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    5 speed lotus box, eventually!
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  1. Hi John

    been a while but finally have the box fixed and back in that old Éclat, lost interest for a bit last year when I built it up, put it back in and and same thing happened all over again! doh!!!

    who ever said Lotus is Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious wasn't far wrong!

    however, now its driving ok, I would like to do the interior and wondered if you still have that leather one?





    1. johnpwalsh


      Hi Dav, glad to hear you got back to work on her. Unfortunatly, I had a massive clearout in my storage but a local Lotus guy bought it all off me and possibly will be selling it as he is setting up in business doing Lotus spares. look for fueltheburn on TLF. His name is Keiran and he is easy to deal with. Just tell him I said you have to get a good deal or I will kick his ass.



  2. that would be great John, have a proper chat and you can take me round the block in the S3! cheers Herc, just to let you know Andy Graham @ Lotus Archives reckons it is Colorado Orange, Code L14.
  3. just when you get some time mate, plenty to do before I get to the interior! I joined the N.E. Scotland Club Lotus a couple of days ago so you should have all my contact details inthere. I am also up in Arbroath a couple of times a week and could easily head your way for a look.
  4. cheers guys, all that history has not been passed on to me but I have dropped Andy Graham @ Lotus Archives an email to see if he can confirm colour. will defo try to get along at the weekend but working on this car is becoming addictive! and if you get a chance send me some pics of that leather interior you have John! thanks
  5. hi John, you are right enough there is a grub screw for fifth gear selector fork but I have now discovered the issue is the circlip which holds the selector lever for reverse and fifth in place onto the interlock plate was lying in bottom of casing, resulting in the leaver sliding off! Not a job for the faint hearted but ive ordered a complete gasket set and will let you know how the rebuild goes. decided I am going to go back to orange and do the engine bay first while it is out, would you know how I can get the original paint code? cheers Dave
  6. turns out a bigger issue than the usual prob John, got the engine and box out and lid off the top tonight. As I said earlier in the story I can select 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th but it will not select 5th or reverse and I can now see the selector fork is lying to far over to the right almost against the side casing. suspect it has been bent over or something has come adrift so will req a strip down to replace
  7. Thanks for that John, very much appreciated. what I still cant get my head around is why it has to be in gear if you are just removing the stick, however I will get it out this week and get the lid off. I noticed the off side inner wing has had a repair done at some time but the panels all align ok so not to worried and the chassis repairs are all still good today. got absolutely no history with it so thanks for all that info. If I can get the gearbox fixed will defo consider the short trip to Glamis. would also be interested in the leather interior as well, could you send some pics and price? thanks again Dave
  8. Thanks Dunc, just checked and they have them for £20 + vat! Do me a favour and ask John to have a look at this thread if you get the chance, cheers.
  9. Thanks, but to be honest it looks much better in pics than it is in reality! Wheels came up really well but no spare, so again if anyone has one for sale let me know.
  10. Would certainly appreciate any advice, stripped a few boxes but never a lotus 5 speed. Torn between going back to original or keeping it black, have spent a lot of time tidying the paint over the last couple of weeks and it looks good in black! If anyone has a nice interior out there give me a shout!
  11. Certainly is a cracking engine, just changed oil, plugs and leads today and its running sweet with loads of oil pressure and not a bit of smoke even from cold. Changed all four rear driveshaft ujs today and had it out for the first time, pulling really well! Planning a repaint and trim once I get the gear issue sorted and it will be a really good one. Very happy with it!
  12. Yep, black one in scotland, Got everything else sorted apart from this. Thought box would have to come out, cant understand why they have designed it so engine has to come out as well tho?
  13. Nope, only had 2nd and fourth. Theres no real external adjustment on this box other than the side play which I have tried. It actually feels like its selecting Reverse and 5th but nothing on releasing the clutch.
  14. Can anyone offer some advice, my 1977 eclat with 5 speed box has no reverse or 5th. I have fitted a new saddle to the gear stick fork as it was badly worn and tried adjusting the bolt to the right hand side but only getting 1st to 4th gears. Only recently bought it so not sure of history. Suspect the engine and box will have to come out to strip and sort but hopefully someone out there has an idea to save me doing this!
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