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  2. hi, I'm no longer looking for a car..............thankyou
  3. thanks for the comments. isuppose I am looking for a concours car! I sold my excel 4 years ago which I would say was very good.i've regretted it since.
  4. hi, apologies, this is probably in the incorrect section of the forum. I'm looking for an excellent 'perfect' car. I've been looking but have been constantly disappointed. if you have one that you would consider selling to a fellow lotus enthusiast please message me. model and colour are less important than condition thanks
  5. hi, this response may arrive too late for you or you may have already found the car. it use to belong to me until a couple of years mike or dave at LOTUSBITS [google them] and explain the car use to belong to me and I'm certain they'll know the present owner. hope this helps
  6. hi, my advice would be to use an outdoor carcoon. they plug in, come with a trickle charger, and keep the car bone dry and dust free.i have one to store my elan on the driveway. they take a little longer than a cover to 'get out of' but are SO much better. the only disadvantage with them is that they will collapse/deflate even under minor snowfall. but if you can put it under a problem. try to avoid covers, they will scratch the paint and trap condensation no matter how good they are. a fact I discovered to my own cost. hope this is of use!
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