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  1. Ive seen this on ebay last week, it sounds quite good and is a decent price to sell IMO. However the sills were done over 10 years ago now i would want to just take a look once more. Timing chain is another area that would need to be checked to see if they have been inspected or even changed around 100k miles, as the tensioners would have started to crack and fall to pieces. Apartf rom that it looks a good car at that price.
  2. That car has been for sale at around £124k for about two years already so its dropped a bit possibly due to CV-19, its the one that sold at auction for about £95k and totally agree its not worth that money when you can pick up genuine good solid LCs for around £45k to £50k.
  3. 6% sellers fee plus all the baggage that comes with it...
  4. Blimey that went for £38k, i was surprised it got that high. I hope the new owner has deep pockets.
  5. As i understand it, this one for sale above, has never had any body work done on it in its entire life and that there is rust just starting to show on the rear arches. Anyone interested please tread very carefully.
  6. Hi Mike Hes not on here but is on Autobahnstormers, thanks for you comments on the car, I wont be going to Haynes soon as i go back to work before the next one. I will give you a shout when i next go and maybe you can come up to look around it.
  7. I know its not Lotus but just wanted to let you know the sale of the Lotus Carlton was not in vain, i got something rather decent. Its V12 Vantage S, with a few options.
  8. phumy

    My new purchase after the Carl67398999_2523895117631319_6268288946405376000_n.thumb.jpg.a43340f206417f4cb1ca0bbc0707f001.jpg67600975_367951440812459_1068751986830082048_n.thumb.jpg.7221baaa2504694fa280702cb819099f.jpg67741823_457540514796348_3736033201424957440_n.thumb.jpg.8d2ecf0261f818a8f551308bbe66dda9.jpg67808043_403029623660261_5692438835372228608_n.thumb.jpg.7fe7e570afb9e867d7a2e565f10688e7.jpgton went to Bournemouth

    1. MPx


      Stunning looking Vantage, great colour combo Martin!  Looks like the V12?  Got to be everyone's dream that car.  Hope its good to you.  Enjoy!

  9. Thanks Mike Im sad that its going as its a lovely car but i have another itch to scratch and i wont have another opportunity to do it, I will be moving away from Lotus sadly, but onwards and upwards, as they say.
  10. SOLD----------SOLD----------SOLD It didnt hang around long at that price and it wasnt expected to either.
  11. Just put a standard house brick under the throttl;e pedal. I claimed my first ever three points in it two years ago (first time in 38 years of driving), i was driving at 50 in a 50 limit, in top gear, and coming into a 30 limit village, i even saw the copper, so i eased off the throttle but as i was in 6th gear and its so long, the damn car just didnt slow down quick enough. He got me at 36 in a 30. I blame Lotus for making top gear so long/high.
  12. Yes i totally agree they need to be shown, out on the roads.
  13. Thanks Barry, I feel it is a bargain too as i have priced it to sell, i really dont want it to hang around too long, i have scratched an itch and now i have an itch somewhere else. Its a drivable car too not like the very low milers around at the moment that owners are scared to take out or even put any more miles on them.
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