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  1. Tryed cleaning the needle valve and it worked! very dirty petrol… 😀
  2. Ok, i’ll check and replace the needle valve! 👍🏻 I allso have the same wire connected to the pump. the inerta switch works regardless of the white pink wire not connected.
  3. I just got my fuel pump working, ran it fore 30s and i flooded cyl 1-2… the sparks was out and fuel got all over 😅 So should the fule pump stop when it reach the right presure? Or is it just the needle valve in the carb that stops the fule? I have one wire down by the fule pump thats not conected, white and pink anyone know where it should go?
  4. I'll check the ignition switch and se if i can find the fault... 👌
  5. That explains why I didn't find one The pump, both the old and new one works with 12V directly from the battery, but nothing when put in place on the car. Tried to messure the current on all spots i can find and it's low at all places, it's just hard to folow the rout of the cable... It's low even going in to the "ignition box" and the interia switch.
  6. I have a 1981 dry sump and can't find the relay and fuse for the fuel pump. I'm only geting 10V at the pump...
  7. thanks for your concern 🙏🏻 everything is changed, I was just going to check the ignition and it was okay. But a few seconds on the starter did not give an effect on the oil guage.
  8. Should I be able to see oil pressure when only on the starter motor? Car not started in 31 years… Dry Sump Turbo -81
  9. Starting to get coold feet…. the car is a 1981 dry sump. witch pic is the right one fore that car if any… On My Aux the yellow dot and the timing mark are nothing like in the pic where they are close to eachother?
  10. Yes crank and cam ok. Yes aux dot on top. Leads moved to opposite pos. 👍🏻
  11. Ok, the car last run in 1991, and everything has been apart. Engine not put toghter by me. So I suspect that everything can be wrong here 😅 I guess I can try to start it then. And if its off by more or less then 180’ it will run bad or not at all.
  12. I removed the cam covers and the IN. Was fully closed and the EX was closed but about to open. Is that TDC? tryed to see ant comp but that was hard rotating by hand…
  13. Ohh, whats the easyest way to know that cyl 1 is compressing?
  14. The engine is in tdc but the rotor is not pointing like its supose to according to in the manual. and the timing gear allso seams off by 180’ can I just put the leads on the distribitur cap to cyl 1 at 10 o’clock like the rotor and so on or do I have to take the belt of and rotate the timing by 180’?
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