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  1. Hi, i have a solar yellow, S2 S 240pp where is the shoot? cheers
  2. Hi all, Looks like I'm picking up an S2 Exige next week, can I ask who you are using for insurance and ideally any companies that include track day cover also?? cheers all,
  3. Hi there, thinking of trekking 4 hours to view this, does anyone have any info on the car, it’s been there a while but looks good? any help appreciated, cheers
  4. Hi guys would you go for an early S2 260 cup old dash and steering wheel etc or a 2010 240s? my thinking is the engine, brakes, shocks etc are the same so just later design? cheers
  5. Thanks for replies, test drive a 240s today and it was good fun, plenty for uk roads, and I’m sure enough to have some fun on track,
  6. Hi there, Im looking for peoples experiences etc, I have owned Caterhams for a number of years and am about to sell my latest R400, which is a blast on the track and good fun on the road, but Im now wanting something a bit easier to live with on the road and just an occasional track day. with a budget of 37K is i was thinking V6 no brainer, but I am being drawn to the S2's 240/260 bhp, love the look and think it will be a bit more raw for when i do do a track day etc??? not shaw if the running costs are less also. anyone been through a similar dilemma? Cheers
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