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  1. MJK Bibs Rachel Cliff Sparky Madame Sparky ChrisJ DanE Martyn Dave Ex Ann Ex (Venison well done please) Mr internets Mrs internets C8RKH Yasuo Andrew C Mark T SJ
  2. New logo how bad is it very bad poor design far to simple for the bonnet of a £1.7m hypercar . I have criticised it on Facebook and been told off. Is it not very sad that we are up in arms about a logo and not talking about a new sports car . Why do I drive a McLaren
  3. You ok with meeting at my house leave 0830 hrs

    1. Duggie


      Yep. I'll be there 👍

  4. This weekends meet will be in Ballater. We have been invited to help celebrate there Victoria Week and put on a wee car show Entry £10. On the road up we will stop for breakfast more details to follow.
  5. Evening all who is all going to the festival of speed this year.
  6. Morning I have bought a fog light switch from 205 but no good for main lights.Although it works lights on lights pop up when switched off lights do not drop back down. A
  7. What is the part number for the main light switch and where can we get one
  8. Hi Jan we will meet up with you up north and come down with you to Bo ness . Safe trip. Andrew
  9. Andrew C

    KX17 CVY

    Blue 400 in the car part TLC McLaren Wednesday
  10. Spotted this morning red Evora heading North over the Queensferry Bridge. A
  11. Andrew C


    Anyone going over to Geneva this year. A few of us are flying out this Thursday from Edinburgh. Andrew
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