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  1. The one on the passenger side sure look original. So I just put carpet over bolts and stuff?!
  2. I got two questions for you 1: Is there a wooden plate behind the pedals like on the pasanger side? 2: Is it ”isolation” on the floor or just on the sides?
  3. It’s from my first car, Golf gti 16v -87
  4. It’s from my first car, Golf gti 16v -87
  5. @lotusma33 It was stored under a pinetree...
  6. Found some in the phone But I can’t post them?!
  7. Here we go 11138. 1981/? Black. Black. Tan. No roof stereo, BBS, AC, RHD, In Sweden. Not on the road sense 1991. Under renovation, full lether.
  8. It was stolen in 91 and hade some minor body damage. After that it has been siting. Thanks
  9. Yes the belts and almost everything else is changed. Long time ago i posted some pics, it will come more soon Yes i’m also thinking of doing what you did and letting a pro do the last things.
  10. I’m about to start my Esprit turbo -81 with dry sump for the first time sens 1991. It has been torn apart and put together again and have spent alot of time under a tree... Can some one give me some tips on how to start it in a safe way? * New gas * new filters * new oil (what oil fore first start) * new plugs * oil pressure (how can i be sure it’s ok, don’t know if the gage is working) * oil to the turbo ( any special procedure)
  11. Does anyone know what kind of v-belt i can use, Lotus nr a907e9333f. I have 3 old ones, but dont know wich to use...
  12. As long as it’s possible to get it to work Ill give it a try!
  13. Thank you guys, I’ll try to fit it then. Most of it is on the side of the car right now
  14. Found this
  15. Is it possible to get the AC to work on a 1981 Esprit or should i remove all the parts? I have heard thah old AC dont work with the new coolant stuf (dont know the right word...)0
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