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  1. I wish I got to drive my Evora enough to be anxious about mileage.
  2. Understandable, but won't give you many opportunities to practice your welding!
  3. Stunning car. Lotus absolutely nailed it this time.
  4. My drive to work is down very narrow country lanes, and the number of people who drive these enormous 4x4s, but who are not prepared to even let one wheel go onto the verge is hilarious. Thankfully, I really don't mind forcing my shed of a Mk4 Golf into a bush, so they can get their kids to school on time...
  5. Their sales were pretty bad too. Despite 2 long test drives, nobody ever called me to follow up.
  6. Wife has been daily driving the Evora for the last couple of days. I come home and she's looking sheepish... turns out she hit a pheasant today. Luckily for her it's too dark to see the damage, but thankfully doesn't look too bad.
  7. The 400 didn't make me want to chop in my Evora S, but this does. Just need to win the big one with my premium bonds....
  8. I had two 24 hour test drives in an F Type V6 and a V6S and I really liked it. Unfortunately for Jaguar, I then drove an Evora S.
  9. Guilty as charged! I'm now watching BTTF location films on youtube. Docs house is actually a house built by the Gamble family (of Procter and Gamble fame) and is actually a museum now, which you can visit.
  10. Random thought, but is that Porker parked in front of Doc Brown's house in 1955 Back to the Future?
  11. Agree 100%. I regularly despair at other cyclists. The truth is that we can only all safely co-exist if both drivers, cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians follow the rules and show respect. Sadly, most people think they are somehow more important.
  12. Part of the issue is that cycle lanes are so poorly designed and usually full of dim pedestrians and covered in junk/glass/dog poo, so even when they are there, most cyclists (myself included) are much better off cycling on the road. In the Netherlands you can quite happily ride between most towns and make quite good progress on cycle paths which are well designed and usually clear of obstructions. Without wanting to appear too high and mighty, cyclists have just as much right to be on the road as a car. It's a shame that so many cyclists (particularly some local clubs) abuse this privilege and give us all a bad name. Anyway, my own rant for today.... RIDICULOUSLY HIGH/STEEP SPEED BUMPS Went to pick up my daughter from pre-school, and thought she'd like to be picked up in the Evora. However, I forgot the the narrow lane to the pre-school, which nobody speeds down anyway, has ridiculously oversized speed bumps, which are totally unnecessary.
  13. It's grown on me slightly, but i'm still not keen on the rear.
  14. They can't win in this regard.. The TVR die-hards want a Sagaris 2, but it was the classic looking Chimaera and Griffith which actually sold lots of cars.
  15. Front and side look OK, but I don't like the back at all. I still hope they sell like hot cakes.
  16. As a life long TVR fan, I'm excited about this, but they have an awful lot going against them.
  17. It's the first thing anybody comments on when they get in the car. They expect to get pummelled, but end up getting cosseted, even when pushing on. I'll never forget my test drive with Jamie at B&C, I was blown away and still am. In fact, it makes you wonder why most other sporting cars are so bad over the bumps.
  18. Nice work Bibs. My day ended well when I came home to find my Evora back on the drive (has been having some electrical gremlins sorted). When my wife said she needed some cash, I selflessly agreed to drive to the cash point on her behalf, via a rather indirect route...
  19. Think we need more pictures of this...
  20. So I've heard, but as my mileage isn't huge, I'm not overly concerned. Is this issue a result of having such a stiff chassis?
  21. Yup, replaced both front anti roll bar bushes and all sorted.
  22. Sorry, but am working on Saturday. Hope you all have a good day.
  23. So all the policies that involve spending more money would get through, and the ones that might save some cash wouldn't. How's that going to work in the long term? I think that if we weren't about to start Brexit talks, a minority government might just about work, but think right now a majority (however small) is probably essential.
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