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  1. Yes Toyota do the right thing please
  2. Good thread it is a nice looking S1 As for the 40th join us for our blast down to Sardinia in September. Will be posting up in March full details of the run we have now organised Andrew
  3. Not really a good advert for Lotus John sorry to be a bit negative. Can hear it now is it that bad that Lotus need their own rescue service
  4. I'm planning to get the seat frames replaced at the 9k dealer service in a months time. Funnily the seats don't seem to be creaking so much recently. To be fare if there had not been all the talk on the forum don't think I would have bothered. Like this
  5. We have David Darling with his Elise, Alan Ferguson with his Evora, Sharron McPherson in her Evora, and myself in my Esprit V8 and have asked Rodger Becker. Will be posting up travel info to all soon 007 Sardinia 2017 A
  6. Bring it to Sardinia in September and visit the film locations. We are heading down all booked 4 in the run. A
  7. Hi Steven getting the lot done, new clutch,turbos refurbished heat shields , exhaust studs just the start. All for our trip to Sardinia in September are you coming. Merry Christmas A
  8. Ok I have the V8 in for big service and I am looking for a dip stick tube. A
  9. Let's just say our JMG has more spin than a spinning top on Christmas Day . 150 sold.?
  10. So why are Lotus not building this. You have a lot to answer for JMG.
  11. Man in the High Castle must watch only Amazon could get away with making this also very good Vikings .
  12. What could have been . I was very lucky to have tried out the protype and was looking forward to delivery. Look at the Lamborghini Hurricane or the new McLaren 570 LT Lotus was first. A
  13. Ok for the purerist the wing mirror looks wrong and the wheels were fitted to the finial models oh and the front splitter is not right again fitted to the last ones. Nice looking car and great photo. The magazine is a good read and a few stories I had not read before,great to have had your photo in the mag. A
  14. I am sorry to say I saw all this coming a year ago. It is a total disgrace the way JMG is running the company into the ground. The way he has treated the staff and the fear that he runs the company by. It will look good on paper but inrealality it is in the worst position it has ever been. You think I joked about bringing back Danny. Let's hope a buyer comes forward soon and first thing to do is bin wee Hitler.
  15. You got room for an Esprit and Evora 400 Andrew
  16. Hi Bibs I have paid for 2  with PayPal me thinks .

    cheers Andrew

  17. Yep if it's not screwed down its for sale . A
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