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  1. Andrew C

    Lotus Emira

    Cheers you just specd my car. This is so close to Danny's Elan
  2. Hi all yes back to first Sunday of the month. We will be having breakfast in the Royal Burgh of Musselburgh and at S Luca Ice Cream 0930hrs but not only breakfast there will be the launch of a very special ice cream just for Lotus owners too. After ice cream a run down to Duns. Get your names down please. A
  3. Our June meeting will be on the 13th. Rolls at the bridge view Dundee 0900hrs then off to Clattering bridge to meet up with our northern group. We have a table booked at the Fife Arms 1200hrs for 12 if you can let us know if you are coming.
  4. Now that's a plan see you Sunday the 16th. Andrew
  5. The car that made me buy a McLaren.
  6. This still looks as good today as it did 10 years ago.
  7. Hi Bibs that's my old car what a day that was. Some stories can be told about that day and the car. Drove down with the Esprit to hand in for Motorsport to service her and came back up the road with the Evora 1/9/2009 Back down a few days later with Evora left for first service and came home in the Esprit then flew down and picked up the Evora 10/9/2009 back home for a couple of days then off to France with her for two weeks. First Burnt Orange Evora and at one point Lotus asked if they could keep her for a press car no chance was the answer. The glory days of Lotus fantastic company back then. Andrew
  8. I had money on that Mercedes would not let Russell win did not think they would mess up so badly.
  9. hi all i am unable to do Octobers meet so who is up for setting up a venue for Sunday the 4th. Andrew
  10. Will be great to see you in your 44t we will make room.


    1. Alfa2Evora


      Unfortunately in the end, drivers' hours regulations forced me to go straight to my destination in Stoke-on-Trent. 😞

  11. This Sunday breakfast will be held at The Big Red Barn South Melbourne Farm Elsrckle Biggar ML12 6QZ 10.30hrs Andrew
  12. As wee nippy has given us all permission to travel more than 5 miles now we can all meet again. So this Sunday bacon rolls in a car park. The Rhynd in Leuchars KY16 0DR 1000hrs Andrew
  13. So if you stick your Lotus in for a service will you get a McLaren as a curtesy car 🚗
  14. I will have a word with Parks on Wednesday as the Mac/Lot is in for new brake discs and pads. I too have spoken to the Lotus factory but now just getting the brush off. A
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