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  1. We are meeting my mum at marston service station at 8.30am, but could then stop at toddington. More than welcome to join us just let me know if timing wrong for you I understand. 07584246656 x
  2. thank you guys will give them a call as id only got quote from lancaster
  3. looking for recommendations for insuring and elan and an evora for a 28 year old to drive that does't cost the earth?! Thanks x
  4. Are the photos happening, if so can I have details please and is it possible to have a photo of two cars together ? Thanks!
  5. How do we get our cars down for photo under Concorde or is that not happening this year?
  6. Hi staying at brooklands hotel tonight where do we go with the car in the morning and what time?
  7. And I thought women were bitchy. This is like a massive Bitchfest. I was brought up to say nothing at all if you have nothing nice to say... Just saying....... Awwww a man with taste. I see you have an evora S, have you had any problems with front grill going rusty? Some people seem to say they do and some say they don't but if you look at phot my partners one has rust on it, appreciate your thoughts
  8. This one was from bell and colvill as well, it was matthew beckers last car with lotus
  9. Awwww wow this is my partners car. Must say those who love this colour have taste, those who dont...well IMHO you have no taste Show me what you got so i can rate yours Hes that mad on cars this was my birthday treat hahahahaha its pewter grey actually and was previously used by matthew becker, it was his last car with lotus but if you are a true lotus fan then you'd value his opinion on cars... if you know who he is
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