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  1. Front and rear Dive dive dive Das Boat.
  2. Yes Al just before Dukes Pass it was a great night for a blast.
  3. Old and New out for a wee blast last night
  4. That's me back in an Evora big thanks to Ian and Brandon of MMC and Graeme and Scot of Lotus Cars. Evora Hethel Heritage Edition Essex Blue
  5. Hi Steve great to catch up tonight many thanks for the  CD and cheers for the model of the Esprit. 

    My mobile number is 07917417257  hope to see you on Friday in South Queensferry main car park under to rail bridge.


    1. The Lotus Position

      The Lotus Position

      Thanks Andrew, my number is 07816501340.  We're going to come along on Friday, but probably not make Sunday.  I've posted some photos from last night up on the LEGS part of the forum



  6. JAWS - 2010 Evora Rupert - 2004 Elise TrevorB - 1992 Elan SE Turbo ChrisJ - 1982 Turbo Esprit Steve - 1980 Essex Esprit Kalli - 2015 Exige S Coupe The Pits - 1981 Turbo Esprit Peapod - Exige S LotusPilot - 2014 Exige S Roadster Domguy - exige s1 Bruce Crowthorne - 1968 Elan S4 mayesprit - S2 Elan m100 JG - 2009 Evora Orangebomb 2006 Exige 320S Geoff Morgan - Lotus Europa DDubya (Danny) 1954 Lotus Mark VI Andyww. 1982 Turbo Esprit Atak - 2011 Exige S Brian - Esprit S3 grahamk - Elan M100 S2 robington 82 turbo esprit Laurie S2 Esprit World Champion Andy - 2009 Elise S2 R 'UK Special' with Factory SC kit fitted Jonathan 1976 Esprit S1 Nicholas Bassett - Esprit GT3 1998 Markw996 J141 - Evora S Andrew C Esprit V8
  7. Bibs just to confirm Alan F Archie B and myself have booked into the Queens Head for diner Saturday night. Looking at their menu puts the hotel to shame If we can would like to join the group after meal for MKs chat,if we are allowed that is. A
  8. Hi Bibs hope you do not mind but Alan F and I are going to pull out of diner poor menus and

    expensive after all the work you have done for the hotel and that is the best they come up with.

    bit of a point of principle for us hotel just taking the pish.


  9. Morning Bibs caps arrived yesterday 



  10. Cheers Bibs if we could have a full set of 4 please. A
  11. Where can we get a set of centre caps for the V8 OZ Nova wheels Andrew
  12. Is it CF or plastic you say it's to protect the bumper ?
  13. What's up with the front of the red Evora (fat lip) A
  14. Looking like the Dumb blondes choice of surf board was the right choice for the wet practice A
  15. The ad is very good and just right for the race in Australia. Andy your reference to the nice blonde my cousin oh who works in immigration I will let her know you thoughts. Hope you are not heading out soon and when it comes to driving its safe to say all you will see is her ass. A
  16. For all who missed this years show. Great day had by all.
  17. Good turn out even on this cold and wet day in Scotland . Big thanks to Janet for organising the event. It a great place to visit. This time round the English won the battle .
  18. What Lotus should be doing. What Lotus used to do. McLaren the new Lotus A
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