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  1. Hi Jan we will meet up with you up north and come down with you to Bo ness . Safe trip. Andrew
  2. Andrew C

    KX17 CVY

    Blue 400 in the car part TLC McLaren Wednesday
  3. Spotted this morning red Evora heading North over the Queensferry Bridge. A
  4. Andrew C


    Anyone going over to Geneva this year. A few of us are flying out this Thursday from Edinburgh. Andrew
  5. Andrew C


    Welcome Austan good to have someone new local. Look out for our breakfast runs first Sunday of the month. Andrew
  6. Ok will come for breakfast meet as I can now not do Thirlestane must get home for surprise BBQ
  7. Great feed back through the wheel and rides on that Evora carpet ride. A
  8. It's the old McLaren Orange as their F1 cars are painted in. I feel that driving the Lotus cars has just been setting me up for this. I must stop saying it but its a Lotus of today in every way fast it is very fast flicking through the gears great fun then you look at the speedometer opps. Looking forward for the trip to Germany . A
  9. Time to come clean. The Evora 400 Hethel Edition at central was mine.First of 4 in Essex Blue so we where told ahh but let's just make 6 now. Not that that was a problem for me as I just loved the colour combo. Traded in for this super car McLaren 570GT what Lotus should have made by now. Time just to short to wait. Have been and always will be a Lotus enthusiast still have my first love Esprit V8. I am not going to get into what's not right at Lotus or but !! Andrew most definitely living the dream
  10. On our tour of Europe two years ago I had The Dambusters March played in the Exige with the roof off as I drove through the village at the bottom of the Mohne dam. Also had Dad's Army theme tune as a ring tone for my Dad who phoned when I was visiting the Reichstag. Andrew
  11. Lotus are to go into space in January with their old Tesla Roadster. If the launch goes ahead Elon Musk is to put into the cargo bay of his new Falcon X heavy rocket his old car. Now what other car company can claim to have a car in space oh and on its way to Mars.
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