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  1. Hi all yes back to first Sunday of the month. 

    We will be having breakfast in the Royal Burgh of Musselburgh  and at S Luca Ice Cream 0930hrs  but not only breakfast there will be the launch of a very special ice cream just for Lotus owners too. After ice cream a run down to Duns.

    Get your names down please.


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  2. Our June meeting will be on the 13th. Rolls at the bridge view Dundee 0900hrs then off to Clattering bridge to meet up with our northern group. We have a table booked at the Fife Arms 1200hrs for 12 if you can let us know if you are coming.

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  3. 22 hours ago, scotty435 said:

    It was a popular colour back in late 2000 for the Elise and Exige and amazed people never ticked the box for Burnt Orange for the Evora. Till this day it’s still one of the best if not the best colour for the Evora. A pic of a forum members car, sure he will not mind me posting, it still looks stunning on the latest Evora.


    The car that made me buy a McLaren.  

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  4. Hi Bibs that's my old car what a day that was.  Some stories can be told about that day and the car. 

    Drove down with the Esprit to hand in for Motorsport to service her and came back up the road with the Evora 1/9/2009

    Back down a few days later with Evora left for first service and came home in the Esprit then flew down and picked up the Evora 10/9/2009 back home for a couple of days then off to France with her for two weeks.

    First Burnt Orange Evora and at one point Lotus asked if they could keep her for a press car no chance was the answer.

    The glory days of Lotus fantastic company back then.





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  5. On 28/04/2020 at 10:39, C8RKH said:

    Well, Defender's have always been trendy around the county tweed set where I live, and Range Rovers too.  It's a bit like Burberry and Harris Tweed, as the gentrification of the countryside has influenced people's thinking on lifestyle etc. Obviously also helped by footballers and their wives driving the bloody things too.

    I'd hate Lotus to be a fashion accessory but then as others have said there are alternative fashion brands to buy. Porsche being one. I will say though that the shift upmarket in terms of following the fashion hasn't really helped Maserati long term has it?


    Macca 570GT, nice interior and exterior colour combo. Only 850 miles from new. £113k at a Macca dealer, but reckon I could get it for £100 - £105k.  That is what Lotus is going to up against as it moves up the hierarchy...



    Fantastic car 

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  6. Hi with the success of Aprils meet and as we still have a lockdown we will have a zoom meet once again.

    Andrew Laing is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Topic: Andrew Laing's Zoom Meeting LEGS
    Time: May 3, 2020 10:00 AM London

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 745 3004 4594
    Password: 006503

    Same rules apply as last meet

    Competition  winners for our last meet  best Breakfast layout goes to Shirley and David Darling it was the candelabra that won you the day.

    This months competition will be awarded to to best build of Wet Nellie  paper edition.

    See you all Sunday




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  7. Can we talk 16 minutes sorry but have we not heard all this before. Yes it was difficult times before corvid 19  now even more .  The chat about dealers very   interesting  specially here in Northern Britain  (Scotland)  as we still do not have one. Now little or no support for a Lotus owner here. We have a independent Specialist who i do not  speak for but seams to have no support from the factory.  U K customers now forgotten not much of a market here for Lotus thats how we feel. As a long term Lotus owner and enthusiast some of the best days was going back to the factory to get the car serviced and visiting the factory you had a fantastic facility get back to using it. You produced the best ever platform  for a sports car the Aluminium tub of the Elise to which still has not been beaten come on it can still be developed more. You have to once again engage with the public playing your cards as close to your chest just is not working as so many of the young say Lotus WHO. As Mclaren have learned from you you must now learned from Mclaren. It upsets me to see how much has been lost at Lotus over the last 10 years another company  would have closed by now .


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  8. Next months  meet will be a world first and we again will lead the way.

    We will hold the meet in multiple locations and by video conferencing app.

    There are a few rules to join in breakfast must be in or at your car 🚗 Or in garage but not in kitchen.

    Go over to our whatsapp for more info.

    For the conference app see Zoom ass recommend by The Darlings our IT consultants 

    Stay safe out there and see you all next week.




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  9. Its a great shame that Lotus have not got into bed with Toyota they have worked together for many years and Toyota have come to the rescue a couple of times over the years

    The  Hydrogen fuel cell would be the game changer for Lotus and Toyota are doing a great job developing it. The 2 together would make a great team and the cars we want.   

    Lead the field once more. 

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