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  1. Gents, Thanks for all the advice - I have fixed my ABS now. The issue was the ECU on the top of the ABS unit, it had a cold solder / intermittent connection. I had the unit repaired by Autotek in Poole, Dorset. The ABS ECU just unscrews - 4 torx bolts (mine is that post '98 Kelsey Heyes 430 type, not the pre '98 415 type), you do not have to break into the hydraculic circuits at all. Sent it away, they repaired it, took
  2. Just as a point of encouragement, I had overheating probs with my '98 V8, but once I had put in a new rad (old one leaking) and found all the other leaks (corroded ali heater take off pipe at the front and ali manifold at rear of engine) my car now runs perfectly at 82degC unless in traffic, where it oscillates between 95degC and 100degC as the fans cut in and out, just as the workshop manual states it should. You'll be fine. Cheers, Paul H
  3. Hi, I have ordered a carbon fibre roof from PNM Engineering (phone number onthe LEW site). They make them in batches (and had none in stock) so get your ordered then I'll get mine sooner! It will be about
  4. HELP! My car has decided to start blowing fuse A17 (in the front fuse box). According to the Lotus wiring diagrams, this fuse runs to the electric window module - does anyone know what or where this is? - the electric door mirrors, goes to the alarm and to the immobiliser, the latter meaning that the car will not start... I have disconnected the mirrors, alarm and immobliliser modules but the fuse still keeps blowing. The output of fuse A17 goes to "splice V" according to the wiring diagram. Anyone have a scooby where that is? Can anyone help me? Much appreciated if you can because my car can't be driven - not good! Cheers, Paul Havelock
  5. Hi Winter, I had cooling issues and corroded oil cooler pipes which I replaced so I may be able to help. My car was over heating too but it was a combination of the radiator leaking and a leaking pipe. At the back of the cylinder heads, there are two water outlets that join to an aluminium water pipe. On my car the ali pipe was resting on the turbo supply pipes and had worn through so there a small but constant water leak and this slow loss of coolant meant my car ran hotter and hotter. The oil pipes are an a** to change - I did them when the rad was out. They just un-screw from the oil filter housing and can be pulled through - this is hard work by the way. And make sure that you attach some strong cable to the pipes BEFORE you pull then out so that you can attach this bit of cable to the new pipe to pull them back through or you will be totally stuck! By the way the Lotus pipes are a ridiculous price. I measured mine then got Demon Tweeks to make me up a new set in braided aeroquipe hose and the pair plus the oil cooler link across the front coast about the same as one Front to Rear Lotus part! Winner. I hope ths helps. Paul H
  6. Hi Jeff, My V8 cultch is just starting to show signs of giving way, where did you get your reconditioned? Cheers, Paul H
  7. Hi Phil, I have spent a lot of time on my V8 Esprit recently fixing a niggly ABS fault. There were new electrics at 98MY and as your car is post '98 it does not have a specific wheel speed / vehicle speed sensor. The speedometer works off the signal from the REAR LEFT (when sitting in the car) ABS sensor (you can easily test this by disconnecting the sensor plug and your speedo will not work). The ABS sensor outputs are an AC (alternating current), the frequency and amplitude of which increase with vehicle speed. The voltage at low speed can be only 100 millivolts but about 100 volts at max speed. The signal frequency is just the number of teeth on the ABS pick up ring (not sure how many teeth are on the ring itself) passing the sensor each second. You will need to check that your GPS can handle this sort of signal. I hope this helps, Paul Havelock
  8. I have recently replace mine. It was a complete pain. I had to take off the undertrays, both oil coolers, the front lower bumper. The worst part was that my car is a '98 and all the bolts were rusted solid. I broke most of the M6 bolts and over half of the M8s getting them out! Also many of the bolts screw either into stud plates bolted to the bumper - I had to remake all 8 of these - or screw into some other fixing attched to the panel which will rotate when you yurn the bolt so the bolt head will have to be ground off. I propped the car on axle stands and did most of the work lieing on the ground - not the best. However, now the car is all back together it sits at 82degC onthe button whenever the car is not in traffic, and oscillates between 95 -100degC in traffic - perfect. Also think of how much it wold cost to get a dealer to get it out...
  9. I'm having total grief with the ABS on my '98 V8. It has the later Kelsy Hayes 430 ABS. The issue is that the ABS light comes on an off off (mostly on) at random. This is combined with my speedometer not working, although the two issue do not necessarily happen together. I have tried new ABS sensors, checked and double checked the wiring but can't find the fault. I'm praying that it's not he ABS unit istself as it's
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