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  1. And this Lotus Omega made £36.5k
  2. I understand the low mileage one that was up for sale (42k miles, i think) reached £58k but not its reserve so didnt sell, however the owner is now willing to drop his expectations......obviously a little too hopeful. Not sure how the other two got on. Just an update, this one made £29.6k
  3. This one has been on PH for a few weeks now, then suddenly on Monday or Tuesday it popped up on Ebay for auction, it started at £100 and quickly got up to £25k then sat there for a couple of days then went up to £30.1k, as i put a "watch" on it, last night i got an email to say that it was no longer available, it still had 5 days to run and was also still under the reserve. I can only assume that it has been bought privately and taken off the market even though the advert on PH os still there, listed at £75k. Maybe someone knows more about this sale.
  4. Glad i bought one now, that will do nicely thanks.
  5. A Lotus Carlton went for auction at the Silverstone classic auction a couple of weeks ago and went for £76k, it had just 4.5k miles on the clock and has been bought by a classic dealer in Hampshire, it`ll be interesting to see if it makes the forecourt or just gets locked away.
  6. Just got the Carlton back from the detailer in Northampton, all exterior, under wheel arches and interior detailed, wheels refurbished with new tyres fitted. I drove it from Northampton back to Weston super Mare yesterday afternoon and it was dry all the way until 5 miles from home and it chucked it down ad as there hadn't been any rain there was plenty of dirt and dust in the spray, so its now covered in dirt, so its out with the snow foam and buckets.
  7. Are there any left if so id be up for one, inc crank Martin
  8. The Carlton is making its way up to Northampton to be detailed outside and in next week, will keep this thread up to date on how it goes, also getting wheels refurbished and new tyres fitted whilst its away. Hoping it comes back looking nearly new..
  9. I know its not much difference in real terms but the same car is advertised on eBay for £95, here: This one appeared on the market last week, will be interesting to see what it goes for, here:
  10. Thanks for your comments @purso you are correct in the understatement of the cars and especially the RS2, not many know what it is and don't really appreciate what it is and also the rarity of it, however the people that do know are very impressed to see one in the flesh as they`re becoming a very rare beast indeed. The Carlton seems to be more recognizable, possibly as they've had quite a bit of publicity recently in the press and magazines at 90`s icons and "cars to own", if you can find one. I`ve not had either very long, I got the RS2 in February last year and the Carlton in November of last year so they are both a both a bit of a novelty to take out for a drive, theyre not garage queens either they both get the thrashing they were intended for and on a regular basis too. One I don't mind taking out in the rain, the other one only gets out when its not raining, bet you cant guess which one?
  11. Hi Mike it was a real nice surprise to meet you at Haynes last Sunday and good to hear about the history of the car whilst it was in you ownership, thanks also for the mileage update, which was a bit of a relief when you sent the last sales advert as I was somewhat concerned at what you initially told me but all cleared up now. I was surprised at the turn out there too on Sunday, I have been going almost every months for the past 18 to 20 months and have never seen it so busy as this Sunday just gone, I guess a lot of classic or car owners are taking cars out of SORN after the winter, at the beginning of April. If ever I come down your way I will give you shout and maybe get you out in one of your beasts. Martin
  12. I can agree with you on the acceleration of the RS2, it really does push you into the back of the seat, possibly due to the size of the single turbo which is massive, however this is why it has so much lag too but driven correctly and kept about 2k rpm in each gear then it flies. The RS2 has the quality build that the Carlton really doesn't have, possibly due to the German Audi/Porsche input to the engine, drive train and suspension, not only that it just feel so tight on the drive as the steering is so good and precise, not the same as the Carlton, which is a bit "wooly" in a straight line. The Carlton has lots of boost from low down obviously due to having two relatively smaller turbo`s than the RS2 and these will "spool up" at a much lower rpm that the Audi, with the six speed box in the Carlton when the power comes on it just feels as though the gears go on for ever, its as though the throttle position in linear to the acceleration, the acceleration just keeps going for ever. I also "understand" that when driven hard and fast that even at 130 mph and accelerating in 5th gear its still pushing full boost, apparently.....The old mechanical quattro system on the Audi is really good too and gives lots of confidence coming out of corners or off of a very nice fast roundabout, unlike the Carlton which has to be treated with lots of respect. Both lovely cars to drive
  13. Here`s a couple of rare 90`s icons that you don't see many of, especially parked together Audi RS2 and the Lotus Carlton sat at Weston super Mare
  14. Yes Im just outside Weston in Wick st Lawrence. Thanks for the update and really good to see the results of the detail it had done 8 years ago, its not in too bad a condition paint-wise but it could certainly do with a "mop" to get shot of some swirls on the body, I shall be getting the wheels refurbished again this Spring then shod with some new tyres. It certainly gets a lot of attention on the road and lots of "thumbs up" from other drivers too, a lot more than my Audi RS2 which is just as rare as the Carlton, maybe that's a good thing at times. I have been buying spares for it as they crop up on the net or from with in the club, it seems that the club now has a few really dedicated people in the know who are now building up spares bases and/or are getting the rare parts remanufactured so that these cars can be kept on the road now. I would like to try to hang on to this one for as long as possible as its quite nice to drive and it brings a smile to me face when it gets on boost too, however you never know. Do you still have the Esprit?
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