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  1. As wee nippy has given us all permission to travel more than 5 miles now we can all meet again. So this Sunday bacon rolls in a car park. The Rhynd in Leuchars KY16 0DR 1000hrs Andrew
  2. So if you stick your Lotus in for a service will you get a McLaren as a curtesy car
  3. I will have a word with Parks on Wednesday as the Mac/Lot is in for new brake discs and pads. I too have spoken to the Lotus factory but now just getting the brush off. A
  4. Hi with the success of Aprils meet and as we still have a lockdown we will have a zoom meet once again. Andrew Laing is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Andrew Laing's Zoom Meeting LEGS Time: May 3, 2020 10:00 AM London Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 745 3004 4594 Password: 006503 Same rules apply as last meet Competition winners for our last meet best Breakfast layout goes to Shirley and David Darling it was the candelabra that won you the day. This months competition will be awarded to to best build of Wet Nellie paper edition. See you all Sunday
  5. Can we talk 16 minutes sorry but have we not heard all this before. Yes it was difficult times before corvid 19 now even more . The chat about dealers very interesting specially here in Northern Britain (Scotland) as we still do not have one. Now little or no support for a Lotus owner here. We have a independent Specialist who i do not speak for but seams to have no support from the factory. U K customers now forgotten not much of a market here for Lotus thats how we feel. As a long term Lotus owner and enthusiast some of the best days was going back to the factory to get the car serviced and visiting the factory you had a fantastic facility get back to using it. You produced the best ever platform for a sports car the Aluminium tub of the Elise to which still has not been beaten come on it can still be developed more. You have to once again engage with the public playing your cards as close to your chest just is not working as so many of the young say Lotus WHO. As Mclaren have learned from you you must now learned from Mclaren. It upsets me to see how much has been lost at Lotus over the last 10 years another company would have closed by now . Andrew
  6. Info for this Sundays Breakfast meet See you all on Sunday i hope. Andrew Laing is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Andrew Laing's Zoom Meeting Time: Apr 5, 2020 10:00 AM London Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 533 898 541 Password: 073254
  7. Next months meet will be a world first and we again will lead the way. We will hold the meet in multiple locations and by video conferencing app. There are a few rules to join in breakfast must be in or at your car Or in garage but not in kitchen. Go over to our whatsapp for more info. For the conference app see Zoom ass recommend by The Darlings our IT consultants Stay safe out there and see you all next week. Andrew
  8. It was pretty poor show and will probably not watch any more. . As for the work done to the car lots of questions but no answers. You just knew that the S3 was going to breakdown all just a set up. A
  9. Went passed today no cars and no signs up. First time in many years that there is no Official Lotus dealership in Scotland. Thank goodness for CMC.
  10. Its a great shame that Lotus have not got into bed with Toyota they have worked together for many years and Toyota have come to the rescue a couple of times over the years The Hydrogen fuel cell would be the game changer for Lotus and Toyota are doing a great job developing it. The 2 together would make a great team and the cars we want. Lead the field once more.
  11. This just confirms what i have been saying for the last 2 years.
  12. Our second meet this year will be in the west at The Tea house on the Loch in Drumpellier County Park Tea House on the Loch Lochend Road G69 8BE Glasgow As it is still winter let's not go to far just in case there is any white stuff falling from the sky and this spot is just off the main roads. It is also dog friendly they do gluten free food all points covered. As always get your names down please just to help with catering. Andrew
  13. Happy New Year all Our first meet of the year House of Bruar 1015hrs top car park. Bring a pair of stout shoes for a wee walk into the woods to see some thing different.
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