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  1. Ok nice! How did you manage to rewire it to work like the stevens?
  2. So if i understand all this it’s upside down...
  3. If you manage to sort it out, please tell me how 😉
  4. And I don’t think they did that from the start at least I didn’t notis. Its like the arm on the motor does a ful rotation to get them up and down.
  5. Is it normal for the headlamp pod to first go down an inch before coming up? Both sides does it. When it comes down all things is normal. how can I fix it if it’s not normal...
  6. Mine is a 81, and I have tried to order it two times. But today I found the problem! The wiper didn’t stop beacuse the plastic switch was lose from the motor. It have to ”pres” the button to stop. Does anyone know if it’s supose to be glued in place on the motor?
  7. Mine doesen’t stop and I think it’s the module but SJ doesen’t have them any more, can I buy yours 😅
  8. Why is the badge under the Turbo Esprit logo and what kind of trim is around the head lamps?
  9. The one on the passenger side sure look original. So I just put carpet over bolts and stuff?!
  10. I got two questions for you 😀 1: Is there a wooden plate behind the pedals like on the pasanger side? 2: Is it ”isolation” on the floor or just on the sides?
  11. It’s from my first car, Golf gti 16v -87
  12. It’s from my first car, Golf gti 16v -87
  13. @lotusma33 It was stored under a pinetree... 😂
  14. Found some in the phone 😉 But I can’t post them?! 🤷🏼‍♂️
  15. Here we go 11138. 1981/? Black. Black. Tan. No roof stereo, BBS, AC, RHD, In Sweden. Not on the road sense 1991. Under renovation, full lether.
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