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  1. Made the pic better and got this answer! ABAN BOLD or Eurostile Round!!??
  2. The two connections at the topp and botom of the pic where do they go? tthe ones without threds.
  3. I must have a blend of the two... same as the top one but bold text. Why did they change them so early in production?
  4. This pink resistive wire goes to my coil on my car but in the other end it just hangs besides the fuel pump! Where should it go?
  5. Do any one know where the white / pink cable goes? I think it’s this one at the botom. Acording to the wierind diagram (KW resistance cable to coil) it should go to the fuel pump (at some point)
  6. Wher should this White/pink cable go down with the fuel pump, it conects to the Coil in the other end I think. A white/purple cable is already connected to + at the pump.
  7. Great job! I’m at the same stage with my car... where does the lose conection on the last pic go? Just hangs there on my car...
  8. Can’t finde out where these two connections at the end of the Vacuum rail/pipe should go... Esprit dry sump -81
  9. Kan man undra They did this in Sweden in the early -90s. But why, you dont buy a Lotus and then you can’t afford to fill up the tank...
  10. Thanks Filip! I dont have the tank, but it was placed in the trunk by the engine. You filled it up by fliping up the licence plate.
  11. The car has been runing on gas (not petrol) here in sweden and I have some things that I suspect are related to that. Do any one recognaise these parts? I’m changinge back to petrol...
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