 exige and I love it gearchange and all. MT 90 improved it but its not great but I'm more liable to swap to an Emira than a porsche and I've been luckily enough to drive loads across the range VID_20200308_102955186.mp4
  6. Give back on track a ring jez and Sam are superb They've looked after me for the least 7 years
  7. Oops bit late on this one
  8. Sorry Andy off sick with the dreded covid had a propper dose if it as well Getting over it now but still testing positive
  9. The trouble is the majority of people nowdays if it can't be done on an app then there's no interest I'm also looking for a car for my son and also check the Mot history and the amount that fail on tyers,windscreen washer level,wiper blades,bulbs is dreadfully high as few people are at all interested in their cars. And to be honest not much different in my house as my 13 year old mercedes was recalled to have the air bags changed and my other half took it in I said check it when you pick it up to makesure they haven't damaged the dash etc. I got home she said all good no problem so I diddent look till Saturday then I notice I said oh they've fitted a new stering wheel reply have they
  10. I make you right So the new couple over the road who according to the nabour who used to be there isn't a people person and has 6 cats 🤔 well they have now bought a sausage dog over lockdown and everytime they go out it howls and barks constantly at their side gate till they come back. So guess what turns out oh well we have to leave it in the garden when we go out because it goes mad in the house .No shit sherlock with 6 cats . Thick as 2 planks
  11. I drove around in a GT4 for a while it was a nice bit if kit. I try not to get bogged down in the what type of person drives what and why but must admit they get the hump at the porsche dealer if ypu eat all the little cakes on display . The Lotus is more fun all round but not as practical but hay you want practical go get a Duke
  12. Wise words indeed but also remember that salary sacrifice into a works pension is also paid in tax free so if your like me rather than pay 40% tax stick it in the pension and I know I'll pay tax at 20% when I draw on it I'm still 20% better off. Oh and would have also kept £6k child allowance as well if had started earlier
  13. Another vote for Tayna had a few batteries from them for different vehicles over the years. Usually decant price and always delivered very well packaged in a sealed acid proof bag
  14. Buy it while it's cheap Paid £4.33 a liter and free delivery from opie oils when on a deal
  15. And when you replace it apply a very thin smear of ceramic grease to the mating surfaces once cleaned of course then it won't stick again
  16. Proberbly because the engine isn't up to temperature and the rev limit is reduced until it is
  17. No still the same Does work quite well to be honest
  18. No problems in the S2 Exige even at speed with either or both windows open Apart from the warm air that comes off the radiator
  19. Thanks Bibs well organised as usuall
  20. He got me theses Propper scooby do Nike dunk veneers
  21. Size 7 ebay puma speed cats new never worn £34 touch
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