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  1. Jim Lin

    Jim Lin

  2. second the seat change!! must be cheaper to change the seats then to change the car!
  3. Cocopops, you just need to wait....a buyer who wants to buy a yellow NA Evora will snap that up.
  4. Cocopop's car is a great example, but I came to the realisation that yellow was not for me. I completely recommend anyone who is after a NA Evora to view Cocopop's car.
  5. thats really helped chap...I am indeed going to stick with my buying principles, as I don't have a deep wallet, nor am I good at gambling....I was getting a bit despondent that I started looking at Audi TTRS!! Not that they're a bad car..... I think this must have been the same situation.... I haven't yet put my name down with the dealers, but will do so, as it seems to be the way forward!! unfortunately it's a 2+0, I need a 2+2 with my kids in tow...but thanks.
  6. it looks as though I am going to have buy unseen at this rate......
  7. I am one of those people that like to see the car, drive it before making an offer... and it looks as though I've missed cocopop's yellow one....
  8. really annoyed........ sigh...... keep on looking......
  9. As per title - Do S1 Evora Supercharged have CR gearbox by default? I am off to look at the red evora s for sale at JCT Leeds..
  10. very interesting post Colin, enjoyed reading it very much...looks like a ton of people are all queuing up for your car!!
  11. guessing you've heard both!! I so want the 400, as everyone says it's a note to die for, with supercar sound qualities....both equally I can't stretch to a 400 right now....wondering if I can make do with a NA and just stick the 2bular on it...
  12. white SRs look beautiful! Best colours to me are white, red and yellow then laser blue...
  13. Can anyone who's had the good fortune to have heard the two different exhaust comment on which one sounds better please! Thank you.
  14. I think it's overpriced....but there's so few choice......I really want a red SR, but might make do with the yellow one from Leeds
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