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  1. It would be nice to have a reference of the estimated labour time it 'roughly' takes to do maintenance/repairs/replacements/modifications for some of the Esprit V8 specific tasks. It would help to budget for future maintenance/modifications and check invoices. I would like to know the labour for the following tasks : timing belts - engine rebuild - gearbox rebuild - new clutch - new radiator - new condensors - new brake discs and pads - new suspension - new fuel tanks - new exhaust. A rough estimate/range in hours is sufficient.
  2. I am also having difficulties finding 235/40/17 tyres. I have Toyo right now. Is 245/40/17 the next best alternative in size? What would be the effect of having a slightly wider front tyre? Could you compensate with tyre pressure?
  3. Thanks Derek, yes, you are correct, I made a mistake and cross referenced the ACDelco 214-1091/GM 15759044 with the wrong part. I am trying to find a cross reference and picture for Lotus part A082P4461F, the water valve!
  4. I would like two know if these two different Lotus V8 part numbers are actually the same item. A082P4461F (diagram 18.05-06) and A082L6210F (diagram 44.05-22)? ACDelco 214-1091 and GM 15759044 are crosse reference part numbers for the A082P4461F. Is A082L6210F the same part? They look very similar.
  5. After 15 years (OMG, time flies) I still own my 1999 Esprit V8 SE and I am still thinking of removing the passenger airbag and create a glovebox instead. I am not comfortable with having a 20+ year old airbag in my car. It will save weight and instead create some desperately needed space in the cabine. Anybody have the same thought?
  6. Like this one? It is a 1999 Lotus Esprit V8 SE in immaculate condition but a left hand drive! It was owned, driven and maintained by Lotus for most of its life. It got a new engine around 40.000 Km. The new engine has been revised. Car is running perfectly. I am considering selling but I think you want a right hand drive. BTW, I lived in Chiswick last year on Bath Road. Good luck finding the right car!
  7. I recently bought an AutoXRay EZ-Scan 4000 to get OBD II info on my 1999 Lotus Esprit V8. Connection works well and I can see the info on my screen, however some questions Is it correct to configure the unit under OBDII Generic? Is there any way to configure this unit for a Lotus V8 engine? When I try the O2 sensor the unit does not support this test. Same experience? Is there any point in upgrading the unit to enhanced OBD II features? Thanks Christiaan
  8. Vetronix cartridge for Lotus Esprit LOTUS 1989 ECM 'ESPRIT' Part number TK02370 Serial number 11050195 Never used because I never found a Tech 1 scanner
  9. Lotus Esprit Toolkit for sale on eBay
  10. I would seriously sell my esprit V8 SE and buy one!!
  11. I have one available for you if you can not find one. Let me know if you want it. I will sell it for GBP 50. It is the one with the AC.
  12. Jane Seymour Jane Seymour! Most beautifull woman ever! Has style and class! Is classic! Is a Bond girl! Is english (and little bit dutch)! Still looks great when older! No doubt about it!
  13. Instead of investing a lot of time in another Esprit information source, I say LEW is that source and it would be better to help Kato expand his site. Or else all the information is scattered around numerous sites.
  14. I did some investigating a while ago and found this website. Do a product search on the keyword 'Vacuum pump'. What shows up looks a lot like the pump I was looking for. If you contact them and do some questioning they might have what you are looking for. Good luck
  15. Thanks Jonathan, Maybe you can post some pictures if you have it ready. I am thinking of designing some myself.
  16. How do you guys feel about your V8 standing in the rain knowing that lots of water will leak through the engine air ducts in the back bonnet. Maybe there is no need to worry because the designers must have thought about it, but somehow I always feel uncomfortable when it is out there and it rains heavily. I am thinking of making a small plate to cover it up. Any thoughts?
  17. As far as I am concerned, my current gearbox works fine and I am not planning to replace it when it is still ok. However, it is likely that it needs to be replaced at some point. I am always interested in parts that have a higher quality than the original stock ones. If that means investing now to ensure a better one in the future I might be interested if the price is reasonable. I live in Europe and sending an entire gearbox to the USA is not an option. Therefore, is it possible to just purchase the upgraded parts en have them installed by a local Lotus dealer? Can people in Europe make use of this offer as well? How much time (estimate) is involved in replacing the parts. Are there exchange parts involved? Thank you
  18. Hello Richard, I bought one of these and it was better than the original. Good luck Chris
  19. Hello, great idea, would also be interested and since so many want black I go with that as well. Durability would be most important for me! Chris
  20. I think it all depends on how you drive your car. You can drive 60MPH in third gear, fourth gear and fifth gear. You will cover the same distance in a given period of time but the number of RPM will differ. I have never understand why people focus so much on mileage. I think the mileage to the total number of rotations ratio is more important and will determine engine life. However it is difficult to calculate this figure. Also, driving 5 minutes above 6000 RPM is often more destructive than driving 10 hours at 3000 RPM. I always keep RPM below 3000 during the first 10 minutes of driving. I do a lot of fifth gear cruising. I try to have the gear change to go as smooth as possible. Always press the cluth fully, when changing gears. Never drive high RPM for longer periods. My car should last a lifetime!
  21. Hello Graham, The Lotus Esprit SE does not have a LSD. Check PUK Esprit in Germany. The sell a LSD. Good Luck Chris
  22. When my windows are open a lot of hot air comes from under the middle gear shift console. When I close my windows the air is cool. Can somebody explain what is happening? Does it sound familiar to other V8 owners. My previous SE did not have this.
  23. How many gallons did you put in the tank? You should be able to calculate whether there was still some fuel in the tank left.
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