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  1. Will be great to see you in your 44t we will make room.


    1. Alfa2Evora


      Unfortunately in the end, drivers' hours regulations forced me to go straight to my destination in Stoke-on-Trent. 😞

  2. You ok with meeting at my house leave 0830 hrs

    1. Duggie


      Yep. I'll be there 👍

  3. Hi Gav  2 blocks and Cranks please .

    Home address

    5 Drum Brae Park


    EH12 8TG


  4. Afternoon Mark are you going to the breakfast meet in July upto Alford as a few of us are not and looking for some where else to go. I thought about your greasy spoon cafe ?

    1. hedgerley


      Not this year Andrew. Let me have a chat with Jane - depends how many and when. And I'll probably be working, doing the washing up.....

      There is no parking and you would have to use the train station, which fills up pretty quick in the morning, especially if the weather is good. Aberdour is not really built for cars!

      I'll get back to you.

  5. Hi Bibs I have paid for 2  with PayPal me thinks .

    cheers Andrew

  6. Hi Marge just noticed you do not have Alan Ferguson on the list and we have a late addition 

    Innes Worsman to add




  7. Hi Steve great to catch up tonight many thanks for the  CD and cheers for the model of the Esprit. 

    My mobile number is 07917417257  hope to see you on Friday in South Queensferry main car park under to rail bridge.


    1. The Lotus Position

      The Lotus Position

      Thanks Andrew, my number is 07816501340.  We're going to come along on Friday, but probably not make Sunday.  I've posted some photos from last night up on the LEGS part of the forum



  8. Hi Bibs hope you do not mind but Alan F and I are going to pull out of diner poor menus and

    expensive after all the work you have done for the hotel and that is the best they come up with.

    bit of a point of principle for us hotel just taking the pish.


  9. Morning Bibs caps arrived yesterday 



  10. Hi Brian not sure if the PM messaging is working I did not receive anything from you and have spoken to a few who did not know about Sunday .

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    2. bingoking


      That's strange, I thought it was Andrew who told me that, or maybe it was just a dream! 

    3. Bibs
    4. bingoking


      I know why Andrew didn't get my PM, he is on my list as AndrewC and it should be Andrew C. Question is, did he ever receive a PM from me when I copy and paste my members list into the PM's


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